wider than 48" aisle between island (with sink) and rangetop

illinigirlOctober 16, 2013

I'm still trying to decide exactly how much room I need between my island that backs up to a rangetop. It has been suggested I go as wide as 54" (counter to counter I'm assuming) but I've never seen aisles that wide here on GW. Does anyone have them and how do you like them?

The working side of the island will be a busy place with the only sink and dishwasher, however neither backs up directly to the rangetop- they are offset such that if two people were each standing at the rangetop and the sink they wouldn't be directly back to back.

Thanks for the continued advice!

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I have 50 inches (counter to counter) between my island with sink and the cooktop wall. I was worried about clearance so I increased it from 48 to 50. Sometimes I wish I had those 2 inches back. I could have made the island bigger.
My DH and I are often working in the space at the same time and there is plenty of room for both of us.
I love having my dish drawers right across from my sink/dishwasher. I can just turn and unload the dishes into the drawer. There is enough room to get through if the dishwasher is left open or the cabinet drawers are pulled out.
This picture shows both things open at the same time.

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thanks badgergal,
your layout is very similar to mine except my fridge would be on the same side as where you are standing to take the photo, and my ovens aren't angled they are straight down from the range. but the rangetop, sink and d/w setup looks exactly the same.

appreciate your input! ty!

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I basically have a galley kitchen where one side of the galley is my island. On the wall I have wall oven, range and fridge and on the island, sink and dw. I have 54" between, and I think it is just right for us. There is enough room for 2 cooks, or the kids and me. :) I also have my dish drawers across from my DW and love them!!!! I may take a pic once I clean off the island by loading the DW. :)

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I have 42" and, for me, that is plenty wide. None of the appliances (or the sink) line up. I don't think I want the distance to be any greater. I wanted to be able to turn around and take a step to get to the sink. It is a matter of personal preference. We played with the distance by setting up the appliances in the island (before the island was built) and pushing things around until we got the most comfortable configuration.

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