Ikea kitchens with trash pull-outs.... what's your experience?

staceyneilOctober 17, 2010

I'm helping my friend design her new kitchen and she's considering Ikea. In my previous Ikea kitchen I had a basic under-the-sink Ikea slide-out trash, but my friend has fallen in love with my (non-Ikea) 15" base cabinet trash pull-out with two trash cans.

I looked on the IkeaFans web site and some folks were talking about either

1) using the Ikea deep drawer kit with a door to create a pull-out


2) buying a pricey Rev-A-Shelf and retrofitting.

Anyone do wither one? Why'd you choose your system? Do you like it?

My friend has 2 boys, so this thing won't get babied. I know how much load there is on mine when those cans are full, and I'm a little worried about the Ikea deep-drawer system not being sturdy enough, and being wobbly. On mine, the slides are high up, not down at the bottom of the door.


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We used an 18" with a deep drawer kit using a standard drawer on top. Some people have used the 18" deep drawer kit that goes all the way up to the counter, sometimes with an interior Ikea drawer on top.

We've been using it for about a year with no problem. Household has a teenage girl and a preteen boy.

We have a trash container and a recycling container in the unit, each uncovered and using 13 gallon trash bags. The recycling one is a bit smaller. I did have a problem finding suitable containers since Ikea doesn't sell anything usable in this configuration. Wound up finding what I needed in an Office Max store since they have containers of various close sizes.

I thought of the Rev-a-Shelf units but went this route which was very much less expensive. I could have bought the R-a-S later if this didn't work out, but the Ikea (Blum) slides seem very strong and are easily, and inexpensively, replaced if they should fail.

We also use a very cheap R-a-S unit, bought at Lowes, under the sink for paper recycling. The container is smaller as it has to clear the sink.

So far, so good.

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Made one in my sink cabinet, so not full-height. Used the 12" drawer, so only holds one trash can, because of the pipework at the back of the cabinet - if I was doing it in another cabinet, I'd definitely use the full depth drawer and have two cans in their.
Over two years now, and it works beautifully, but I do think a deeper drawer might have been better. Hmm. As it's Ikea, I can still change it . . . :)

Used one of the photo tutorials on Ikeafans.com to explain to my GC, who installed a wooden mount in the center of the cabinet to mount the drawer slide to.

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We have two full-height 15" pull-outs -- they are, indeed, regular doors with a bit of DIY necessary to make them into drawer fronts. But we don't use them for trash/recycling. They hold the KA mixer and the cat food, so don't get the heavy everyday use.

While we don't have kid-testers, they do seem sturdy. I just went and tugged on them and you feel a tiny bit of "give" when you pull them open, which I suppose is par for the course for a 30" slab attached only at the bottom, combined with soft-close hardware. We did use deep drawers on the bottom, so there is the regular drawer bottom attachment and the side rails for additional support.The weight capacity of the drawers is not an issue at all.

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We have an after market Rev-a-shelf trash pullout that I bought from Home Depot online--not the spendy one, but it works fine so far. It came with the two bins. I purchased a cover for only the trash bin. We use 13 gallon trash bags.

We mounted it in an 18" cabinet. We have had it in for 1 1/2 years, and I love having this pullout.

You can even see our "spiffy" original 1941 vinyl flooring with the bright yellow tiles amidst the gray tiles with the "festive" paint speckles. LOL. (Floors are next on the list.)

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I was in IKEA the other day and they had 2 12" pull outs side by side. The one had a 12x18" bin in it (it looked plenty big for garbage) the other one had 2 smaller bins. I am thinking about making 2 15" pull outs for under the sink. I'm not sure if I'll use the 30" or 24" high door. I would like a 15" full height pull out beside the sink cabinet for recycling but I only have room for the 12" pull out so I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do either. You don't have to hack the pull outs now because they sell 12" and 15" pull outs. I guess if you wanted an 18" you could easily modify it with the 18" frame,the 18"x 24" or 30 door front and the 18" deep drawer. Remember that IKEA cabinet components are all modular and can easily be put together in other ways.

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We put a rev-a-shelf double can (50 qt each) in an 18" ikea cabinet. It's a top mount and there is just enough room left over for a normal depth first drawer. For looks, we have the interior drawer and use the cans for trash and recycle.

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Thanks folks... this is all great. Especially the pics! bmorepanic, do you have a photo of yours?

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Morton5 also has really nice pullouts. Should be in the FKB.

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sandca -

There is still a little hack necessary. You purchase a 15" (or 12" or 18") pullout and you get the cabinet, the drawer hardware, the little plastic fronts for the upper drawers that will be interior pull-outs (since they won't be attached to a wooden drawer front) and a 30"-tall drawer front. You have to drill the holes in the back of the door-front to mount the drawer hardware and to accept the rails on the deep drawer. And you're provided plugs to fill in the big holes and the adjacent small holes on the back of the 30" slab for the door hardware. There is a template that comes with it to show you how to drill it.

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We used an 18-inch base cabinet with the deep drawer at the bottom and a shallow drawer on top. We attached a regular door front to the deep drawer hardware (can't remember exactly how we did it but it wasn't complicated).

I didn't want to use the small IKEA trash bins so I looked all over to find the largest trash can that would fit the space; I can't remember exactly how big the can is (I think it was a Rubbermaid can) but it fits exactly side to side and top to bottom (without the lid) and is the perfect size for the Costco 13-gallon kitchen bags. I thought I would then look for a smaller can to fit behind for recycling but until I could find it we started putting a paper grocery sack behind the main can and it worked so well that I never looked for a smaller can. We reuse the sack until it gets too weak and then throw it into the recyling with whatever is in it.

We've been using the trash set up for 2 1/2 years with no problems; the door/drawer seems as sturdy and stable as it did when we started using it. And that's with two teenagers who certainly aren't concerned about overstuffing the trash can.

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