backsplash height without wall cabinets

jjnvOctober 10, 2012

We are finally getting our cabinets next Monday and I am now scrambling to order tiles for the backsplash.

I left one wall along the window without wall cabinet. I am having hard time picture what to do with backsplash there. Please help. I attached the picture of the layout.


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Here is the picture of the kitchen before we started. The wall with the window on the left side will have no wall cabinets.

How high should the backsplash go? Note I have the corner cabinet has appliance garage on the bottom.

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I am struggling with the same decision myself. Of course I am having the added difficulty in picking out the backsplash also. Do you have any shelving going in? I am going to run a single shelf along my wall (super short ceilings), I am toying with either cutting my backsplash off there or even running it all the way to the ceiling. But again, my ceiling is only 6' 9" so to the ceiling wouldn't work in your kitchen.

What type of counter are you putting in? Does it have a 4" back? What type of tile are you ordering or thinking about?

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I love the idea of leaving one wall without any cabinets. This will make the space more open and airy. What kind of cabinets are you installing and what type of back splash? I think this will largely depend on whether or not you should go all the way to the ceiling with the back splash or if you should cut it off somewhere. I think with a more modern look, you can definitely, and should, go all the way to the ceiling. The link below will show a great picture of how that will look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Back splash to the ceiling in a modern kitchen

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I also have not decided on the backsplash :-( We used a clear white glass subway tiles for our last kitchen and loved it. It kinda goes with everything so that was my fallback. Unfortunately, I found out today that our local tile shop ran out of that and next shipment comes in November. I am still leaning towards some simple glass tiles.

Our cabinet is Decora brandywine on maple, Rivington door style. I have not made final decisions on countertop either. If I install tiles all the way to the top, what do I do with the space above the window? I probably will not install shelves on the wall. We will have to wait and see.

Please keep the suggestions coming. So many decisions to make.



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I copied three pics into an idea book in Houzz. I added link below. The first, I don't think will work for you. I added it for me... sorry.... I like the idea of a short backsplash with a bold color. I am not sure it will work for me either. I am kind of leaning toward a tin or a beadboard. But enough about my problems.

The second shows the tile up and over the window, a very nice and bold look. I really like this one on THIS kitchen, I am not sure it would work in YOURS. I think it works in the Houzz kitchen because there isn't that much wall space. I think all that tile in your kitchen would be kind of overwhelming.

I think the best option for you may be the third pic. Hmmm... can you tell I have a thing for subway tile. Not doing it in my kitchen already have too much in my bath. Anyway, run it at the same height as the wall with the cabinets with bullnose on top. This would let you paint the wall above, still hang things and decorate the wall.

My vote on tile would be subway, but I have a thing for it, so don't pay any attention to me. You could always look online for the tile you can't find at the tile shop. Of course you just re-did your entire kitchen, aren't you just itching to put in something a little new? Maybe a new shade, shape...something different?

Here is a link that might be useful: backsplash

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Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. They are so helpful. I love subway tiles too!

We actually moved recently. We lived in our last house for 12 years and did not remodel the kitchen until this year. Just when we are about done, we found this house that is within walking distance to the kids' high school and decided to buy it. In my friend's word, we did not regret doing it but truly regret not doing it sooner. It made a huge difference. This house we purchased was bank owned property. You can see from the picture the previous owner actually took the kitchen island and light fixture. We decided to do it this time asap so that we can actually enjoy it. My husband is begging me to order "whatever" asap so that we could get the kitchen back. He even suggested to tile the wall with the cooktop first so that the range hood can be installed, then I can worry about how high should the backsplash go on the other wall.

I found carries many different subway tiles. They can deliver in 4-5 business days. I just can't decide if I should do the clear 3x6 again or a different color/shape. I think 2x8 tiles would be a nice change, but they only carry 2x16.



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I was just looking at a finished kitchen and was admiring the wall of windows without uppers. Search for mpagmom post "It's Done and I Love it." They used an adorable small scale tile. HTH

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Oh. Partyof7, I love that tile and that they did the very short backsplash on the no uppers side. That is a lot like what I liked about the first photo in the Houzz idea book I tagged for you, Jane. But do you think that could work with this kitchen with tile going into the no uppers wall? This kitchen has a "blocking cabinet".

Someone with more experience please.. can you run a short tile into a taller wall of tile? Can you make some sort of border or trim down the actual corner to separate the two tile heights bumping into one another? I will put a link below so it is easier to find.

Here is a link that might be useful: it's done and I love it thread

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Jane, I am kind of partial to the 3x6 myself, but only because it is a classic look. The 2x16 would be a nice modern look. And the 2x16 would also go nice if you were to do something like a super-short side on the non uppers side. I guess it depends on your style. Both would be very nice.

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