Anybody have custom laminate with bevel edge

caryscottOctober 1, 2008

Latest cabinet modification has been an angled cab unit (3 sided with one very narrow side at the front) - looks good but makes the planned postform laminate counters an issue as the postform edge can only be on one side. I had always wanted to do custom laminate as I like the bevel edge but my concern now is that with postform one of the things I was counciled to avoid was the edge styles where the laminate doesn't curl under - apparently it is very easy to catch the laminate and ruin the countertop. The bevel edge is one piece (but the laminate on it does not wrap under because it has a square edge at the bottom) so if you did have a problem you would only have to replace the bevel edge not the whole countertop. Anybody have them and have any thougts or experiences they could share? We could go double bevel but I'm not sure I like the look.

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My previous home had beveled edge laminate with a wood trim on the edge and then laminate on the bottem of the edge (if that makes any sense). 11 years later when we moved out of the home, it looked as good as it did when we moved in. My new home also has beveled edge laminate and we have no issues with it either.

Previous Home:

New Home:


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I have straight edges, not beveled, but I think your concern about ripping the laminate is misplaced. I suppose it could happen, but that would be a rare fabrication problem.

On my straight edges, you can see the white layer but, if all beveled edges look like mom2sethc's, then you're home free.

Try to get a sample of the fabricator's work--especially the beveled edge--and also make sure that your chosen laminate is a constant color with no contrasting layers to peek through.

Good luck!

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abbycat, if the white layer bothers you did you ever try coloring it with a permanent marker? You would need to try this on some scrap laminate, or if there is an inconspicuous place.

Just a thought.

Our new countertops will have a beveled edge. We are getting Wilsonart HD Crystalline Onyx.


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KD perspective: In the 90's just about every top I did was laminate and beveled edge. I, myself, had it in my last home. However, with the price wars between solid surface and granite, prices on these materials have become very competitive. I now RARELY do beveled edge laminate tops because the price jump up to Hi-Macs or Corian just isn't as big anymore. The only time laminate seems to be the better option (price wise) is if you install yourself and get an inexpensive sink. Also, if you plan to live in your home more than 8 years....REALLY consider jumping up to Hi-Macs or similar. It could save you money in the long run.

So anyway, if you decide to get laminate beveled edge, here's my thoughts on it.

-keep water off the front edge. If the bevel "pops", you can't repair it.
-make sure to brush on some water sealant on the underside over the dishwasher. The steam can make it swell.
-If you have any section longer than 60", you will have a seam. Don't put the seams near sinks.
-If you have an island or peninsula, beveled edge top price really goes up!

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I priced out the Wilsonart Deep star with a beveled edge for my kitchen. It was going to be 2600.00. The uba tuba granite is 3500.00. It is a no-brainer for me. Realize what kompy said is true. Granite and SS tops with a normal edge isn't that much more expensive in the short term than laminate with a special edge. Over the long term, the SS or granite might be less expensive. Look around and get all estimates in writing, especially cutouts and edge details. G

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I had a beveled edge in my kitchen before our remodel. The laminate was dark green but the beveled edge was white! It was awful, I hated it. I guess if it were all one piece (and definitely all one color) it might be okay but the white part chipped on mine, mostly at the breakfast bar area where my 3 kids sat. My house was not quite 6 years old when we started the remodel. We also replaced our laminate with ubatuba.

good luck!

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Thanks everyone. I can do a premium edge postform in the laminate we have chosen: Formica's Iron Rust (6204) in a Riverwash finish (very nice with highs and lows but an overall matte appearance) for $850 installed. I don't have a price for custom but I am thinking around $1500 (delusional?) and my lowest solid surface quote is $2700 for Meganite (the less expensive solid surface according to what I had read) and I would be lucky to see it before January. So I think we will stick with laminate. I pushed for granite at the beginning but my Mom (it's her kitchen) doesn't want it and to be candid I am really over it now. It is beautiful but it feels very done - maybe I'm over saturated. I haven't seen 40 kitchens with this particular laminate or even something similar which is why it feels fresh even if it is cheap. Having said that I may re-think the bevel. The postform edge I had picked was just new and I really liked it - maybe it would be Ok on the angled cab. I'm going to see if we have a fabricator who works with Gem-Lock in our area - maybe that's the answer.

Elaine it looks great and I have seen them done badly. I visited a local fabricator who is doing them with the Wilsonart ones only and the samples look like yours I am trying to get them to use Keuhn as a supplier so they can access the bevel edges for the other companies (including Formica) but I'm not hopeful.

Thanks again everybody, not likely to resolve itself too soon as final cab order isn't done yet but I'll keep you posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Formica Riverwash Collection

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$850 installed is a really good price for installed tops. From memory (like I said, haven't quoted laminate in awhile)....If a postform (rolled) edge top was $800 (not installed), then beveled edge was usually about double that. So, $1600 (not installed). And solid surface would be about $2700 INSTALLED with SINK. Just thinking off the top of my head. If I get time later, I'll price out a top and repost some exact figures. How many linear feet did you have? Any extra labor charges, like a mitre cut, end caps, splashes?

Keep in mind, you still have to get a sink with laminate...anymore, the solid surfaces all offer free seamed-in sinks. If you go with a $300-$400 sink, that closes the gap even more.

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My laminate is Wilsonarte Premium HD in Ebony Star. I love it. My home is a new build and the laminate w/ beveled edge did not have any type of upcharge, it was the standard for our build. We did upgrade our island with Corian, to the tune of $1000. I would have paid several more thousand in order to do the peninsula in Corian as well.


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Hey Kompy!

Thanks for all that.I was just saying in another thread how the budget\money part of this process really stresses me out and it isn't even my money - I don't know how KD's do it I think it not being your money makes it worse.

I got another just postlam quote back yesterday and it was 2-3 hundred higher. This process is really roller coaster last week I was thinking we haven't spent a lot of the contingency maybe we could upgrade the countertop, this week a couple of real estimates come in for other things and we are on the budget precipice. The $850 includes the corner mitre (yes it is by the sink - I know), 3 end caps (both sides of the stove and the cab that is now the angle cab and I have not gone back to discuss the angle cab with them but I am prepared to see the cost jump about $150 because of the required material to get the postlam edge over the door - it is going to involve a lot of waste), No integral splash - hate them.

I like this company, HD's in our area have a contract with another company and they are having problems so a few of the Depot's are steering customers to these guys. They only work with postlam - they did a couple of episodes of Design U (do you get that on HGTV in the US?) with this company doing the countertops. A bit more than 15 linear feet but angled cab despite being only 12 inches over the door will probaly require at least an additional 2 feet, so I would say a minimum of 18. Fridge is currently in one corner of the L but is being moved another wall - we may only be able to cover it in postlam but my Mom is excited about the new large expanse of countertop (she will have nearly 80 inches of uninterupted countertop on one side of the L).

Sink is a double deckless drop in brushed all over that is $304 regular and $260 at the plumbing supply place. Novanni distributes Elkay in Canada and just below Elkay the have a line called Novanni Elite which this sink is from. It's for higher end builders and manufactured in Canada. If you can't do a drop-in then I say go deckless.

This is the Geneva edge I like, way more than you should ever like a postform edge:

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Kompy, and anybody else who wants to weigh in,

One issue is we are doing the backsplash in a nice 1x1 ceramic mosaic called "Colour Fusion" in Beige (it is sealed and we went for the fancy grout). Because all the cabs in the L are set in we are just doing between the uppers and the countertop all the way across - no sidesplash. Ding, ding, ding I doubt the walls are plumb so I am worried about the sides and what to do to cover the gaps if we need to. I'm not a big fan of square cut laminate for a set on side splash so we were thinking of maybe 2 inch high wood moulding painted the same colour as the walls it would be against. Thoughts? One of the side splash areas is where the mitre will be so I think we will need something. I could introduce a new material but what and I really like the idea of restricting the tile to being between the walls and not being brought around. I was thinking brushed metal maybe - faucet is brushed nickel and hardware is brushed chrome - they look OK together I checked them. Could you do that cheap? Cheap will be key in what we decide to do. I could order extra fillers for cabs - don't judge us -but doors are thermo in a matte Antique White (Shaker not raised panel) so a roll of edgebanding is a standard accessory and then do a set on edge with that. Colour of cabs is definitely in the tile which the sidesplash will butt up agsainst at the back. Walls are a similar rust to the colour in the laminate.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, I am prepping a post with some pics of the elements for the room but it hasn't got done as of yet.

Here is a shot of the where the side of the L meet:

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So, I did some quick pricing. I hope I didn't goof up...that would be embarassing. :-)

18' Linear Feet (I assume a 6' slab and and a 12' slab)
Mitre Corner, 3 end caps, 1 cutout, field measure
$450-$550 (depends on the slab)
$300 Ballpark sink price
$450 Ballpark installation (no plumbing)

18' Linear Feet
3 end caps, 1 cutout, field measure
$300 Ballpark sink price
$400 Ballpark installation (no plumbing)

Price for Corian (Magnificent Seven Colors Only)
35.5 Square Feet
Free seamed in sink
Field measure, deliver and install
CORIAN TOPS $1847 to $1921

Rolled $1200-1300 Installed w/ sink
Beveled $1592 Installed w/ sink
Corian $1847 to $1921 Installed w/ sink

This is why I rarely sell laminate anymore. Unless someone gets rolled edge and DIY---price difference isn't so great anymore. At least in my market. The longevity of a Corian top is much better than laminate. It's a no brainer.

I'm surprised your solid surface was so much more. Must be the markup in your market.


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While I'm at it.....
Entry level granite would be about $2435 - $2600 installed w/ free SS undermount.

Lower priced Quartz would be about $2879 installed w/ free SS undermount.

Cambria would be $3280 installed w/ free SS undermount.

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