Cooktop cut out wiggle room

rocks911October 11, 2012

I am having granite installed and need to consider the cooktop cut out. My current cooktop is an electric but I want to add a gas cooktop.

This may be confusing but my current cooktop is installed in a cut out that wasnt cut specifically for it (I had to replace the original) so I am providing the recommended cut out specifications for both my current electric and the gas I want to get somewhere down the road.

The electric cooktop that I currently use (Kenmore) cut out is 28 1/2" - 29" long and 19 5/8"- 20 1/4" wide

The gas (Bosch) cut out would be 28 15/16" long and 19 1/8" wide.

So it seems to me that if I had the granite cut out to the electric cooktop specs I could slip in the gas cooktop down the road. The length of the electric cut out at 29" would exactly fit both the electric and the gas, but the electric cooktop cut out at 19 5/8" is a little larger than the recommended gas cut out of 19 1/8". But the lip of the gas cooktop that sits on the counter will allow a little wiggle room as the actual dimensions of the cooktop is 21 1/4".

Does this make sense?

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Yes and no.

I have been through this exercise many-many times in the past few weeks and checked one too many installation instructions. :-)

If you have the exact model numbers, you can check what kind of allowance they have. Normally, it is ~1/16".

When a cooktop is said to be, say, 30", it can be anywhere between 28" to 31".

I was shocked when I saw that the cut out for Fagor's 28" cooktop is less than 24".

The lip itself may or may not provide enough support. If the appliance is not installed correctly, it voids the warranty.

You can do a preplanned cut out only if you know the exact specs for the existing and the future cooktop, IMO.

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If you're going through the expense and hassle of putting in a new counter now, I would strongly suggest changing your cooktop now as well. Much better in the long run. It's actually a shame that there aren't standard sizes for cooktops and other appliances.

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