Durango limestone backsplash?

charlikinOctober 12, 2008

I've given up on the glass tile idea for the backsplash since I want to stick with my tile guy's area of expertise. He recommended a 3x6 or 4x4 porcelain or travertine type tile. I kind of like the brick pattern...

One idea is a 3x6 honed Durango. I saw a whole wall of this at Nemo and *loved* it - my tile place has it cheaper. :-)

I wonder if it's too busy though. The saleswomen at my tile place thought it went really well with my cabinets, countertop and floor tile:

(That's my floor tile on the lower left.)

There was also a 2x4 tumbled travertine that was much lower-key. Doesn't have all the shading I would like, though. But definitely not too busy:

Alternatives were some tiles I saw at Expo and at Ideal Tile in Manhattan:

I am so aesthetically burnt out, I don't know how to choose! I'm happy with my kitchen floor tile and with my bathroom tile, but I'm baffled here. And thought it might make sense to wait a few months to choose a backsplash, after I get used to the cabinets and all... well, my contractor is doing the job NOW, and I'm going to want to paint a color that coordinates with the backsplash.

It's going to be a short backsplash, btw - only slightly over 16" (we had some issues hanging the uppers under a concrete beam along the ceiling), and it's a 7'x10' galley kitchen with cabinets on both sides.

Thanks in advance for the use of your aesthetic brain cells!!!

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A BIG vote for the Durango honed limestone. Works beautifully IMHO.

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I have durango limestone for mine - 6x6 with glass accent tiles. I think the samples you show look beautiful together but it's hard to know what a larger expanse of all that will look like - in terms of busy-ness. For me personally a granite counter all over the kitchen plus a backsplash tile in another pattern throughout the kitchen would be too busy. But that's such a matter of opinion - you need to think about what your busy-ness tolerance is I guess. I know I definitely lean toward the simple, clean lines kind of look. Hence I have counter with very subtle pattern next to my durango tile backsplash.

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I love the honed Durango! Despite it's shade variations, its smoothness makes it look less busy than the tumbled samples.

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those are all nice, but I think you're backsplash could use a little more pop or sizzle and there are other options that can offer that and would look really good with your cabinets. What about using a ming green brick tile which if I recall is very simular in color to the tiles you chose for your bathroom for some pop. (I think bluekitchenobsessed is using it and it's gorgeous)

IMHO if your asthetically burnt out, maybe you should also consider waiting on the backsplash. Take a break and come back to it with a refreshed perspective. Let's face it, it's not an cheap endeavor, and the results should be something that wasn't rushed, compromised or done in haste just to it get done.

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I used honed Durango with cherry cabinets in my kitchen (we've since moved). It's a beautiful stone that I still loved after over 3 years. It's an excellent stone. You can see my picutures in the kitchen blog. Good luck!

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There was also a 2x4 tumbled travertine that was much lower-key. Doesn't have all the shading I would like, though.

I have a feeling that if you enhance it, you might be very pleasantly surprised. If you've got a sample, hit with a sponge and see what happens.

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Gibby, your backsplash looks beautiful with those glass accent tiles! I love that look. You've got a very simple countertop in front of it, though... My quartz countertop is a little busy itself, and I'm worried the durango will be too much with it.

OTOH, geogirl1's backsplash totally works, and it looks like her cabinets and countertop colors are similar to mine... Geogirl, any chance you could post another photo? I'd love to see a closeup of your countertop and backsplash together!

Keepingitsimple, I am so jealous of that ming green tile!!! That is the most gorgeous shade. (Didn't use anything like it in my bathroom - I've got creamy ivory tile with a mixed light/noce travertine random brick border.)

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We used Durango Cream tumbled travertine 4x4 tile with glass accents and a Noce colored pencil rail. Our granite is medium color, with rust accents. We like that the backsplash is neutral and lets the granite shine with it's multitude of colors. I think that your backsplash in the Durango goes beautifully with your cabinets, counters and flooring. Good Luck!

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Yeah, I know me too, that ming green is so elegantly understatedly beautiful. But I could have sworn the pictures you posted of the tile work in your bathroom had some light faint green in it. Maybe it's the way the pic looked on my screen. Oh well, sorry bout that. Have you made a decision yet? I was more concerned with you making a decision just to be done with it because in the end the chances are greater you won't be 100% satisfied with it. And let's face it, you've worked to hard to risk feeling that way :c)

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Ngng, I found your backsplash in the blog yesterday - that is SO gorgeous with your granite! Is your durango honed or tumbled? Would you mind very much if I just copied your backsplash verbatim??? (I thought it might be too traditional for what I was thinking of as my contemporary kitchen, but the carpenter starting putting up the crown molding today, and it's starting to look a little more traditional...)

What does everyone think of diagonal tile on the backsplash with a diagonal floor? (Only a narrow strip of floor will show - about two tiles across - it's a galley kitchen!)

Keepingitsimple, no decision yet. I really would like to do the backsplash now (i.e. in a few weeks), while I've got the contractor's attention... because I really need to paint, and I want the paint color to coordinate with the backsplash. Seeing the kitchen take shape might help me figure it out... for example, that crown molding might influence a few things. (Glad I didn't buy those super-contemporary cabinet door handles yet!!!)

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How about using the 2x4 tumbled travertine with a few accent pieces thrown in to give it a little pop.... maybe using pieces of your countertop to tie it all together?

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Copy away!! We used 4x4 tumbled travertine tiles, with copper/gold glass inserts and Noce colored pencil rail. It was our first DIY tile project and we learned a lot. But we are very happy with the outcome. Here is another picture of the entire kitchen, along with a link to our slideshow which shows closeups of the tile process. Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ngng's kitchen

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So a friend of mine just told me I shouldn't use Durango (or any sort of travertine) for my backsplash because she thinks it will stain or etch even if it's sealed. She remodeled her kitchen & bathroom last year and used limestone throughout, and immediately regretted it... she has to be careful what cleaning products she uses, she's always afraid of splatters...

She definitely scared me a little. I'm a pretty low-maintenance type of person, and wanted all low-maintenance products in my kitchen & bathroom. So I chose porcelain tile in the bathroom (though with a travertine border), and a quartz countertop in the kitchen (didn't want to worry about taking care of granite even though I know certain granites can be really easy). So now I'm thinking I really ought to go porcelain for the backsplash (given that my tile guy thinks glass is a bad idea).

Is this all way off-base?

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I'm an extremely low maintenance cleaner and I have had NO problems with my Durango cream tumbled travertine backsplash. We sealed it twice, once before the grouting, then once after. No stains, easy to wipe down, easy to keep clean! Good Luck!

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Ngng, I love your backsplash. I have been looking for the exact copper glass tiles. I was wondering where you got them at? I have been unable to find them anywhere. Thanks.

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