Having trouble choosing a backsplash tile

StonemooreOctober 30, 2011

Hi there. I am having a tough time finding a backsplash tile that works in our new kitchen. So - floors are multicoloured slate (actually Unicom Starker multi porcelain), the island is dark brown with a weathered finish and Colonial Dream granite. The perimeter cabinets are a creamy white with Antique Brown granite on the perimeter counters. Walls are a sage-y green - Herbes de Provence (Benjamin Moore, I think...) Hesitant to add any more stone to the mix, so we *were* going to go with a glass subway tile in something called Vetro Ecru, which has warm orangey-beige undertones - trying to keep things warm. Manufacturer did something weird with the colour though so when they came in they were more greeny-taupe, which just faded into the walls so we returned them. Now I'm stumped. Has anyone seen anything that might work nicely there? Needs to be subtle and warm but not blah.


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Here are a couple of photos for reference. Please excuse the clutter; we are still in the midst of construction chaos, bits of cabinetry, crown moulding and hardware missing, walls being tweaked etc.

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I added photos - any ideas anyone? Please? (note tone of desperation lol)

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You said you didn't want more stone but have you thought about doing a creamy marble subway tile? That might look really nice and compliment your granite on your island. There was recently a thread with a marble backsplash I think would good with your island and would pick up some of the darker tones in your floor. I included the link below. If you are really set against using stone have you looked at www.modwalls.com? They have a great selection of glass subway tiles. I bought a mosaic glass backsplash from them for over my range and they were great to work with. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: marble backsplash

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I know you returned the tiles that blended with the wall, BUT....I think your wall color looks really good with all the other elements and would have liked to see this greenish tile.
If you do a marble with movenment, you will have movement on the floor, movement on the island and then movement on the backsplash. Just a thought.
Since the floor and counters are already in place, I could see a simple bone (very light beige) colored tiled, It would transition from your cream cabinets to the brown in the granite and also pick up the tan in the floor and the island.
If this seems too dull, you can of course do a focal point above the range with greens, tans, browns etc.
looking forward to what you decide, You have a lovely kitchen so far.

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Cream subway tile and green glass tile accents-either squares or various green glass subways for accent.

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I agree that you want to keep it more simple on the backsplash since your floor and granite have movement. Below are pictures of my cream marble subway tile I have in my kitchen. I think something along those lines would be great. You can also find cream ceramic tiles.

under cabinet lights off:

under cabinet lights on:

It has a little bit going on to keep it from being blah, but is simple enough to work in your space I think.

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Lovely kitchen! I have similar paint and cabinet colours to you, but a light counter. I ended up with 3X6 porcelain tiles, with a matte finish. The shiny subways we saw were too white for our cabs we thought. Ours are along the colour lines of creme marfil, but we wanted porcelain, not marble for ease of install and maintenance. We're happy with them so far (and they were a good deal!):

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wow, your kitchen is going to be gorgeous when you get the back splash in! thanks for the sneak peek :)

i think something that is subway size/shape, but more of the cream color with some light taupe/beige color in it would look nice there....marblish looking. you are putting it against the brown granite, so you are putting it up against a more solid granite (non busy), therefore i would think something very slightly multi toned would be fine...and i do mean slightly so to keep from looking busy.
did i even make that somewhat sensible?! i know what i have pictured in my mind, just having difficulty translating it into words!

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Stonemoore -

Can I just ask you 3 questions?
(1) What is your wall paint color - very lovely!
(2) What is your faucet - again, nice.
(3) Is that a Denby Energy cereal bowl I see in your sink?

What's done so far looks wonderful :)

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Co-co's would look great in your kitchen. A mellow ceramic/porcelain would be ideal.

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Your kitchen is beautiful. I agree that a calm backsplash without much movement in a very pale cream color (maybe even a color close to your cabinets) would complement your granite and tie in the island. Love that floor!

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Co-Co -- Please, could you tell us what is the brand/color of your tile?

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My kitchen is similar to yours except I will have wood laminate floors and my island is black.

I saw this in person today and it's so much more lovely IRL. To make it warmer use the enhancer sealer (vs. the natural sealer). The enhancer brings out a warmer beigey color on the tiles.

Again, this pic doesn't do it justice. I took some pics at the store today and if they look decent tonight when I upload them, I can add them here.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Tile Shop's

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