Kitchen Granite - Cosmos, finishing

phxremodelOctober 5, 2013

We have had our countertops put in the kitchen and bath and have questions on both (I posted a separate question in the bathroom forum).

Our kitchen has Cosmos granite, which is beautiful from the top. The sides however look almost white and you can see the black seam throughout. The contractor explained that that is the natural stone coming through on the sides that we wouldn't see on the top of the slab. Does that sound right? It doesn't look like any other counters we have seen that have been done in granite.

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I just googled "cosmos granite countertops" and clicked on "images" and frankly, I don't see any others that look like yours - dark top, light sides and a very visible seam. I'd continue to press the issue.

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We are sick about our countertops. I am going to upload a few more photos. Is there anything that can be done at this point, other than replacement?

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kitchen counter...additional photo

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kitchen counter...additional photo

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kitchen counter...additional photo

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Well, in the additional pictures, the seams don't look great, but at least the sides don't look like they're a different color altogether! Hopefully, one of the fabricators who posts on here can advise you what to do about the seams.

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Thanks. The pictures don't show well, but they really do look a different color. Some sides are worse than others.

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Is the granite 2cm with a bull-nose edge or is it 3cm granite? If 2cm with an applied bull-nose edge, I'd think it would be pretty much impossible to do an invisible seam. If you paid for 3cm, that is a bad edge.

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We also had a problem with the sides of the granite looking almost white with little of the color from the top showing through. A fabricator on the boards told me to ask to have an ager/enhancer put on the sides. It worked wonders: the sides now blend beautifully with the top of the granite. It took 2 - 3 applications of the ager/enhancer, but it looks great. You might ask your fabricator about that. Maybe it will also hide the seam better.

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With a busy granite with movement, that's about as good as it gets for a laminated edge that's not mitered. Mitered would cost extra. In a premium stone like Cosmos, a lot extra.

Cosmos is fragile and difficult to deal with, so sometimes, edge polishing can't be done as well as the top can be from the quarry. Just use an enhancer like the agar mentioned and that should help. You will always have the line there, because that's just the nature of 2 cm stone with a laminated edge.

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Thank you for your replies. We contacted our designer/contractor today who said that 2 coats of enhancer had already been applied in the shop (we were unaware of that). I wish someone had explained this stone to us and even given us options once it got to the fabrication stage. A major remodel has turned in to a major disappointment for us.

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I am a fabricator.

what you are seeing is the seam between the top piece and the laminate.

the seam is not badly done (it seems to be pretty tight). The big problem is that your fabricator didn't explain this ahead of time and offer you the option of a mitered edge which would look dramatically better. Properly done a mitered edge has an almost invisible seam and the grain of the stone "rolls over" the edge such that it makes the top look like a soild piece of stone the full thickness of the edge.

what you have isn't poorly done. The failure here is that the fabricator didn't make you understand what you'd be getting beforehand and offer you a better (although, admittedly, more expensive) mitered edge option.

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The fabricator made a poor adhesive color choice; the dark line draws attention. They should have tested and machined a few colors before trying to pass this off. It's unacceptable.

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By your "phxremodel" name, I presume you might be in Phoenix, Arizona. I think the granite fabrication guru Kevin is from this area, too. Hopefully he can weigh in.

You could take some good, clear pictures to Arizona Tile or another local stone center and see what they suggest. I think a second opinion from another fabricator might be helpful, too.

Perhaps getting the sealer off and trying darker staining on the edges would help.

I've had granite for going on 20 years (a few different kinds) and find that what would otherwise seem like "blemishes" in a manufactured product are fine in stone because it is rock that was formulated for zillions of years so it may have color variations and such.

I think when your remodel is done, backsplash is in, you've "moved" into the kitchen and so forth, you won't even notice this.

I l-o-v-e-d Cosmos when I was on the hunt for granite last year and my cousin (who works at Az Tile) told me it is gorgeous but it is costlier to fabricate because it is fragile (not so much when it is done and installed, but getting a smooth edge is hard because it has a lot of mica in it). My budget wouldn't allow it, but it is stunning.

Good luck and keep everyone posted.

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