stovetop grate cleaning?

fourambluesOctober 23, 2012

I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, so the fact that I'm even asking these questions might shock some of you, but...

Do you clean the grates on your stovetop? If 'yes', then why and how? I don't unless there's a blob of something on them, which I just wipe off. They don't look pretty, but the grease mostly burns off so they're not sticky. Am I being terribly remiss?

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I just use a damp paper towel and wipe them down. Not much, I know, but it seems to work ok for me. I lift them off the stove, and clean them when I clean the top of the stove. It's a 2 piece grate, so not too much trouble.

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Thanks, drewem, that makes me feel better. I see all these beautiful kitchens and everything is spotless. My grates started out that way, too, but aren't anymore.

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Maybe they don't cook in those kitchens...

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Circus Peanut

Every so often I chuck mine in the dishwasher and that seems to keep them fairly decent. But they're grates, and they get heavily used when you cook -- and I look with suspicion upon kitchens with sparkling clean grates (any kitchen without a mother-in-law visiting, that is). ;-)

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My DH seems to recall the appliance salesman said we should spray them with Pam. I haven't, but any thoughts on this? Good idea? Flammable? Or do you think it's a brand specific tip?

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Mine are heavy - they feel like cast iron. There are 2 of them that span the top of the range. I wash them every few days because of splatter, etc. I just take them off and wash them in the sink with dish soap. I let them drip dry.

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Four - I used to toss mine into the DW - now I have induction, so obviously can't use DW.
Miss seeing your posts!

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Thanks for all the good suggestions! If I every feel really inspired I might try the dishwasher. Probably won't happen, though. The grates don't bother me much (already look like they've been Pam-ed!), but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something. (Like a fire hazard.)

a2, I've pretty much gone back to lurker status, but I'm here! I'm fixing to make my Roman shades, so will post those in a couple of weeks. And the perfect backsplash for me is out there somewhere. You all will be the first to hear about it when I find it!

Ann Arbor can't STILL be cloudy, so where are those pics you promised us?! :)

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Soon. Had a slight avalanche with one of the drawers so need to get it fixed first But it was cloudy on Saturday and family all weekend. GC son coming at crack of dawn. Mostly I was bummed out and sorry to hijack!

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a2, I guess I hijacked my own post, oops! Sorry to hear your drawer suffered a casualty. (What is it with you and avalanches? ;)

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The cast iron (I'm guessing) grates on our rental kitchen would seriously rust if not every tiny bit of moisture was dried, RIGHT AWAY. I'd be terrified of putting those in the dishwasher and I'd be amazed if the DW would help that much on the cooked-on globs of tomato sauce, etc.

Our new range top has even bigger, even heavier grates, and I just try to get at them sooner for globs of food. Everything else I consider to be like seasoning on a cast iron pan!

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Our Wolf rangetop grates are cast iron, so I am happy to let them season, and only scrub off lumps of things, letting the grease stay, as much as possible. The dw or any soap would start the process all over again, so I don't do that.

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I have a Wolf range too...I just wipe off the grates like Rhome. I thought I was being lazy but I'm glad to know that I'm "seasoning" them! I too sometimes feel remiss when I look at some of the pictures of kitchens on this forums with their sparkling everything...but I'd rather cook than clean so at least we're happy!

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