Edge for walnut island top

2LittleFishiesOctober 10, 2012

Our perimeter will be danby marble. Eased edge.

I was planning on doing a 1/4" radius for the walnut island top.


Also if I do that thoughts on doing it just on the top ?

Or doing a double radius?

The total size is 108" (9') x 52"x 2 1/4" thick

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I did an ever-so-slightly eased edge on my black walnut island top to match my Carrara perimeter. I am extremely happy with my choice.

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I think in your kitchen you could get away with most anything short of a double-ogee bullnose waterfall monstrosity that looks like you swiped it from the Vatican. You could do it simple or go up to a book edge.

BTW did you buy that Jenn-air 42"? I can't find any opinions on it in Appliances.

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marcolo- I had considered ogee for the perimeter marble but thought it might be too much. Do you think eased is good? As far as the island it's a pretty good size so I'm afraid if it's too plain it might not look right. The small radius may be just enough.

No, on the Jenn Air. We went with a 36" counter depth (Elux Icon). Now I wonder if we should have sprung for more $ to do a panel ready but we were trying to save some money somewhere!

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Here's my plain, eased edge on my large island. Maybe it will help you decide if it looks right. :)

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Looks beautiful, Breezy ; ) Is eased edge and pencil edge the same thing?

I think my craft art board is eased and my boos a 1/4" radius... Does that look correct?




boos Double Radius

What edge does this look like? Eased?

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Your counter, if that's what those last pics are, is eased.

I assume, but have no direct experience, that a pencil edge is the same. Sometimes edge terminology varies by fabricator so I'd ask to see samples of what you're considering.

Your board edge guesses are correct, although I can't be completely sure of the radius's actual measurement. My black walnut Boos has the same radius edge as yours. It's noticeably more rounded than my counter is.

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I have eased edge on my marble perimeter, but did a big ol ogee for my walnut island...I wanted fancy! :) I wouldn't recommend it, though, if your children will sitting there eating, mine get all sorts of crumbs and crap in there that I am constantly cleaning.

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But nini804 -- that island top with the swoopy ogee
is one of the most beautiful parts of your gorgeous kitchen!

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Where are you getting you pr walnut from, just out of curiosity. I just love your kitchen-to-be.

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Thanks! Our cabinet maker is doing the walnut countertops.
My other options were blocktop.net, craft art DIY,
Or /www.hardwood-lumber.com/
These all had the best pricing.

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Just chimming in to ditto the food collection edge profiles out there! I have eased as well on the granite perimeter but wanted something a bit different for the mahogany .... I told the maker that it had to be an edge that would be easy to clean and not collect food (had a high top table that I HATED the edge on for that reason alone).

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