not liking my quartzite counters

bookworm4321October 24, 2013

Has anyone else had buyers remorse? I shifted from perla madre because didn't have enough color, but this look so gray. I suspect with crackle tile BS will come out okay, but I just wanted to love it.

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That picture made it look yellow. Here's a different shot.

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I happen to think it is beautiful!! It seems to blend very nicely with the warmth of your cabinets as well. Maybe you just aren't used to it yet. Give it a little time. Once you add the BS and other details it will all come together.

I can relate to your anxiety though. I am a bit nervous about my new tops arriving on Monday!

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It looks very nice with your cabinets!

Are you getting stainless appliances? That silvery color will likely look lovely next to them.

My countertops gave me pause, too, until everything else was in and then I was in love with them again.

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I think it looks beautiful especially with the bit of cabinets that we see. But I can totally understand your anxiety. Our perimeter counters are being installed on Friday and I've been nervous about it ever since we picked the slabs.

Just wait until everything comes together as Nan said above. I'm sure once everything is in and you're all moved back, you will see how beautiful everything looks together.

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Oh, I love those, both shots! Wonderful with your cabinet color. The warm and cool, waterlike flow of movement, low contrast with the cabinetry. Very soothing and interesting to look into! Just dreeeeaamy.

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I'm trying to figure out what you don't like about it. It's too gray? Not too gray for the cabinets. Did you see a different tone in it when you selected it? What color will the BS be?

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I like it and I like how there are areas of the cab color in the stone. It's very interesting, really. The right backsplash is imperative, though, IMO. But no, it looks really nice with the cabs.

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Beautiful movement in the stone and I like the grey too. It looks great with your cabinets.

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I agree that the BS will bring it all together. The grout will be extremely important too.
Post your BS tiles.
In your case, you did have a vision of what you wanted but then had to settle for something else. Perfectly normal to feel a little let down
The good news, at least from where I am sitting, is that the counter looks really good with your cabinet color.

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I love the movement and color. I think it looks perfect with your cabinets. I can't wait to see your backsplash.

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It's not unusual to feel apprehensive when a new element is put in place, particularly when it is an expensive element and you wonder if you made the right choice. Your kitchen is not done yet and so the whole picture is not complete. Relax.
The countertop is beautiful. Your cabinets look great. It is all going to be perfect.

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I love it and think it is just the initial shock you are feeling...kind of like when you paint a room a new color you have that "what was I thinking" feeling. What stone is this? What color is your BS? I think it will all come together and look great....just give it some time.

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Good grief, those counters are incredible! They look perfect with your cabinets. I love the soft look that you have going.

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End of work day, and all your comments really helped. Its called Van Gogh, from Nature of Marble. I guess any of the light color quartzites have a lot of grey. I just remembered more white. Appliances are SS. Cabinets are maple with a brown glaze. Floors are more of a honey maple, wide planks. I think they are the 2 clowns in the room. I think the BS hould be simple, like a crackled tile. I'll be sure to seek opinions.

Snookums, your adjectives exactly fit; you expressed the 'feel" better than I ever could. MJ, I just knew I had to find something with tan in it. There were so many beautiful stones, but I had to keep it light.

CK, if you get nervous, reread the wonderfful posts here and realize you WILL calm down.

Maybe it's all the mess and eating fast food or microwave food for weeks?

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I love your quartzite and cabinets
I can't wait to see the final reveal.

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It is gorgeous. With the finishes you have described and from the pictures you have posted, I don't think you have any clowns in your kitchen. It is all going to come together fabulously.

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I agree with all the previous posters, they are gorgeous!! :)

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thank you one and all. My s/o loves the quartzite, and he just read every one of your posts. Your posts are so encouraging.

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Beautiful! And once you get everything in the kitchen and accessorize it will tie together even more.

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It's lovely. Also lighting has a big influence so if you'd like a touch more warmth you can switch over to a warm white bulb. Wait until it all comes together though and then decide.

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are you kidding? it is gorgeous! i love the touches of amber running through it, which ties in so well with your cabinets. what tile backsplash are you thinking? i would love to see how everything comes together.

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You can send those counters to me. They would look great in my kitchen and I would love them to death.

You'll be fine. Everything new is shocking at first.

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I agree that it is the perfect blend of warm and cool colors and is a perfect choice for your cabinetry.

Well done.

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Gosh, I think they work so well with the color of your wood-the wood and gold veining in the stone really work...I just love them!

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I want to float away on the ripples of your countertop. Love.

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Beautiful. I love the movement and the touches of amber color that ties in well with your cabinets.

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I agree with everyone else. The counter tops look amazing with the cabinet color and i love the veining/ movement. I hope you are getting over the shock and are starting to enjoy how beautiful it really does look.

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I agree with the rest of the posts, awesome counter tops and they go with the cabinets, what you do with the wall backsplash can have a dramatic affect on your counter top.
Please post a totally done picture

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It's beautiful! As others have said, you'll really love it when it's all done. Accessories will make all the difference...and it's why they stage magazine shoots :)

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I'm looking forward to seeing more of this kitchen; I didn't see a lot of stone I loved when I went searching for slabs, but I love yours. Google images has slabs called van gogh that are entirely different! Do you know where yours is from? Did you stain/etch test it?

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I think the color is wonderful & goes well with your cabinets. There is a slight movement with the colors. Well done!

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Nature of Marble . They had another called Renoir, which was really white, with veins in pastel colors. That one would look great in a bathroom.

Omnicron had a slab with same color, but without the flow. I had passed on that, but did bring a square home, so I could begin to test. when counters were installed, I was shocked how similiar they were. After I calmed down, I realized it was the swirls and waterfall effect that I liked. When you see those huge slabs cut down to countertop length, a lot of the movement disappears.

Off record, I just love it when people say "google" it. I got to tour the public areas of Google when my son was working there. I bought mugs and t-shirts for my friends.

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Your counters are GORGEOUS! And they look perfect with your cabinets. I think the reason they look too grey to you is the white on the walls. If you have a non-white backsplash up or non-white paint on the walls, your counters should look less grey. I remember trying to choose white paint samples and noticing how one white would make another look more or less white based on the contrast between the two. Or when I painted a white I loved in one bathroom onto one wall (the others primed) in another bathroom and was initially aghast at the "beige" color it appeared until I finished painting the other walls. Don't worry, your quartzite is incredible!

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