Hairline crack on Rohl Shaws sink

AnthonyOctober 27, 2012

Installed a 30" Rohl Shaws sink several months ago. No problems, drains well.

This morning I noticed a hairline crack in the back left side of the bowl. Just in the corner on the bend. Very small, 2" long. No other problems, especially around the drain flange.

Is this something to worry about or is it a natural "patina" for this kind of finish? I've seen the crack/crazing horror stories and this is nowhere close.

I took a pic, but it's really hard to see. I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Min 30" Rohl Shaws sink has one too..on the left back side near the bend. It showed up a few months ago (about 18 months after install). We also have a small hairline crack at the drain flange which showed up a few months after install. We installed about 20 months ago. I'm also wondering the same thing as you. They are definitely only in the top glaze...not through the whole sink. Barely noticeable. I don't see it as a reason to replace the sink...but I am also wondering if this is part of the natural "patina" for this kind of sink.

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I have a fireclay farmhouse, too. I don't have any cracks or crazing yet, but based on the research I've done, I won't be surprised or worry if it happens. It sounds like that top layer of glaze can be sensitive to many things including temperature changes.

It reminds me of antique china, with the lines or crazing that create a "patina" in the glaze.

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You know...I was thinking the same thing. It's nice to hear from someone else though.

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Thanks for the input all. I'll keep an eye on it, but won't worry too much.

After researching here, I was so tuned to the horrors of a too tight disposal flange so I was very careful during the install.

Still love the sink, though. It's definitely the main feature of the kitchen.

Thanks again,

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