Repairing Linoleum

aloha2009October 21, 2012

My DD & SIL bought another rental and have it almost done...really looks a lot better! Having spent $ on a new siding, roof and carpet, the budget is pretty well depleted. Besides they'd want to wait till they do something else with the kitchen some day.

The kitchen floor looks decent enough for now but does have about a 2" round spot missing in front of the frig. Since the floor is fairly white and the underside is white it doesn't look horrible. They were hoping to patch it in some way to make it look better, obviously not perfect.

Does anyone know how to patch something like this?

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It's called a rug! :)

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Fori is not pleased

Is it actual linoleum or vinyl? Linoleum is probably easier to fix (not that *I* know how, but it's a through body color and can be patched or filled in somewhat seamlessly).

Can material for a patch be take from under the fridge? I think getting the material is the hardest part. Also check under the sink--it's not uncommon to stick a piece of scrap flooring in that cabinet.

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