Quartz countertop

house_elfOctober 3, 2013

Has anyone ever compared Caesarstone's Organic White to Viatera's Magnolia?
Sure look the same to me.

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the quartz manufacturers shamelessly bootleg each others colors. Since they all buy the same production machines from an Italian company to make the slabs its a relatively easy thing to do.

If a good fabricator has similar colors from different manufacturers you can safely pick the less expensive one and know you are still getting the same quality of material.

Note the stipulation "a good fabricator". A slightly cheaper similar color from a less qualified fabricator is NOT a bargain.

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^ +1

Plus, you also have to factor in the total costs of the job, not just the plain square footage costs. By the time you add in buying 2 whole slabs of quartz instead of just the square footage you need, the undermount sink, the upgraded edge, the radius for the corners etc. sometimes the "cheap" deal isn't so cheap anymore. But if cheap is your only criteria, you are looking for, you are sure to find it. Just don't be surprised if it's also poorly done.

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I am considering the Viatera Magnolia myself. Do not have a sample of Organic White but will look for one since the Magnolia is a Home Depot exclusive, and as such, I would not have pricing leverage as with the other choices which can be price shopped (yes and quality fabrication shopped) at various dealers. I like the Magnolia because it is a bright white with some visual texture that is minimal and without looking plastic. Let me know what you decide. I'm stuck choosing a counter material and holding up my reno!

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