Rachiele copper sink owners

terrinmOctober 6, 2013

Well my sink and the granite on that part of the kitchen was installed Friday! Yay!! But...... DH is convinced I've made a big mistake. He is positive it is going to dent and make a ton of noise when being used. He is sure we need to put something as support underneath to (1) deaden the sound and (2) give it more support underneath to help prevent dents.

Those of you that have been using yours do you find it's noisy? and has it dented? My thought is that it's a heavy enough gauge that we don't need to worry and once everything is in the kitchen some of the sound will absorb. sheesh everything is echoing right now. I think he's just in panic mode about everything because we just don't see how we are going to be in the first week of November :)

And as a finel thought I'll add.... it's GORGEOUS!

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Holly- Kay

Terri, pictures please! I really want to see your gorgeous Rachiele.

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I am pretty sure Poohpup has a Rachielle sink - but haven't heard from her recently.

Yes - pictures!!

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I'm assuming it was installed with a support cradle? And has the standard sound undercoating on it? If so, then don't sweat it.

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Live wire pretty sure there is a support cradle and pretty sure there is no sound undercoating. I'm going to talk to GC in the morning and call and talk to Dino tomorrow also as he was one of the most helpful people I've met during all of this.

Ok hollykay I'll try :)
DH has been in charge of taking progress pics and is out of town but I took a couple of fairly bad pics with my phone and will try to post. I'm on my iPad so not sure it will work lol.

Sadly you can't see the finish on the apron. Not enough light and I can't figure out how to turn the cans on. It's a secret so far! Going to hit post and see what happens!

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Kathy Harrington

Can't see the sink too well, but I love your floor. Is it tile or wood?

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I have had my copper Rachiele for over a year now.

No undercoating. No extra support.

No problem with dents or sound.

Every three to four months I get a little verdigris. I don't like it and use a green kitchen scrubbie to remove it. I was told before purchase this would not happen but no big deal.

Every once in a while some acidic food that I did not notice makes prolonged contact with sink and there is a bright shiny spot. Patinas over in a couple of weeks.

I am very satisfied with the sink.

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Holly- Kay

It is gorgeous Terri! I love your porcelain floor tiles! Everything is coming along beautifully.

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harringk it's tile.
Deeageaux thank you. I'm excited about it, dh isn't so sure. He just had me stressed out lol.
Thank you holly-kay. We just want to be done!

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Hi Terri,

My sink is supported just on the lips of all of the sides. Rachiele's instructions say that is all the support that is needed. I built my cabinet that way - and have not to date had any issues. I do not have any further support and don't think there is much that the weight of a sink full of dishes/water is going to do that would warrant further support - the sink is pretty heavy duty.

As far as clanking - I read the same thing on line. I inquired with Rachiele about it - Dino said that he had tried sound deadener and do not notice a difference with or without it. I did put some automotive sound deadener on the sides and part of the bottom anyways. But to be honest - I don't think it really is doing much.

I do get the polished spots in the sink bottom every once in awhile. Bar Keepers friend - when I need to use it on some of our pans has the effect of polishing it up even when I rinse the pans quickly with lots of water - but not to worry - it patinas back up over time.

I did nick my finish in front with a knife by accident - it's a tiny speck - not happy with that - my bad - but it can happen.

Hope that helps. Enjoy your sink and don't worry too much about it. Beautiful kitchen!

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I've had my Rachiele sinks for over a year now. I have a 36" farm sink and an 18" prep. I definitely don't baby them. Never give a second thought about what I toss in them other than wondering what cool thing will happen with the patina. Neither sink has any extra support or sound proofing and neither is loud. I've had lots of heavy pots and pans and skillets in the sink and zero dents. The sinks are pretty darn sturdy and I think you'd have to work at it to dent one.

I've never used anything to clean them other than a sponge and soap and water or one of those nylon scrubbies. The sinks change constantly and that's one of the things I love about them.

You've made a great choice. Tell hubby to stop stressing out and just enjoy them. Your kitchen looks gorgeous! Definitely right up my alley.

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Most of the kitchens I see copper sinks in are darker colored. Do you guys think a copper sink would look good in a lighter colored kitchen?

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Jeepers, I hope so because that's what I'm a doin' in mine. Light stained white oak cabs with a light (it was light, then dark, now light again) counter top and then the Rachiele copper sink. I kind of like how the light cabs and counters let the sink step forward, but having said that IMO copper sinks are gorgeous just about anywhere in any setting.

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DonâÂÂt know whether anyone still follows this thread, but IâÂÂll give it a tryâ¦We are planning a kitchen remodel and have decided we would like a copper sink. After looking at a few and doing some research online weâÂÂve determined that a Rachiele product would probably best fit our needs. But we are reluctant to purchase such an expensive item without first seeing one in person. Does anyone know where in the San Francisco Bay area we might be able to get a look at a Rachiele copper sink? Also, those of you who have had your sink for a while, how is it behaving? Does the surface scratch easily? Is cleaning it a problem? Any advice for someone about to take the plunge?

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Ooo! I have one and have been using if for several weeks now. L.o.v.e. i.t. Breezy has one too, if I remember correctly.

Mine is an apron front and is their 'smart sink' model with the integral ledges that holds the copper shelf and/or cutting board. That is the handiest thing ever. Great design.

The sink is beautiful and cleans up wonderfully. I have nothing but praise for their sinks. I bought mine sight unseen and it did make me nervous d/t $$ but I'm very glad that I bought it... no regrets at all.

Oops, just read the thread... it's poohpup with the Rachiele.

Here is my sink with the shelf in:

And out:

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I purchased a 48" apron front signature series sink the other week. I haven't seen one in person but all the pictures I have seen look great. I thoroughly analyze everything I purchase, which my husband is thankful for and drives him crazy at the same time, and I could only find positive reviews online.

If you aren't able to find one in person, you might want to give Dino, the owner, a call. I have talked to him several times and he had a lot of good information to share. He might help put your mind at ease.

I am excited for my sink to show up in a couple more weeks and then be in my kitchen this summer.

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Thanks, deedles and isixpacku, for your reassurances. I have spoken to Dino--tried to find out if he could refer me to a happy customer in my area; he couldn't (perhaps he felt it might be an invasion of their privacy--I can respect that). From everything I've read it does seem like a pretty safe purchase, though.

BTW, deedles, the apron on your sink is wonderful--turns the sink into a work of art.

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I've been using my copper sinks for a couple of years now. I love them! My main sink is a 36" farm and the prep is an 18" square. They are really easy to clean. Just like Dino's website says, just a sponge and soap and water. The zero radius corners have never been an issue for cleaning. You asked if they scratch. Yes, they do scratch when I throw my heavier pots and pans around in them, but no big deal. The scratches will heal over and you'll never see them again. Just like any other mark or reaction that occurs in the sink. The sink changes constantly.

The photos you've seen here and on Dino's site are a great representation of the real thing. Are there any specific questions or concerns that you have?

Deedles, so glad to hear you're loving your new sink. I know you had some qualms about it after you bought it but always knew you'd love it. :)

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I have been using my 30" apron front for almost two years now.

One thing I would like to add to my previous post. We see over and over how tough and durable a Rachiele sink is then you get it you are told it can't be laid right side up before installation on a flat surface because it may deform. I was constantly checking with the installers so they would not lay it face up on the floor or countertop.

But any scratches patina over in a week or two. Any acidic foods that clean a spot leaving shiny copper patina over rather quickly. No visible water spots despite hard water. No stains. Water drains perfectly.

Overall very satisfied.

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Rachiele, LLC

deeagaux, this is Dino Rachiele. I thought I would explain why I say not to sit the sink right side up. Believe it or not, in the past, contractors have stacked things on the sink before it was installed - heavy things! Not such a good idea. The sinks are easily strong enough to support their own weight on the drain area. I just try to "idiot proof" the instructions, as there have been some contractors that have earned the title. For the most part, the majority of the damages that have occurred to our sinks over the past 16 years have been caused by contractors.I would rather err on the side of caution, therefore I suggest the sink not be stored right side up.

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