Kitchen compost vessel suggestions?

htraceyOctober 29, 2012

Does anybody have any really awesome kitchen compost containters that don't grose you out? We usually use small bags for every meal and run them outside because I hate how compost attracts fruit flies, but that is a pain. Has anybody heard of a compost keeper?

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Elraes Miller

Looked at the video and can't imagine a weeks worth of food in it. It would be like using my trash compactor for food. Can the odor really be sealed with a bag and top? Do you recycle for a compost area outside? Or like me, no compost and can't put food items in trash outside due to wild animals?

I had a friend who used to freeze hers and then put in the trash on pickup day.

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I compost a lot of scraps and I have never had a problem with fruit flies in my kitchen. I do not have a fancy compost container. I actually use a plastic Folger's coffee "can", I have two. One in use and one that is clean. When the in use one starts to get a bit smelly, I run it through the DW.
One tip which is from my grandmother is that if you are cutting up a lot of vegetables, spread a sheet or two of newspaper on your counter under your cutting board. As you prep, push the waste scraps onto the paper, when you are done roll up the scraps into the paper and compost the whole wad. I find remembering to do this helps keep my browns and greens in balance too.
I never put fat, meat, or cheese in my compost. If I am composting seafood shells; lobster, shrimp, mussels, they do not go into my container, they go right outside.

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I use Costco's compostable bags in a plastic container under the sink. Occasionally the whole thing goes in a paper grocery store bag with large items. It goes out to the 55 gallon yard waste can 2-3 times a week. Animals don't bother that thing, it's too big.

It cuts our normal trash down a LOT.

I seldom smell anything and never see flies.

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That looks like a handy-dandy item. I couldn't find a price and their website looks like they're between models. I'd be tempted to get one for my daughter if the price was reasonable.

For us, we just use an old aluminum bowl and dump it as needed. It doesn't attract fruit flies unless there are already fruit flies in the kitchen. Cross my fingers, it's been a couple of years since we've had fruit flies - I'm quite sure they come with produce from the store vs. hanging around the property waiting to invade the kitchen. That would be the ants.

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I just use a bowl and keep it in the refrigerator between trips to the compost pile. No smell, no fruit flies. I empty it every 3 days or so.

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i think there was an earlier thread on this..
do a search and you might be able to find something..

if i recall correctly, there was some good ideas in that thread and it was pretty lenghty so it should be a help to you

great idea with the newspaper on counter!!!

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I do clear it everyday. I use the biobags that janwad mentions from costco and also collect fruit and veg scraps on newspaper and paper towel which absorbs the juices and prevents drips and spoilage. My compost pail is covered.

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We use a covered stainless steel bucket we got from Lee Valley. It does not let odors escape, dumps easily into the compost bin outside and is a cinch to wash. Looks as new as the day we bought it over 10 years ago.

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How long do the biobags take to break down? I used them in my previous house and it seemed like they stuck around for months in my bin. I'm starting a new bin at my new house and don't want to use the bags if they really do take a long time to decompose.

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Here's one discussion on compost containers that came up a few months ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: Compost

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We use the Lee Valley diaper pails...just the right size, will fit on the inside of a sink cabinet door and have a built in charcoal cannister to keep the smell down. Works really well.

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A quick hint if you need to get rid of existing fruit flies. I have a covered compost bucket w/ a charcoal filter in the lid but still get fruit flies. Put 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar in a small dish and add a drop or two of dish liquid. The flies are quickly attracted to it and drown.

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I store my compost in my freezer and then run out to the compost when the bag is full.
I wanted to put in the Blanco pail but decided the hole in the counter was just too big for my little kitchen.

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I use a covered stainless steel bucket that we dump into the compost bin outside at least once a week, if not more often. If we have company coming, I put it in the refrigerator in the garage to get it out of the way. I got it from Gardener's Supply several years ago and it can be put in the dishwasher. Like localeater, if I have a lot of peelings, etc, I'll grab a piece of newspaper and just dump the whole mess in the big bin outside. I love having my own compost I can use in my garden. And since we're in the country and on a septic system, it minimizes what I put down the disposal or in the trash.

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I have one of the stainless bucket ones with the filter in the fitted top. I got it at BB&B, but they have the same one at Gardener's Supply and several other catalogs (google "compost keeper"). I keep it under the sink, although in the trash pull-out, like brooklyn galley's, would have been more convenient. We empty it in the outside compost bin when it's full. It's usually every few days, but it can be more often. It doesn't smell, and it doesn't get fruit flies. The only kitchen scraps I compost are veg, fruit, coffee filters and grounds, tea bags, wilted flowers, and egg shells. No meat or oils, because that's the recommendation from Cornell Coop Ext. Without the meat, it's less likely to smell anyway.

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I've just used one of those small steel step-on trash cans, the kind with the inner bucket that lifts out. I think I got it at Target for not much $. No smell, no flies. I do line it with several layers of newspaper to absorb liquid--which is mostly from teabags and coffee grounds.

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When my municipality began allowing kitchen scraps to be included in our yard waste cans, they gave every customer one of these Ecosafe containers:

I see them sold online in a few places for as little as $9.99. I wouldn't have chosen this type of bin for myself, but I really like it now. The opening is very wide so I have never "missed." The handle makes it easy to grab and move where needed. It fits nicely under my prep sink when it's not gathering scraps on the counter. It never smells unless I leave something smelly like meat (we can compost meat, fat, cheese, boned, paper products, etc) too long. The way I cook usually means the bin goes out every 2-3 days so nothing really ever smells. Sometimes when prepping for a large party, I bypass the container and throw everything in my commercial-size SS bowl. There are no charcoal filters to worry about or change on my bin.

We have had some issues in the past with fruit fies, but not since getting this container. It doesn't stain and cleans up easily, even in the DW. We use the Ecosafe bags in it as that was the only brand my city had approved as completely biodegradable when they distributed the little bins. It may have changed by now.

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