How do you clean your granite?

sawyer212October 26, 2012

On our old countertops, we always used Chlorox wipes. But we just got Kashmir White countertops, and I was told you have to be very careful cleaning them. What should I use for everyday use? I mean, if I'm preparing dinner with meat and whatnot, I need something that's going to completely disinfect...not sure I would feel comfortable with just soap and water? Thank you!

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there are many threads on this topic, so you can do a search at the bottom of the page for some guidance....or you can google your question and i would think GW would come up...

i do use soap and water and have not had a problem. i also use an "ecloth", which i found at home goods. its made for granite and works extremely well.

i hope cat_mom chimes in, she uses a mixture of water, alcohol and drop of dish soap and lavender oil. i think that's the combo, but again, do a search and you will find it.


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Yup--you got it sprtphntc! Alcohol-water-lavender oil, no dish soap though. Roughly anywhere from 30-50% (or more, not exact am'ts) alcohol to water. I use enough alcohol to smell it, without it being overpowering, and to have a good degree of evaporation. I add enough drops of lavender oil (20+) to have a lavender scent, but again, not enough to choke a person. LOL Personal preference on that. I'm always topping off my spray bottle, so the proportions are never exact, or the same each time. I usually spray some on the counter, and tweak or adjust as desired.

I use it with a microfiber cloth, or occasionally a piece of paper towel.

I don't love it on mirrors, or glass (better on plain glass than mirrors though). It works great for light cleaning and spot cleaning the black enamel burner pans on our range, and I love it on SS (be sure to remove every trace of oil-based cleaners and polishes first).


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