bosch induction 500 or 800?

miffy13October 31, 2012

I am trying to decide between the 500 series and 800 series. It looks like the only differences are autochef, which i dont know if it really works, and the controls on the stainless vs glass. Is 800 worth $400 more?

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I had the same question, but when I looked into it, it seemed like the autochef was primarily for keeping frying oil at an even temperature. Not worth it for me, since we rarely fry, but I'd like to hear from someone who has one of these -- we haven't bought ours yet, but I'm 95% decided on the 500. What are the differences in the controls?

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I have a Bosch 500 series and have been using it for a little over a month. I purchased it back in June and can't remember the differences of the 800 vs. 500 but I do remember the difference in cost didn't seem to be worth it for the way I cook. So far I love it. The features I do use are the power boost and the timer. It will shut itself down with a boil over too which has been teaching the kids to pay more attention to their ramen or macs and cheese. One of the biggest things I love about the induction is the cleanup - nothing cooks onto the cooktop!

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Lori, the setting controls are on the glass cooktop on the 500 series and on the stainless strip on the 800 series.

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Thanks, Miffy-- do you have a strong feeling for how that would affect usability? I imagine it will be a bigger deal for me to switch from knobs at the front (and learn not to bend down to evaluate the flames!)

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The only thing i can think of is when you clean the glass on the 800, the controls dont get accidentally turned on

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I went with the 36" 500, but it is not installed yet so I can't speak to how it works. I bought it through Sears Outlet online. It was $1200 plus $200 shipping. For the price, I couldn't justify the 800.

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I have the 800 series which I picked up at outlet, new in box unopened, for a bit less than the 500 series.

The 800 has the power levels along the stainless strip - no fingerprints. It also has Autochef and comes with a thing you mail in for a free pan that works with it. Autochef is for more than just oil. It also works with the pan for cooking meat, eggs, fish, whatever. It preheats the pan for whatever you are cooking than lets you know the pan temp is at the proper temp - no guessing.

Did I need it? Probably not, but it was cool to play with to cook eggs. Haven't used it much. We got the pan last weekend and have been without power until this eveing so only used it for frying eggs.

I do like the power settings on the strip though. Am not a fan of fingerprints.

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I have had the 500 since spring 2011. Love it. Autochef wasn't worth it to me. Whatever autochef does, I could do with my human brain. The sometime fingerprints from selecting a heat level are so teeny and not noticeable-and they wipe up in a flash. The fingerprint is less than a water spot.

The difference in cost between the 500 and 800, some hundreds of dollars, was not worth it to me at all.

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I ordered but don't yet have the 800. Chose it because the control strip on the 800 "gives" a little when you push on it, so you have some feedback that you've actually entered the command. I hate touchscreens....

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