Inspector delays!!

bluetea57October 29, 2012

Hi all, I have greatly enjoyed reading the posts here and have learned a I just need to vent.

We have been planning our kitchen rehab for months, and have everything bought and on site. We hoped to have the major stuff done in two weeks, but having the inspectors not show up has really thrown a monkey wrench into the works!!

Plumbing inspector was suppose to come on Thurs, didn't make hall closed on Friday..there goes the weekend! Now we have a hall closed no plumbing electrical inspection and no insulation inspection! I know they have 72 hours to get here and inspect..but if they don't get here by Thursday ..then there goes another weekend with the walls open!

Know you can't do anything about this..thanks for letting me vent!

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Wow, that sounds really frustrating! I haven't started on our remodel yet, but I know there'll be plenty of these kinds of glitches, and I'm not looking forward to it. Stay safe, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get to you soon!

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I know that's super frustrating - kind of like telling a kid Christmas has been postponed for a few days. On the other hand, I hope the various inspectors came through the storm well and safe and ready for City Hall to resume business. With any luck there won't be a ton of storm damage in your area which will add to their work loads.

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Thanks for the good thoughts! One inspector arrived on Tuesday, one on Wed, and one on Thurs..We actually have walls going up! Yeah!! I like the Christmas true, after so many months of planning, and living in a house full of new kitchen "stuff" (EVERYWHERE), each delay seems to be "forever". I hope to see cabinets go up this weekend..keep your fingers crossed for me!

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