Stile Between Sink Cab Doors

2LittleFishiesOctober 6, 2012

I just realized there is a stile between doors at sink cabinet and I'm wondering if I should get rid of that (if it isn't too late). I see a lot without the stile because they have latch hardware there. Not sure if I'm doing knobs or a latch there but probably knobs...

I am thinking it is easier to access underneath the sink if there's no stile. It's a 36" sink.


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We have frameless cabs, and no stiles--so that would be my preference. Unless they are needed structurally, or inherent to the cab design/style, I like when the opening is fully open, with no obstructions.

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I think if there is no stile anywhere else as in your pic, then it shouldn't be there, it is easier without it. Have them remove it if the cab wasn't done yet, or ask them why they chose it there and no where else.

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I have no stile in my sink cabinet, and I prefer it that way. Even if they have started the cabinets, I would think that could be changed.


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Sophie Wheeler

Butt doors for every single cabinet under 36" should be a "standard", even though in reality it's an "upgrade". Check any of your other double cabinet doors and do away with any stiles if possible. They are a huge PIA. But, also know that there will be a tiny gap in between butt doors to allow them to open without rubbing the other. That can be an issue on uppers with glass that you light, or if you're OCD about such things. In that case, adding a dust strip (T astragal) to one of the doors will cover that gap from the rear. But it will mean that you always will have to close that door first in sequence. There are positives and negatives for every type of cabinet and door choice that you make. You just have to figure out which negative is the least negative for you.

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A stile in that location would drive me completely over-the-edge bonkers. Try to see if they can do them as butt doors.

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I have a stile between my undersink doors. I didn't like it when we bought the house, but I've gotten used to it, and since we had a cast iron sink, I'm sure it was needed. I'm sure it would be easier to get to the plumbing without the stile, but it hasn't been a problem with that, or with anything else in that cabinet.

If your sink or countertop doesn't need the support, and it would look better without, I'd vote not to have them.

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Heck with all of this.
Take the stile out and put in a drawer.
Who wants to crawl around on the ground for that tiny cabinet? Is this to be the only place in the kitchen from the 50s when we had those dumb doors on things? This cabinet, too, needs to join the 21st century.

I retrofitted mine with Blum soft close. The drawer in front is taller, upon which the drawer front is attached. The rear of the drawer box is shorter, to accommodate the GD & plumbing.

I have a 240lb enamel over cast iron Kohler farm sink. My cabinet is reinforced with a 2x8 across the front of the cabinet, under the sink. It's screwed in from the outside of the cabinet sides, with 2 screws angled up into the 2x8 and cabinet sides.

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Thanks everyone. I emailed him to get rid of it if it's not too late.

Christine- We're doing a towel pullout and some things under there so drawers won't work. Thanks though :)

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