Installing a 36" Range Hod over a 30" Rarnge?

murphysfOctober 24, 2012


I have 42" between my upper cabinets that are above my range.

I am doing some minor kitchen upgrades and want to install a wall mount euro sytle range hood.

Since I have the space (42") I am thinking of installing a 36" hood over my 30" range.

Is this a good idea?

what are the pros and cons of doing this?


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It's actually exactly what you should be doing. Part of optimum capture is the hood extending the cooking area by 3" on either side.

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Only pros. It will give you a larger capture area. A lot of people do in fact make the hood larger than the range.

Also, if you are doing a lot of cooking that generates smoke and grease, make sure that the hood itself has a good capture area, meaning, it's not flat that the smoke would just go around it, you want it to go into a "cavity" and then up and out.

Here are 2 pics. My last house and this one. Both have 36" ranges and 42" hoods.

New house (sorry for the what turned out to be "dreadful" pot on the range)

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I also upsized my hood. 42" Rangecraft hood over a 36" rangetop. As mentioned, upsizing the hood 6", allowing a 3" overhang on both sides, is the recommended sizing anyway. Also important is the depth of the hood. If you can find a unit 24" deep, do it. If you can do 27", that's even better.

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I ordered a 36" hood to go over our 30" range. I was over-ruled by SWMBO and the cabinetmaker on aesthetic grounds. Luckily, I ordered the hood locally instead of online. The salesman changed my order with no restocking fee. Unfortunately I ordered the 36" stainless duct cover which fits between the hood and the ceiling online. I now have to see if a local metal shop can re-bend it to fit in a 30" space.

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I have 36" hood over 30" cooktop. Only way to fly, IMO.

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I have a 48" over a 36" range :)

Overkill, I know, but it looks cool and the capture is great. As long as you're not giving up precious would-be cabinet space, go for it!

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