height of Hood fan above stove

italjohnOctober 31, 2008

I recently did my kitchen and above the range we intalled a vent-a-hood. My concern is it is installed per the directions at 24inches above. I am not a tall person at 5'8" but this hood comes down to about 5'3" I think that is way too low the contractor and my better half disagree? Anybody have any thoughts. The appliance company said it can go as high as 34inches above the stove. Please help. Thank you

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We went through the same thing with Broan. They told us that for our particular vent, anything over 30 inches would not get rid of the smoke and fumes. Our hood is about 29 inches over the range. The vent system should be installed sometime this afternoon. I am 5'8 as well and it dosen't seem to be a problem unless you were going to stick your head inside the hood.

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I have not seen any directions that prompt you to mount a hood at less than 30 inches from the stove. My Independent hood actually states not to put it below 30". Usually, the optimal height is 30"-36". You might want to call Vent-a-hood to verify their mounting instructions. 24" sounds very very low

BTW, you might want to ask this question on the appliances forum.

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Which Vent-A-Hood model do you have? Depth? (Need that info to determine if 24" is too little or "just right")

Gas or electric range?

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You are correct that it can be at the height you want, and it is also true that it is less effective farther away from the cooking surface.


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Our Vent-A-Hood is mounted 29-3/4" off the surface of our electric cooktop. I'm 5'10" and my DH is 6'5". I'm a couple of inches taller than you (and DH is quite a bit taller than both of us!) and we both think the height of our hood is fine for us. I could actually rest my head on the hood, if I wanted to.

The height issue is one of the reasons I opted for the "emerald lip"....in case I bumped my head I didn't want a sharp edge. But, it hasn't been an issue...I've never bumped my head.

I think that even if it was 3 or 4 inches lower it would still be fine (accounting for our height differences).

Did you have a range hood in your "old" kitchen? If so, do you remember how high it was off the surface of your range/cooktop?

[Our hood is the SEPH18-242 Euroline Pro with Emerald Lip and is 24" deep. Its recommended installation height is up to 30" off the cooktop surface. If you have an xxxx14 model, its recommended installation height is no more than 24" above the cooking surface.]


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