Soapstone slab... Help!

lcheekoOctober 22, 2012

We are picking our slab for our house remodel- wanting to do soapstone. Planning on oiling it. The choices here are " black soapstone or grey soapstone" does anyone know difference ? Also does the above slab seem a little brown with undertones?

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What kind is it and were is it from? From my understanding, soapstone usually has a name to it (Beleza, Julia), and if the yard doesn't know, walk away. You want to go to someone who knows what he/she is talking about since soapstone is a different beast from granite, and should be fabricated correctly or you'll be cursing water rings and other problems. I was told the lighter the soapstone, the softer the stone. Can anyone else confirm this? I have PA which is very dark and so far seems hard and easy to care for. Do you want a softer stone that shows lots of scratchs and dings? Or do you want one that is more hardy? (All soapstone can scratch, it's just a matter of how much). Ask or a sample and take it home and abuse it, then clean it and oil it with mineral oil and see how you like it. Good luck!

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The darker the color the denser the stone is, get the black ones its worth more in weight. And it shines easier, the grey ones will get old fast and you can't polish it to make it shine.

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Also pay attention to the stone's hardness / scratch resistance. Some varieties of soapstone are fairly soft and easy to scratch, while others are harder and more durable. (They're all much softer than granite, though.)

There was a thread a few months ago where someone compared a few different kinds of soapstones for scratch resistance. Search for "hardness test" or something similar. Or the word "mohs", which is the name of a system for measuring hardness.


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