Looking for suggestions on kitchen faucets

rocks911October 24, 2012

I'm having granite installed and need to settle on a kitchen faucet. I swear this is harder than the granite selection!

I want a single hole/handle faucet and a separate soap dispenser. I like the pullout sprayer model. Something like:


But the fixture is too tall. Most all of these types of kitchen faucets are 15"-18" tall and I dont want the fixture to be that tall.

I currently have a shorter kitchen faucet with a pull out spray head but it is not a straight spray head, it is somewhat angled, making it kinda difficult to use, although this isnt the exact model, this gives an idea of what I'm talking about:


I'm concerned about purchasing from Lowes or Home Dept as I know they have their products specially made for them and I think that with a lot of products in their stores they are more cheaply made so they can turn a bigger profit.

Also my current kitchen faucet is getting quite hard to turn from side to side because of the hard water deposits in the faucets swivel and the water flow is pathetic and its only 4 years old.

For the removable spray head...magnetic or counterweight?

So many questions. I want to get this right as changing it out in granite will be a pain.

I dont mind spending what I need to get a good faucet, I just dont know where to start.

Please help!

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No suggestions, I just want to agree that I am finding the choice of faucet and sink to be the most difficult decision in my process.

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I bought Franke model FFPS680B from Blackman plumbing(authorized dealer). I find it very easy to use, the spray cannot be locked but it doesn't matter to me. It's such an improvement from the one I had before...

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I got 2 Rohl country faucets, one for each sink. I was told it has one of the best aerators. It's a pull down sprayer (high arched neck), one lever. Love the faucet BUT the combo with my sink (Elkay) which is flat bottom I think causes it to splash.

I'm so disappointed that I have splashy faucet/sinks! That was the ONE thing I was trying to avoid.

My bar sink is deeper, so the splash is not as bad there. My main sink is not a deep one, so that's probably why there is splash.

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I don't know if Moen makes any pullouts, but if they do I want to plug Moen. I have a pulldown, and it's great. I also wanted to pass on that a customer service guy at Moen told me last year that there was no difference in the quality of the Moen models sold at plumbing supply places (where I got mine)and those sold at big box stores. I had assumed that the big box models were built more cheaply. He said they were made the same way. If I remember correctly, Moen model numbers with a "C" are the ones you can buy at Home Depot/Lowes.

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Moen does make pullouts and pulldowns, often in the same line. I think the pullouts are a good inch shorter than the pulldowns--it's not a huge differnce, but significant. I'm only hearing good things about Moen, so I think it's what we will be goign twith as well :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Brantford pullout faucet

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I should add that one of the things that makes the Moen so functional is the spray hold feature. It also has a pause button. You can switch back and forth between spray and stream with the touch of a button, and it will revert to stream when you turn it off.

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Thanks for the replies. I have purchased Moen in the past and they have performed well for me to be sure. My current faucet is not taking the hard water assault very well. I dont reacll if its a Moen or not.

Currently I'm looking at a Hansgrohe Allegro E LowRider

I like Costco and their return policies. It would be nice to have a soap dispenser in the same line. I guess I'll have to continue looking, maybe get the faucet from Costco and a soap dispenser somewhere else.

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When I was looking into this, I was advised to look at specs and find a faucet whose innards were all stainless, not plastic. (I got confused and thought the head was supposed to be metal too-- some expensive ones (Israeli brand starting with H, I forget) are, but some people say they get uncomfortably hot, and we got one with a plastic head but metal everything else.) We went for pull-out instead of pull-down because it's equally useful (to our mind), lower (didn't block our sink window), and cheaper (because pulldowns are more stylish right now). But looking for all metal innards did increase our faucet to the $300 range.

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And another reason I am buying Moen, is because I was told that Moen is made in the USA!

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I have a Delta with venetian bronze finish. It is a single handle with pulldown sprayer (has 3 settings). One of the big reasons I chose it was it had a matching bar/prep sink faucet. The prep sink faucet is just slightly smaller than the full size but fits the prep sink perfectly. I purchased them on Amazon.

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Here is some background information which may help with your choice.

I've had both a pull out faucet and a pull down faucet with locking sprayer. Between those I find the pull down easier to use.

You are so right -- it's really a hard choice. But the faucet is the most used thing in the whole kitchen. I spent a lot of extra time getting one I loved.

BTW -- the more brass in the faucet, the heavier it will be. So picking up the faucet tells you a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Kitchen Faucets

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The Kohler Purist K-7505 and K-7506 aren't too tall, and I really like them! The reach on the 7506 is short, though, so I wouldn't want it for a big cleanup sink.

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I am fairly sure Kohler faucets are Made in USA.

Definitely pay attention to the "reach" of any faucet and the sink you have. I learned that lesson the hard and expensive way.

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we bought the hansgrohe "talis C" in rubbed bronze. love the the finish and performance.

i also had a pullout and i will say the pulldown is much easier to use.

been installed a little over a year and works perfectly...would buy again.


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