Is the price of this granite too much?

goodbyekittyOctober 23, 2013

For a 4'3" bar area, standard depth cabinets, my installer is pricing out a piece of granite at $1,129. Also includes a tile backsplash.

Is this too much?

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Is there a sink cutout? splash? what kid of granite? Edge detail? all of these are variables that impact the price.

In general, small jobs have much higher cost per sq. ft. because the fab shop has to pay the measure guys travel time and the installers travel time and that doesn't change. For a small job like this the travel time might be 35% (or more) of the total hours in the job vs. maybe 15% for a full kitchen at the same location. This is true for cabinets, flooring, painting, countertops, or whatever. Everyone has to pay their workers drive time and fuel.

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It's Absolute Black honed granite. No sink cut out, eased edge.

I might source out the buffet/bar built in because I really don't want granite for the bar area. I wanted metal like pewter or zinc with a smokey glass mirror backsplash. He was very good at avoiding my question when I requested this. I don't think he's done metal countertops before.

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I found AB to be one of the higher priced granites in my area. We eliminated it because of cost. If you really want something else, go for it.

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When I was pricing a small (6' long) piece of granite with a sink cutout I was given a price of $810 if it was a remnant piece of granite and $1907 if they had to cut from a new slab. I was able to get it installed for $43/sq ft (about $550) through Ikea. They normally have a 25 sq ft minimum, but they did my job anyway. These prices are all from a year ago, so I'm sure they'd be higher now.

Considering that the labor to tile isn't cheap and AB isn't cheap, I'd say it isn't that far out of line.

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Seems about right to me.

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Sophie Wheeler

Considering the price of just the slab itself is more than that here without any fabrication ($1300) , you're getting a screaming deal for a super premium stone. Just regular AB would be more than that, and you've got it honed plus the labor for the fabrication. You must be dealing with someone who has a remnant that will work for the size you need. And a tile backsplash to boot? A backsplash that small usually runs in to minimum labor amounts because of the size. $300 is what a good tile guy would charge for a small backsplash where he could fit the work in around a larger job in his schedule.

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Now I'm torn! Holly I just reviewed my last post about my bid. I always imagined a small bar area with a pewter countertop but I hate to pass up a great deal on AB honed granite.

It would look wonderful with a metal backsplash though, right? Something in my gut tells me you're right. Pewter is hugely expensive, I could use either a metal backsplash or smokey, antiquish looking mirror panels. Houzz has several examples that look pretty awesome.

Something to think about....grrrrrr. I think you're right. Lol!

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