24 or 30 " island/peninsula? Does stuff fall off the side?

deedlesOctober 6, 2012

Just wondering if any of you that have islands or peninsulas that are 24 or 30" wide have any problem with stuff falling off the opposite side from where you are working? Does anyone wish they had a short backsplash to stop this. For some reason I'm picturing chopping veggies and having carrots rolling off the prep peninsula?

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LOL, for some reason this question has me giggling. I have never had a problem with things falling off. Certainly not any more than could fall off the front edge when I am in front of the backsplashed area. Both of my peninsulas are not very long, more or less about 6 feet from the wall, which is 2 feet of corner wall cabinet and 4 feet of peninsula. The one at home is only 24" wide, so 27" including counter overhang. The one at the beach has a bar overhang on one side, so is about 40" wide.

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Great....something else for me to worry about in the peninsula/island dilemma?? Hmm...but it would happen as easily with an island, wouldn't it. I guess I'll still be chopping at the perimeter sink, place my partner at the peninsula seating to act as goalie or become a very neat chopper. Because I can totally see this happening to me now that you bring it up. LOL

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My island is small - 24" x 48" - and I don't have any problems with it. Where I do most of my vegie chopping is on my butcher block which is 24" x 24" x 12" - no issues there either.

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Sophie Wheeler

In a previous kitchen, I had a 26" peninsula (24" cabinet plus 1" overhangs on either side.) and yes, stuff was always falling off into the cat's water bowls that were on the other side. But, this was also a function of the peninsula location and traffic flow as well as it's narrowness. It was the first horizontal surface that you came to when entering the kitchen from the garage or side doors, and thus it became a big dumping ground for everything. Sadly, it was also the best spot for prep, so your cutting board was always fighting with the mail, or the pocketfull of screws or change, or any number of things that need to be set down for "just a minute". The peninsula was set back from the traffic pattern just enough to have the cat food and water bowls on the other side, and we were always fishing stuff out of them.

As long as you have a junk flow management system in place for mail, backpacks, briefcases, pocket change and other crap that will want to occupy some horizontal surface just inside the family entrance, then you will probably be OK with the space as a pure prep zone. If you don't have a mud area, or other area designated as the dump zone, then you too may have a problem.

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Good point, Hollysprings. This would be about the first accessible surface as you come into the kitchen. I'll have to make sure the entry has a place to catch this kind of stuff before it gets into the kitchen. Thanks for that insight.

Sounds like the rest didn't have too much of a problem with the food prep part per se.

We are terrible at laying stuff down to get at 'later', so I'll definitely factor this in to the planning. Thanks again!

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