39" cabinets with 8' ceilings

lucas_tx_gwOctober 30, 2012

Considering IKEA which only comes in 30 and 39" heights. Trying to figure out if 39" is just too tall to use with 8' ceilings. Don't care a lot about having big amounts of molding at the top. I think IKEA makes some kind of strip for above them but I haven't really checked out yet how tall it is.

All electric house so height of cabinets close to burners not as much of an issue as with a big gas cooktop.

Anyone have any opinions and/or photos?

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39" is perfect for 8'. 18" between counter and wall cabinets is standard, leaves 3" at the top which is filled with molding.

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Yes, I agree, you will love those tall cabinets!

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I did 39" with my 8 ft ceilings. I really prefer the extra height. No pictures yet, I haven't put the molding up on top yet.

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I have 39-inch cabinets in an 8-ft heigh kitchen and love them! I highly recommend the extra space.

Here is a link that might be useful: My tall cabinets...

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Mine are at least that tall in my 8' room. They make the room look bigger because of the strong vertical line. Just make sure you have a good lightweight step stool nearby. I use mine often to get things from the top shelves.

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39" is the perfect height for uppers with an 8' ceiling. That's what we used in our last house. 36" lowers + 18" between cabinets + 39" uppers + 3" crown molding = 96".

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