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oaktree_35October 5, 2012

Hi all,

My husband and I are building a home, and are having a custom booth built in the kitchen. We are looking for opinions/advise about dimensions for those who have a booth - specifically the distance between the edge of the table and the back of the booth, and the distance the bench comes under the table. The wrong measurements will bother us forever, so we want to get it just right!


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Yes, it IS important to get it right! I don't have much time this morning to write as I'm trying to get DS out the door for school with a fully belly and a lunch. Mt DH works for a restaurant supply co. We had an actual restaurant booth in our old kitchen and are planning one in the new. One of the restaurant designers at his office drew this up. Keep in mind that these are commercial specs, although I find them to be the most comfy fit when compared to other do-it-yourself booths I've sat in.

For me, the table overhang is a bit small. Sarah Susanka (I think I just garbled her name) of the small house books recommends a bit more. So do I. Mock it up for yourself to see what feels best to you.

If you search around the forum for older threads, these dimensions have been discussed before. Good luck!

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I have struggled with this as well (hence my window seat isn't built yet). If you are doing an actual booth, consider that the table should be trestle style or a wall mount with one leg for support on the other end. Also, cushions should ideally be upholstered (as opposed to velcro or loose) to allow for sliding into the seats. I believe the seats can be 19-22" deep. I am not sure about the space between the table and bench as I am having seating only on one side.

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It's your lucky day. I just found my copy of Sara Susanka's book "Not So Big Solutions For Your Home." On pages 97-101 she discusses breakfast nooks / booths. She shows the table can over lap the bench 4" to 5" inches so that your plate ends up with correct placement for eating.

You might want to get this book out of the library and look at the detailed diagrams for well designed vs. poorly designed booths; however, the book does not include details for building.

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We are having a banquette built for our kitchen. We decided to wait on the table until it is installed. The plan is to play with cardboard in different sizes to design the perfect table to go with it. Meanwhile we will use our old table.

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Maybe this drawing will help you out.

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or this one...

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and another.

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OOH, I have just decided my next project is a banquette! Corgimom I love your drawings(and your username- I have a mixed corgi rescue snugglebug)

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You must post a photo localeater! Corgi love is the best!

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Great diagrams submitted for reference. I'd have a portion of it mocked up in plywood as a last check for ergnomics.

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Great thread!

Good pics corgi.

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This is so helpful - thank you for your wonderful responses and pictures!

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