Retrofit soft-close trash pull out

cottonpennyOctober 2, 2012

We're about to move in to our new house tomorrow!

On the things on our punch list was that the trash pull outs aren't soft close. I asked to have them changed out but the GC said our cabinet company doesn't make soft close trash pull outs. The actual holders are made by Rev-a-shelf so I don't understand why I couldn't just use their hinges which are obviously widely available. GC says this is not possible/advised.

I'm not crazy, right?

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No, you're not.


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I did not purchase the trash pull-out from my cabinet co., Schuler, as it didn't come in the size that I wanted. So I purchased the Rev-a-shelf with the soft close, and my contractor put it into a base cabinet for me. Works great!

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RevAShelf has a huge diversity of pullouts, some of which do have soft close and some of which don't. I can think of at least three different systems; someone who knows more about this will probably point out there are many more.

Their website is very good, maybe just go there and locate the one you want. Your GX probably doesn't realize there is this "new kid" on the block as their products change all the time. Check out their clearance section too, sometimes you can find good deals there. And presumably your GC gets some sort of discount.

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Aliris, why would you presume a GC gets any kind of discount? Big boxes don't offer one, many hardware chains, and even most cabinet companies don't. Paint stores? Sure, but you can walk in and ask for the same "discount". It's not a discount if that's the actual price of the product.

If you're a huge outfit, sure, maybe. But many residential GCs are far from few-man shows and pay what we do. Hence the mark up so many people piss and moan about.

I cannot imagine Rev-a-shelf, an international company, giving a darn about some GC and one pull-out.

I would love to be proved wrong on this one!

Oh - I belong to Direct Buy with is a huge, national organization. Rev-a-Shelf does offer 45% off, I think. Sometimes you do better with clearance.

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Oh - I belong to Direct Buy with is a huge, national organization. Rev-a-Shelf does offer 45% off, I think. Sometimes you do better with clearance.

Well there ya go... you never know how or if a GC gets a discount. It's certainly worth asking; I think it more likely than not. The reason I think so is I'd say 80% of the places I asked for a contractor's discount from (on the grounds that I'm a "owner-contractor") gave me some price break. True, RAS is probably too big and more to the point, on-line. But there are plenty of smaller places that sell RAS that might offer a discount on the same grounds. It's rather akin to the discounts one finds for RAS over retail online. ...

So, OK I may not have exploded out all the point here in where a discount may be gotten from. But GC's are in the business of making money and generally I should think would have some way of obtaining goods for less than retail from which they derive their profit. That's the other reason to "presume" the GC gets a discount....

As for being proved wrong on this, that sounds as if you're in the market (I know, always in the market for a bargain) -- online are places that offer RAS goods for up to -60% from retail. You can wonder, reasonably IMO, what "retail" is all about when everyone sells it for less ... but actually, it really is a built in cost, I think, for installers to get money for the installation. My cabinet installers wouldn't "let" me buy the RAS online and pocket the savings; they were quite upfront about explaining that difference was their "free" installation cost. S'OK in that instance...

Tell us more about Direct buy please! Sounds pretty great...

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If for some reason you can't get soft-close, it's not the end of the world. Somehow our brains and/or bodies adjust to whatever force is needed to close a drawer. All my cabinets are soft-close but my Rev-a-Shelf trash is not, and it felt funny at first. Now I don't even notice it. I think it may even be better to not have soft close on trash since sometimes I want to close it as fast as I can!

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