Remedial mixing bowl questions (storing & selecting)

cevamalOctober 5, 2013

A constant frustration in my old kitchen is storing mixing bowls. Naturally I nest them to save space but invariably the one I want is in the middle necessitating a big juggling act to extract it.

Same with Pyrex measuring cups. I have an 8c, 4c, and 2, nested and these are an even bigger pain to extract because they're so heavy.

Aside from the obvious solution of them each taking up their own hunk of drawer/shelf space are there any clever solutions for storage?

Second, I'm in need of a big mixing bowl. I had a melamine set that I never really liked, but at least the big bowl was a pretty decent size - probably 5 qt. I threw them out because they were in rough shape (scratched and the rubber gasket on the bottom was degrading) but now I'm left without a good sized bowl, often pressing my KA bowl into double duty.

I'd like to stick with stainless steel since it's lightweight and cleans up well in the dishwasher. I've been looking on Amazon and don't like the dimensions of a lot of the offerings. They tend to be too wide making it easy to slosh stuff out all over the counter. I don't want anything as severe as the KA bowl, but closer in that direction.

I'd like at least 6 qt and I don't need a set--I have a ton of smaller bowls. A lid would be nice, but not essential.

I'm considering this Kirkland set so if anyone has it and would like to chime in please do! Of course it comes in a set I don't want.

This one looks good too and the price is certainly right but I'm wondering if it's a decent gauge?

(And yes, I have much better things to be worrying about like picking flooring, backsplash, a range, sink, and refrigerator. I'm procrastinating. :P)

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I do the nest and shuffle too. I had a tiny kitchen before (8x9), so being able to shuffle in a bigger space makes it ok. I'm spending my time looking at drawer organizers instead of picking out the pulls. I picked out the flooring, cabinets, countertops, lights, backspash with no problem and now have decision paralysis. So, we're living in the kitchen with no pulls.

What am I doing this morning, you may ask? Going back to looking at drawer organizers.

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Glad it's not just me stuck in decision paralysis!

(I have to pick pulls, too. And would much rather shop for drawer organizers.)

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When I moved my mixing bowls from an upper cab in the old kitchen to a peninsula drawer in the new, it made all the difference. The bottom of the drawer is just about knee height, so I'm standing over the drawer to select the item I want. I do have to un-nest, but it's not an issue since I'm not working over my head. I keep both the mixing bowls and an assortment of nested Pyrex measuring cups in that drawer.

I have a second set of glass mixing bowls with lids that I keep in the bottom drawer, which is not quite as handy. It's not bad, but given a choice, I'd go with the middle drawer.

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We just purchased a bunch of assorted sizes, a la carte, from a local kitchen supply place. I'd try that, or a restaurant supply pace. Should be a large selection when you hit the right place, and reasonable price.

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I live in a small town so, unfortunately, no restaurant supply shops.

I do plan to move them to a drawer, glad to hear that will improve things!

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(I have to pick pulls, too. And would much rather shop for drawer organizers.)

Well, I have to pick vanities and tile today or we're going to have no working bathroom when we move in in two weeks! (Ok, so I have bought all my appliances and ordered kitchen cabinets, and picked out the pulls, countertops and backsplash, but I haven't seen a single vanity I like, and I don't have time to wait for something custom :-( )

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I do the nesting, don't know any other way. It helps to use stainless steel bowls, as you know, cause they're lighter weight.

Sur La Table has nice SS bowls. I like that they have flatter bottoms than can be found on cheaper SS bowls. They also sell the De Buyer SS bowls if you want to spend $$$.

Sur La Table SS Bowls

De Buyer SS Bowls at Sur La Table

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To whomever it was who mentioned Pyrex measuring cups, one solution would be to replace them with the OXO cups - they're much lighter, but they're also much better, since they have the slanted inside that allows you to fill the cup and read the markings from the top.

Here is a link that might be useful: OXO measuring cups

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I love the OXO cups for measuring, but I very often use the pyrex cups in the microwave and I try to avoid microwaving plastic.

Plus I tend to mix in them (mostly the 8c) and I dislike trying to mix in the OXO cups with all the edges.

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I agree, mixing in the OXO cups is impossible. I hadn't though about microwaving, but I don't tend to use them for that - certainly understand your reasoning though.

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I have these bowls. I bought them at a local store I love them. They are light, they are deep, they go in the DW, and the non slip bottom is great

Here is a link that might be useful: large stainless bowls

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Holly- Kay

Local, Ty for posting this. I can use one and it would make a great gift for my DDs.

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I have my mother's set of Volrath stainless mixing bowls from the 50s and I LOVE them. They are similar to the Sur La Table set, but a slightly broader base and straight sides. The are lightweight and easily go in the dishwasher. I think you would be very happy with something similar. Another plus is they can be used in a saucepan for a double boiler and also can go in the oven as it is preheating to melt butter.

I have lots (and lots) of bowls but the stainless are the ones I use the most.

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