Backsplash Question

hough2012October 8, 2013

Our build is winding down and we're starting to plan the backsplash. We have light switches that extend past the counter/upper cab. Not sure where backsplash should end. I believe we have to extend out past the switches. Should we then take it down to the floor?

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IMO it would look like a mistake. I'd have the switch moved to under the cabinet.

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Move the switches. You might be able to use a double switch that fits into a single switch box rather than a double box. Then you wouldn't need to move the box (or at least not much, it's hard to tell from the photo), just patch the hole.

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Thanks. I think moving the switches would be the best option and I'm trying to convince DH that it wouldn't delay things. He is very anxious to be finished and moved in.

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The quick fix of not moving the switch and figuring out how to do the backsplash around it is something you will have to live with permanently. A short delay is a short delay.

Why live with something weird for years because you are getting impatient?

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You could put in a switch like this, like catbuilder suggested.

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I would have had the same problem and just popped the switch into the adjoining room - problem solved.
It looks like you could do the same thing.

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