Quick question about what grout joint size should be

Madeline616October 6, 2012


How wide should the grout joint be for a 6x6 ceramic tile backsplash? Tiles are basic Daltile brand, with a simple design at the corners of each square tile. Not sure if the proper size is 1/8" or 1/4" or some other size.

I'm planning a backsplash in my parents' new home for behind the range, and need to fit exactly 5 full tiles horizontally and vertically behind the 30" range. If the tiles need to be trimmed, I'll lose the little corner design.

I ask about the grout joint size because in order to tell the cabinetmaker exactly how wide to make the hood, and how high above the cooktop to mount it, I need to calculate five 6x6 tiles plus the grout joint.


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I think it depends on the style. If it is rustic than a larger grout line would look fine. I have included my kitchen backsplash picture of 2x4 marble tile with a 1/8" grout line to help. I also am including my 6x12 slate floor that I am putting into my bathroom that has a 1/4" grout space.



And for scale my size 10 feet:

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Thanks, enduring.

I absolutely love both of your tile selections!

I didn't realize it was just an aesthetic choice, I thought it was functional. In that case, 1/8" will be great.

Thanks again :)

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enduring, I never get tired of seeing your backsplash. It is easily my favorite.

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Sophie Wheeler

A lot of time, basic 6x6's will come with tile lugs that create a predetermined spacing for the tile. You need to find out if the tile you are interested in has that. If not, then remember that the thinner the grout lines, the less wavy your wall has to be or else you will have problems. If you are doing this from the studs out as new construction, then be sure that you use a long enough level to check to be sure that all of the studs are plumb and they are all perfectly in line. If one is off, it will throw off your whole tile spacing if you are planning on thin grout lines. Thicker grout lines are always more forgiving for a novice tiler.

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Madeline616 and Linelle, thanks you so much for the complement.

BUT, what Hollysprings said is critical. I am new at this and am very slow, in part to gather information such as this, to help direct my implementation. If I just barge ahead I make mistakes. I have learned so much on this forum.

My kitchen walls were new drywall and the tile grout line sort of large so I could fudge a little. The bathroom floor that I am doing now is dead level, but I still have to worry about lip-age because of my inexperience at spreading thinset.

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Hi Holly,

Thanks for the very helpful info!!

I checked, and the tiles do have lugs. They look to be 1/16" or slightly smaller.

Does that mean I'm committed to a 1/16" grout line, or can I still make bigger grout lines (like 1/4") for a more forgiving installation?

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