building and need help please!

laurensmom21October 2, 2012

Hello all! I've been on the building forum for years, but thought I'd post over here to get your thoughts. We are currently working with our architect and hope to build in the spring. This is my 3rd architect and I'm ready to just throw in the towel and quit. Ugh, why is this process so dang hard!?

ok enough whining :) Here is my latest plan - what do you all think of the kitchen? It's not ideal, but at this point I'm ready to just settle. I had him put the pantry behind the kitchen because I like the symmetry of having 2 doorways flanking the stove. (similar to the pic) But do you think this leaves me with enough counter space? Also, where is the best place to put the fridge? The oven will be with the range and the microwave might go in the pantry.

Also, is there enough walkway space to get to the screen porch? I think there's 3.5' there...I need some help from the experts please! thanks so much :)

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Shift the pantry down till it meets the breezeway. That gives you the opportunity for one more window, and possibly extend the cabinetry into the sunroom for party serving. Then the access to the sun porch isn't through the fridge/stove/prep sink hot zone. It would also let you put a door into the breezeway so groceries could be unloaded from the garage into the pantry rather than having to walk all the way around the kitchen and then through it. Put that secondary sink ON the island at the end facing the fridge and it will serve well as a prep sink or possible beverage sink for snacks. In the cabinet next to the fridge, put either a MW in a cubby or on a shelf below the counter. Frankly, I'd also be really tempted to put the cleanup sink in that location as well since only 20% of your time in a kitchen is spent cleaning up. Then I'd have the area under the window still have an actual beverage sink and under counter fridge to serve for gatherings.

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GreenDesigns - thanks so much for your feedback, but I'm not sure I'm totally following you. So basically you're suggesting moving the pantry area down by the breezeway and switching the door to the screen porch to be up next to the sink? I'm not sure I really want a prep sink - that little thing he has drawn next to the fridge is a microwave.

Your ideas give me something to think about - but how do I gain a window? Do you think the current fridge location is the only possibility? thanks again!

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anyone else have ideas?

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