How long before you started abusing?

oldbat2beOctober 7, 2012

This is not my first time and I'm getting worse. DH tries to intervene but I tell him not to worry, the countertop/sink/floor will be just fine.

Sample board 2 of 3 for the morning. Timer just went off and DS asked, hopefully, Crepes? I called back, No, Grout and said nothing about the batter being ready (it is but he's on the xbox and not paying attention).

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Well then, it sound to me like this is a great "teaching moment" to explain the paradigm shift of the newly remodeled 2-cook kitchen to Mr Madden's NFL Experience.

It's called Tough Love...... (as in Tough, my Love, I'm busy so could you make them?)

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I'm not clear on who or what is being abused. DH for not getting crepes on demand? You should be ashamed. ;)

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may_flowers - Abuse for the family - that goes without saying! I meant abuse for the countertops, the sink, the floors... I know I should have towels out on top of the CTs before these projects and probably shouldn't clean my paintbrushes in the sink and still I do it with less and less regard for the 'new' kitchen.

juliekcmo - good metaphor, I'll remember that one.

DH doesn't get the crepes, that would be DS and DD :)

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Does he get at least to lick the spoon?

I can't wait until that backsplash is in.
I'm dying to see your finished everything!
Crepes are nice, too, but I'm into the hardscape. [LOL]

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I think it took me several weeks to feel like my counters weren't new and I could relax about them. Even so, I old never be brave enough to grout sample tile boards on any counter--my old laminate, your gorgeous quartz or my marble. I'm too much a by-the-rules kinda gal, and some messy things just belong outdoors in my head.

I cannot wait to see your tile finished and revealed. I just love that tile. It's going to be so warm and interesting. I, too, am going for something other than white subs. I've long admired work-of-art tiles like the ones you selected.

Crepes?!?! You reminded me that little DS and I have been wanting to make them together. He's a sweet boy who loves to help me cook. His palate is broad, and I'm trying to keep it that way.

Good luck!

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What's the countertop material? That's not marble, is it?

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If that is polished marble, you are flirting with disaster (scratches, nicks, etc.)

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Hi Christine always nice to hear from you! Tile is actually up, just needs to be grouted and caulked at this point. There's no big surprise reveal (really no difference between the photoshopped tile and the tile in place) but I do have a couple things I've been saving for the final reveal :)

Lots of finish work between now and then and I still have done nothing on my sink wall.

Breezygirl - Thanks!! I've been wondering about what you will select for your backsplash, have you made a decision or still deciding? I am now a huge fan of grout sample boards, it makes such a difference to see the colors with the tiles. Somehow, it makes the decision easier by providing oneself with a few options. (You feel more comfortable with the final decision). I use my trusty doublesided tape to secure the tiles onto a board, let dry a few days, take pictures, then chisel everything off with a screwdriver and hammer when done, reusing the tiles.

We started to go through the alphabet with vegetables a few years ago; some definite notable successes. Didn't make it that far (J's?) but the kids have loved artichokes ever since.

Homebound - thanks, I was hoping a trusted adult would speak up! It's Cambria Torquay and doesn't seem to scratch but I know that I SHOULD be doing this on top of a work blanket at the least.

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Eeek, that makes me cringe to look at it.

I haven't got counters yet, but our newly refinished cabinets have had their first scratch already.

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You are a very brave person. I'd be outside doing that stuff.

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Have I made a decision on tile? Honestly? I haven't seriously shopped for tiles IRL since last November. Life (DS starting kindergarten, a terrible two year old, holidays, my dad's cancer and death, my recent health issues, trying to have a fun summer with the kids), lack of money, and a seriously bad attitude towards making another major decision all got in the way. I do look online sometimes. A complicating factor is that all the good tile stores are more than an hour away, and it's hard to concentrate on tile while monitoring two crazy young 'ens.

I'm saving your grout sampling technique for when I get to that point. Thanks!

DS has loved artichokes since he was 2. Same with asparagus, beets, broccoli, and parsnips. He STILL won't eat lettuce at 7 y.o. The journey through the veggie alphabet is so creative! I think we may need to try that next year!

Did you make a decision on grout? I'm so anxious to see it!

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Blfenton- brave is not the right word. Rhymes with Cupid :)

Oh breezygirl. My mom died a year ago in July, just as we were starting our renovation. It took all the fun out of the project for a very long time. This fall, I feel like I'm getting back to normal. I'd forgotten about your health issues, very much hope you are doing better. My little terrors are 15 and 13 but just thinking about the Kindergarten days and terrible twos (I think the threes were worse), makes me smile.

As for tile...I really liked the photocopy cut and paste job I ended up doing - it ended up being quite realistic. So maybe when you get a chance to really focus at the tile store, bring home a nice selection of tiles you like, figure out which one you really like and spend an afternoon photocopying and 'installing'. It's actually really neat to transform your space like this. Also, I'm glad to photoshop any ideas for you.

Thanks for the help all. Best, oldbat2be

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I thought the threes were worse than the terrible twos also. And DD turned three on Wednesday! Her new attitude has already been rearing its head. I forgot how much different a three-y.o. tantrum is from a two y.o. :)

Yes, thanks to you, I do plan to copy and mock up a bs of tile like you did. It will be the best way for me to get a sense of how it would look en mass. I'm not good at visualizing. Thanks for the photoshop offer!

I'm hoping my health issues were resolved today in surgery. Have to wait and see.

I appreciate you sharing your grieving timeframe with me also. I know my life will never be like it was earlier in the year, but I look forward to a little feeling of normalcy.

Do you have an ETA on bs completion and reveal?

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Breezy -- thanks for the update, glad to hear that there was something which could be tried/done. Hope recovery is simple and fast.

Well, since you ask... I actually did come home and grout the kitchen backsplash Wednesday night.

Now that was a chaotic scene... picture oldbat with 25 pounds of grout in a big white bucket, in the pantry of course (it was cold in the garage!), first trying to stir by hand and then using hand mixer. Looked like a huge batch of chocolate cake. Then, I'd occasionally splatter on the floor and walls. DH was tired out that night (had just finished a project of his own) so I didn't want him to help so he sat and watched for part of the job and was slowly driven crazy by how thick the grout was (he always thinks it should be thinner, I follow the recipe, and there was no WAY I was going to add water, halfway through the job and risk changing the color). Oh the mess I had everywhere that night! Actually did put towels down on the countertops but still, plenty of grout chunks and splatters to clean up... my hands were like raw hamburger meat at the end but got it done and we're very pleased. Today/tomorrow - caulking, some final painting and creative outlet handling. Better pictures hopefully tomorrow, but here's how it looks.

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Oldbat- I love those tiles. I wish I were not such a color-commitment phobe. Sigh. Your counters are beautiful. Thought they were marble.

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Wonderful backsplash!

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Oldbat2be - you inspire me! I am an oldbat and am scared to death of doing our backsplash. Like Breezy, I just cannot make another decision; and the money. My oh my, I am tired of the financial drain.

And I agree with three year olds. We have four grandbabies 3 and under. The oldest and I were having a conversation recently and he said, "Mimi, you don't get mad, but you tell me no alot!"From the mouth of babes.

Breezy, I truly hope your health issues resolved. I am sending healing thoughts and prayers.

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Oldbat2be: The grout job looks awesome. You were right to stick to your guns on the amount of water. Forget about the color -- it could get crumbly if you use too much water. But you probably knew all that since you were steadfast. In any event, it looks just great. You are making us proud!

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Gosh, those tiles are beautiful! I hate grouting. You have my admiration for doing that yourself.

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OldBat - that looks great - can't wait to see the whole thing! I can't believe you did it yourself. DH would be either sitting in the other room or watching over my shoulder but not saying anything - but know he wants to comment that I am doing it all wrong! And if he says something and I don't listen......

Bee - what's up with you? Surgery - I am sending you some of my positive energy. (a bit of a highjack but had to ask)

Motherof3 sons - we want to add you as an alumnus to the ABB club - we will help you figure it out!

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A2gemini - ABB? I am intrigued!

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A2gemini - ABB? I am intrigued!

All But Backsplash. It's kind of like purgatory. I have been stuck here since June....

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Secondhalf - thanks, wish they were marble too... Oh the things we second guess ourselves on... :)

starisasgarden - Thanks! But do tell what your name means...

motherof3sons - 4 grandbabies, how lucky! Regarding the financial drain, what's hard to remember is classic can be so simple and clean (like Aansch's beautiful herringbone).

Angie_diy - thanks, no I did not know that but I did know the end result color might change. I am a baker so always follow the recipe. A compliment from you for a tiling job means a LOT - big smile here!!

Deedles - oh gosh thanks, but grouting is really pretty easy as long as you mix mix mix :)

a2- Thanks!! DH was sitting there and while polite, he made his opinion quite obvious, and after he made it a few times I politely acknowleged (while frantically grouting as the grout quickly dried) that he'd made it a few times but I was going forward with plan A...

Angie_diy - purgatory - Ha! Love it, so true!

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Oldbat2be, I love your tile creation! Just beautiful. I too hand crafted the first 6 inches of my backsplash, and though not perfect, everyday I'm so glad I mustered up the gumption to envision and create it. (Figured I could always rip it out and do a do over.)

Re the title of your post re abusing countertops, as Breezy said, I've finally settled in to trusting that they can handle a workout - and some bad habits like tomato sauce that doesn't get wiped up for...won't tell you how long. :-)

Breezy, hope you are recovering & with good news!

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