Still working on backsplash - DH getting antsy!

phiwwyOctober 21, 2012

We have been enjoying the kitchen for a week now, we've not unpacked or are using it fully b/c painters are under foot, the master bath is just getting started, carpenters are building stuff - so the project continues in a big way. But one bathroom just got done and I have to post a pix - it's adorable and functional and the shower is awesome!

However, the kitchen backsplash is giving me some angst. I love and have always loved the large format wooden beige tile from Soho Studios but Marble Systems and others all have the same color in many different sizes. If that is used, I still want to work in some metal accent to tie things together (knobs, hood). There are a few of these pewter tiles left which I could order. Tile guy (who has awesome design ideas) says buy 5 and we'll figure out how best to use them. He said don't do a feature strip with other accents I've looked at - b/c he says it's been done and over done and is expected. He voted against the basketweave mosaic as a panel - saying it's too bathroomy.

Anyway I was starting to get worried about using the wooden beige, that my kitchen might read brown rather than crisp & fresh (white). Note that my island and one other piece is espresso.

So I went looking for interesting white tiles, inspired by bee's arabasque tiles of course. DH and DD hate the lantern shaped ones (I love them and can't get them out of my mind). They're not beveled like bee's but I'm concerned about what Calafornia Art tile has to say on their web site about use in a kitchen.

Anyway here come the pix. The first one shows the lantern shape and another lovely white from California Art (Maybe an accent panel in the diamond shapes, outlined in pencil then large subway everywhere else?. The greige subway in front is my go-to wooden beige. The board on the right shows the pewter accent tiles - comes in 4x4 and 2x2 but I would use the 4x4 if there are any remaining when I finally decide!

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Same tiles but different angle/lighting - not sure which lighting gives the best representation.

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Here's a shot with both the whites and the greiges, with a small section of the basketweave that I love for an accent panel.

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Sorry, for some reason the other shot didn't take.

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I prefer the greige colored options in your space-maybe it's the hood??...the greige pulls everything together better.

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Elraes Miller

Same for me. I think it gives you more options for a different feel to the overall design.

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I kinda like the quartered tile with the smaller metal diamond in the center. Esp. with that GORGEOUS hood! They are all nice, though so good luck!

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I like the tile that is with the basketweave. This and a pencil border would be beautiful. The whites are too stark for the space. I have to agree with the tile guy that the basketweave mosaic is too much like a bathroom. Perhaps it is because it is in my bathroom!

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If the feeling you are going for is crisp and fresh, I would go with the subway tile. I think you are right about the others reading too brown.

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It is funny how all of us have different opinions when it comes to tile. To me, a 4" x 4" tile is bathroom and I would not use it in my kitchen. I love basketweave tile and do not associate it with bathrooms at all. I also love the rhomboid(diamond) shape. I think the white coordinates better with your cabinets than the greige does. The lantern looks too busy with your countertop unless you use matching grout. So my vote is for white (or off white) subway with or without diamond accents. Let your hood be the star and the backsplash be the supporting player.

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