material for table in kitchen booth

lakewillowOctober 12, 2012

I recently bought a 1920s era house with a very small booth eating area in the kitchen. They had a laminate covered mystery material table in the booth, so it had to go. Now I'm trying to decide what wood material to make the new table and where to start. Would a cabinet maker be able to make a custom table for me? It would be affixed to the wall and have a single leg support. Would you go with oak? It has to be very durable and low maintenance. I don't like the idea of having to seal and re-seal butcher block. Thanks from a real newbie. :)

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A custom cab maker might be able to make a table. It depends. You'll have to ask.

I have a DR table made of QS oak. It started as an antique piece, but the top couldn't be saved when they went to refinish it, plus I needed a few leaves that would have to be made new anyway. A new top was made to go on the antique legs. I didn't think to ask how the top would be finished. Turns out they coated it with some kind of poly. It's more durable than my other small antique dining table. Maybe something like that could be an option.

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Consider butcher block that has a non=oiled finish, more like a varnish than an oil. Try Bally in Bally, PA. I forget what they call that finish.

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