Help me space my pantry roll-outs

TakkoneOctober 3, 2012

I have two 30" wide pantries, one on each side of our fridge. The large bottom opening is approx 54" tall x 26" wide. The top of the lower opening ends at about 60" from the floor. I have a total of eight roll-out shelves. I can distribute them any number of ways between the two pantries. The top openings extend the pantry to a total height of about 7.5' from the floor. My wife and I are about 5'5" tall and we have two little kids ages 2 and 4 years old. I also included an overhead layout of the room. Most cooking prep would be done on either the peninsula or on the counter between the sink and range. These pantries will have to be our primary storage areas, having very few upper cabs and only two L-shaped base cabs for storage. We'd most likely keep in the pantries:

1. all dry goods

2. all countertop appliances (food proc, blender, mixer, etc...

3. mixing bowls

4. plastic containers.

5. large stock pot.

So yeah, pretty much everything :)

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I would reconsider putting counter top appliances in the pantry unless you absolutely must have empty counter. If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer or something equally heavy it will be very annoying to have to drag it out to use and will therefore get much less use. You have two deep corners where it would fit perfectly and be out of the way yet easy to pull out and use. I feel the same about the food processor but perhaps it and the blender are not used as often. In any case, things that are heavy and/or bulky should be at waist height so that you are not bending to pick them up.

The plastic containers can go on the bottom, perhaps in a basket or large container to keep them corralled and your two year old will love to play with them.

Have fun organizing, it means you are almost at the end of the process and you may end up moving things as you actually begin using the kitchen.


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