Paint Kitchen in Eggshell?

murphysfOctober 24, 2012

I am about to repaint my kitchen and am considering painting it in Eggshell.

I painted the kitchen about 6 years ago and used semi gloss. THe walls are an apple green and the ceiling is swill coffee (both semi gloss) the doors and trim (base and casing and crown) are swiss coffee semi gloss as well.

Would it be odd to paint the ceiling an off white in semigloss and the walls in a different color in Eggshell? Or should I do the ceiling in Eggshell as well.

Is there any different prep I need to do if I paint eggshell over semigloss?

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Don't know if you have your heart set on the eggshell finish, but check out BM's Aura paint in the matte finish--we love it. Texture is velvety--no sheen, but not flat and dull, like well, flat finish. :-) It wears well, and is highly scrub-able. It has good coverage, so I would think you can cover the semi-gloss with it without extra wall prep first. I know most people use flat ceiling paint, but we used the Aura matte on our ceilings as well.

We used Aura satin finish on all of our baseboard molding (matching color to the walls). You can always use a glossier finish if you prefer--this was as glossy as we wanted to go.

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Since you are going down in lustre, it is usually recommended to lightly sand, otherwise the paint doesnt adhere as well to the gloss surface. If you really don't want to sand, wash with something to remove the lustre, ask at the paint store for the product they recommend.

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I used a flat finish - Muralo Ultra Ceramic, which is highly scrubbable - so I could easily touch up. My understanding is that with higher luster, you have to paint the whole wall or the touch-ups show. Eggshell is not very shiny, so it may not apply.

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My kitchen walls have had a flat finish for the 13 years I've lived here. Everything cleans up fine with a damp wipe. Personally I don't care for a sheen on the walls in a kitchen.

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Our kitchen and all of our trim had been previously painted in a semi gloss. We primered everything and repainted the walls in a satin and the trim in a gloss. Satin has a slight shine to it but barely. This excludes the bathrooms - we still have to gut and redo those one if these days.

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