For all who have a cat(s) and have stress during their renovation

EATREALFOODOctober 25, 2012

Are you stressed out during your renovation ? Unexpected expenses ? Did you find items you loved but then discovered you couldn't afford them ? Bad seams in the granite? Floods ? Are you dealing with mess ups by handymen, GC's and sub contractors? Rude or incompetent KD's?

Time to take a break and laugh...see link.

These videos made me laugh when I was sleeping on the floor and the ceilings and walls had been stripped down to slats,...oh and the bathroom wasn't finished(no toilet/no bath)...Did I mention the 2 people working on the job left an opening by a steam pipe ? My cat disappeared under the subfloor and was walking on my downstair neighbors thin sheetrock ceiling...

HTH :)

Here is a link that might be useful: simons cat

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LOL! I love Simon's cat clips--they are too funny!

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I love Simon's cat. The only kitty related disaster we have had is that our old guy has, periodically, taken great exception to the muss/noise/disruption. And when he is annoyed he lets me know by pooping on the couch. Luckily I KNOW this about him and have the couch protected with fabric over one of those waterproof mattress protectors.

He has made his opinion known twice now. The day the flooring guys were here and the day they hung the cabinets. Oh--and he marked my range hood flue cover. Luckily it was still in plastic....

One of my acquaintances is shocked I've not banished him outdoors...but I wouldn't do that. He has a right be grumpy. He's 18. That's ANCIENT in kitty years. Heck, I'm aggravated at this stage and I'm only 52...

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Oh cat mom funny story that you can relate to..
I was desperate to make pizza since I hadn't had it in 2 years !! during this escavation, I mean renovation. I put the (heavy)pizza stone on the counter(Soapstone). BIG MISTAKE. My cat has discovered how to climb from a windowsill to this counter. I never had a windowsill before so this is a big adventure for her (when I close the blinds/window and she has no interest so it's not like she's on the counter all the time). Well I went out and came back to find the pizza stone in 4 pieces on the floor. She must have flew through the air like on a snow sled as the stone slid across the smooth SS counter. She denied it of course. I made the pizza on a baking sheet, it came out delicious and all were happy. But she did have a guilty look all night. I wish I had a video of it. What a sight that must have been.

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Msjee-you are so nice. good for you not banishing him. Did you say 18 years old ? WOW.
They don't have many ways to express their emotions and can't drink alcohol..and they are so close to the ground. Can you imagine the dirt & dust they are dealing with ?
I gave her extra vitamin C and lecithin(for stress) and set her up on the mattress with blankets in whatever room wasn't being worked on. She got used to the routine real quick, with the door closed she felt safe and fell asleep.

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Too funny. Mine doesn't act like he is too unhappy with all the mess, but he did quit sleeping on his window perch and made a bed wherever a plastic tarp was on the floor. Why? I don't know. But he's back to his perch now.

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Omg, eatrealfood, for the first time I have had to wipe food off my iPad. Bits of toast crumbs stuck all over it. I should know by now what kinds of threads not to open when I'm eating!

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My cat became the official inspector. He batted every wire, peered into every hole and tested the ladders for safety every time they were set up or moved.

And yes, he's THAT BIG! The upper cabinets are 18" above the countertops.

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OOPS ... pic didn't make it.

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GORGEOUS kitty, lazygardens!

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My cats LOVE that the electrcian left the old wire holes in the BS walls!!! They pull the insulation out bit by bit, and bat it around the kitchen! Since I STILL don't have any overhead lighting , the UC lights are on a lot, and they like to nap under those hot lights! YES, on the counterrs, which are STILL plywood! That reminds me, I need to run over to the shop and check on the progress of my countertops, since they are (yet another) month overdue!!!


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williamsem-glad you liked it. I laugh no matter how many times I view these videos...
lazy-that is one incredibly beautiful cat.
spring-I have holes in the BS sheetrock & guess who keeps peering at them looking for "jerry" or his relations.

HRH seeking peace on stacked up chairs on a bed of an orange tee shirt

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The video was great too, but the mental image of your cat riding the pizza stone is was really got me. Oh to be a fly on the wall...

My grandfather's cat would actually stretch up the door and jiggle the knob with her paws. She could reliably open to old lever handles (sort of like a toilet handle) and could sometimes open the round ones too. She was an indoor/outdoor cat and fiercely independent.

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