Granite backsplashes

Michele222October 1, 2013

If you have a full backsplash done with your granite countertops what thickness is the granite they use for the backsplash? Is it the same thickness as the counter itself or do they make it thinner somehow?

I suppose that I should just ask the granite people. I thought that asking here might help others who are doing their planning and learning about what is possible.

I have spent hours reading here and cannot thank you enough for the education I have gained.

Following the advice I seen here I finally found a custom cabinetmaker in my area who is doing a wonderful job for us. I especially like that they build and install the cabinets themselves. They are willing to make the cabinet and size you want and are quick to suggest that you add an inch or two to make things more functional.

I found them by doing an online search for cabinetmakers in my state.

Thanks to everyone for all of the advice here and for an answer to my granite question.

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I think it is typical to use 3cm (aka 1 1/4") material for the counters, and 2cm (aka) 3/4" material for the backsplash.

Although I think out west 2 cm is more typically used for the counters, and I don't know what they would use for the backsplash in that case.

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Sophie Wheeler

You use 3 cm for it all in the East, and 2 cm for it all in the West. That way, you can have it all cut from the same slab and have the veins "flow" across the counter and up the wall. If you did a thinner granite from a different slab for the backsplash, it might not match or have any flow.

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I have a full granite backsplash and I believe it is the same thickness as the countertop - 3 cm.


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My full granite BS is also the same as the counter, 3 cm. I'm in the East. It did come out of the same slabs, and we did match the veining as much as possible. The only place this thickness could have been a problem was around the window trim, which was not as thick as the BS. The fabricator solved this by beveling the edge of the stone around the window.

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I am on the West Coast. We actually got 3cm thick for both counter and backsplash. Not sure why there is an east coast vs west coast preference on 2cm vs 3cm. The slabs were already cut at 3cm thick. I liked the thcker width - the edge on ours is cut directly without bonding any additional material.

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Our counters are 2 cm thick and the backsplash is from the same slabs.

We also had Columbia Gorge Stoneworks ( make wall plate covers from our stone for the switches and outlets on the backsplash.

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I'm on the east coast and both are 1 1/4.

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Pallet & Palette

Seattle - I always have my clients use 3 cm on the counter and 3/4" on the backsplash if it is available. More 2 or 3 cm if not.

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Our backsplash is the same thickness as the countertops. Slabs from different lots can vary greatly so I would compare materials side by side if the backsplash material is from another slab/lot. We used three slabs from the same lot selected from the five or six slabs in stock.

As mentioned above, preplan for any exposed edges or where it meets trim as it will likely be thicker than the trim if using 3 cm. We used the same ogee edge as the counters where the backsplash met the window trim and it worked perfectly. It's difficult to maneuver the backsplash between the countertops and upper cabinets and we did have minor scratches on the countertops and side of the oven cabinet. The fabricator attempted to polish the countertop scratch a couple of times on site but I can still see a slight difference although no one else notices.

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I guess I'm totally wrong. Sorry. I just purchased some granite for a kitchen remodel I'm doing, that was cut for a different job but never installed. It had several 3cm pieces and several 2cm pieces that the guy said were for full height backsplashes. He said that was how it was typically done.

However given that I got enough material to do my kitchen counters and bathroom vanity top with some left over in case of breakage in fabrication for $400 I won't complain about the guy being wrong on this assertion.

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It's difficult to see because of all of the stuff on the counter and angle, but the veining in the 3cm Golden River here flows across the counter and up the wall. It's bookmatched. And the backsplash piece actually had to be done in 3 separate pieces so that it could fit under the curve of the hood.

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Ours was the 3cm for both. The backsplash piece came from the same slab as the counter so the veins would flow across the counter then up the wall. We are in the East too.

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Mine is being installed today! I am watching as I read gardenweb and take pictures. :). I bought 4 slabs of 3cm White Macaubas. The slabs used for the islands and waterfalls were left 3cm. The big piece on the rangetop wall was shaved down to 2cm. My granite guy was particularly concerned about supporting the weight of the wall piece which is about 5ft tall by 7ft wide. He recommended shaving the wall piece down to 2cm. We used shorter slab backsplashes in other areas of the house, and he shaved those to 2cm as well.

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My countertop is 3cm soapstone and the backsplash is the same slab cut down to 2cm.

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I've worked with granite companies for the last 25 years here on the west coast. All of it is 3/4". The front edge is cut and rolled over to create the bullnose. This covers the 5/8" plywood sub top.

The granite is fully adhered to the plywood in most cases. The backsplash is glued directly to the drywall and caulked at the edges to the wall or adjoining cabinets. If the material is soapstone or marble it is backed with cloth mat and if needed, steel rods are let into the back.

Some faucet and sink arrangements are tight with a 3/4" backsplash. I can't imagine a large sink, Grohe faucet, and 1 1/4" backsplash working at all.

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klhoush brings up a good point about the thick BS getting in the way of the faucet. In order to fit in a tip out drawer, sink, and faucet with my 3cm BS, I needed to turn the handle of the faucet 45 degrees to the front. At the side, it would not have had room to swing. This varies by faucet, though. You need to check the diagram for the faucet to determine the clearance needed for the handle, and not all faucets can be installed flexibly. The problem can be addressed in other ways, too - you can bump out the sink area, giving more room in back, or you can choose an asymmetrical sink that has a smaller side with more room for the faucet. It's not a big problem, but it should be considered in the planning so it's not a surprise later.

I have heard of fabricators shaving down the granite to 2cm for the BS, as some people have mentioned.

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