Confused about American Woodmark toe kick - Need Help

gcap74October 6, 2012

Hi all!

About 6 years ago we replaced our cabinets with American Woodmark spiced maple cabinets. As life got busy near the end of the project we never got around to doing the finish work. Well this week we were cleaning the basement and came across the cover panels for the toe kicks and decided to attach them. But I am confused beyond belief about something and was hoping someone could help me out.

The installation seems straight forward, I just cut the cover to fit and attach with a glue. But I have no idea what to do with the ends. Each of the cabinets have a black toe kick that came installed and extends beyond the base (it seems to line up with the front frame of the base). The problem is that the veneer toe kick covers the front but not the piece of black toe kick that sticks out on the end cabinets. It seems like there is something I am supposed to do, but I have no idea.

Does anyone know how one would address this without adding more expensive molding around the whole thing?

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Sophie Wheeler

You are supposed to recess that toekick until it covers the black. A wood skin covers the sides. Your sides are currently just the vinyl print boxes that aren't flush, and they have the bit of space for the skin that's supposed to be applied. After the skin and toekick are applied, then scribe molding is used at the wall and any edges to cover the seams. Any cut edges use the touch up marker to conceal them. And both the skins and the toekick should be bradnailed in place, not glued. Then the brads are covered with a bit of the matching putty from the touch up kit that should have been ordered with the cabinets.

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