Any GWers Follow Flylady Methods?

dilly_nyOctober 4, 2012

Just wondering whether any GWers shine their sink and follow the Flylady plans for housekeeping? I recently subscribed (for free) to Flylady emails and I can't wait until my house is organized so I can start this plan.

So who else shines their sink?

Here is a link that might be useful: Flylady

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Dilly - Hate to admit it...but yes, I do shine my sink! Once the dust was settled I made a commitment to keep it every Sunday night I clean the sink and the appliances!

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I have been very inconsistent with Flylady but enjoy the ideas and encouragements. I try to stick to the zone method to keep the chaos down. I absolutely love Flylady's purple rubber broom. It is the best broom I have ever had.
We just installed a hammered copper sink complete with a patina so I won't be "shining" this sink.

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YES! In theory. I do a few of the things and I like the idea of babysteps. You will see testimonials like, "and as soon as family members saw the shiny sink, they started putting their dishes in the dishwasher!" or "Everyone in the family is so much neater now, they follow my example." I hope that happens to you - it hasn't happened in my family yet!

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I've seen Flylady before - maybe I need to visit her again? ;)

I checked out that broom - they also sell a mop, too. I put them on my 'things I need for new house' list.


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