seating at a pass through?

suz1023October 9, 2012

looks like we're going to go ahead and pursue the pass through idea so i need to flesh it out a bit.

we have almost 6' of opening we can create.

in the kitchen side will be prep counter adjacent to the pot sink, which will be very handy.

on the other side of the opening in the great room area we can install a large countertop with seating or pull a table up to the countertop height, but i cannot find a picture of this.

i'm thinking a large rounded counter will give more seating room,and since it will protrude into the great room will 'claim' that space as a casual dining space.

the only other think is that the counter must be counter height, as the ceiling in the great room is just over 7'.

any ideas i should be thinking about as well as we get closer to a big hole in the wall?!

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Not sure if this photo helps, still waiting on carpenter to come finish the trim around our pass through. I plan on having it trimed on both sides and across the top to look more lik a built in piece of furniture. Ours is 74 inches wide and I raised it up bar height. Let me say, my family is tall, so the heighth works great for DD, who at 5'10" loves to use this counter as prep area. We did curve the side that goes into the hearth room and can put 4 stools under the overhang. Also had the counter cut around the hearth room wall so it came 5" out wider. It also has worked great as a buffet when we entertained.

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Very cool : )

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that's almost exactly what ours will look like, thanks so much!

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