Flaws in Black Pearl Granite Counters

kayaem00October 8, 2013

Hi all. I recently had my kitchen updated with Black Pearl Granite countertops. It has not been pleasant and my stomach is in knots. They came and installed at 3:00 pm last week and left at 8:00 pm saying the job was finished. The seam at the sink was crooked; and side counter seam did not meet up/level (installer said the slab was warped-so sorry!) and the main show piece, the island counter has a huge blotch in it that looks sort of like a horse; on closer inspection it appears to be in the actual stone but does not look good as there is no pattern anywhere else in the black pearl. They also wanted the rest of their money before they left. I said no, that I would bring it to the shop the next morning. So, the next morning I called the owner and asked him to come by and look at the job. He had the installer (who was quite angry that he got called back) fix the seam at the sink so now it looks fine. He said too bad about the blotch - I said it was not acceptable because I have a slide in stove cutout and why didn't he cut the blotch part out as the stove cutout? He had no comment. BTW, he picked out the two slabs as we didn't know any better. The side counter he made the guy go at it again. The installer (not owner) came back later and tried to fix the seam to match again and said again that the slab of granite was warped and in 11 years he had never seen that. He then left a clamp on the granite, not glued and seam not level, several wood wedges, drawer stuck half open because of the wood wedges and left last Thursday afternoon. It is now Tuesday morning so we haven't heard from them in five days. I still owe him half the price. I want either two new slabs and them to start over or call it finished and my bill paid in full and I'll get someone else to fix it or give me back my deposit and remove the granite. Do you think I'm being unreasonable? Has anyone had this before and had it resolved successfully? Do I have any rights here? I'm worried that if we get into an argument they can put a lien on my house and ...and...I am just sick about this!!

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"call it finished and my bill paid in full and I'll get someone else to fix it", you are just kidding, aren't you?

You got bad slabs and poor workmanship. If I were you, I would tell them to remove everything, and get your money back.

How did you find this company?

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Here is a picture of the blotch in the main island.

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Here is a picture of the seam - where the slab is supposedly warped. They just left the job and left it like this with a clamp wedging the slap up to my kitchen cabinet.

PS: In answer to someone else, they did an excellent job in my bathroom (4 years ago) and in my parent's kitchen (2 years ago). I have since found out that the partner left and all the employees are brand new!!

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Does that partner who left have a new granite business? If so call them to get a pro opinion.

They apparently have no idea what they are doing. Pretty sure granite doesn't warp.

Tell them to take it all back and get a full refund.

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I"m sorry to hear this happened. I think you did the right thing not to give them the final payment. I agree w/ azmom, call them to come get their slabs & return your $. If they don't agree to that, I'd take them to small claims court. As long as you've tried to resolve this but they aren't cooperating, then I can't imagine the courts not siding w/ you. Document everything you do, every conversation you have. Good luck!

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UPDATE: I called the granite company owner yesterday after posting this message. I told him that I was so unhappy I wanted him to come back, remove his granite and give me my deposit back. He said he was driving and he would call me back when he got to the shop. Well that didn't happen. However, I received a voice mail from his secretary this afternoon who said they were ordering a new piece of black pearl granite for the "L" counter (the warped piece of granite). I called my son, who knows the owner (and who originally called him to start this project) and told him that I just couldn't deal with this guy or his installer anymore. He still wasn't addressing the island. My son called the owner and told him that you could see the blotch in the island from everywhere and it wouldn't matter if he took $1,000 off his price, I did not want that piece for my island. My son said the blotch looks like a giraffe! LOL! So they discussed it and the owner agreed to :
1. use the new piece of granite for my island (which he will call me to come over and inspect it and where the cuts will be)
2. take part of the old island and make a complete "L" cut on the "L" shaped side counter
3. adjust the warped piece by cutting it back so the seam will be more towards the centre of the counter instead of farther towards the back wall - which I can live with as it is a side counter; as long as the seams match to my satisfaction.
4. my son told him I did not want the one installer back in my house again as I was sick and tired of listening to him whine and complain about how there was no way to fix it and that I should just accept that because he didn't want to get yelled at for bad seams!! So my son asked for the owner or someone else to come out - owner agreed and said he had other complaints about the installer but that he was screwed because he cannot find anyone who is willing to train and work with granite.
My son figures he is having a hard time staying in business right now. But, if he is able to fix everything to my satisfaction, then I will be very happy!! Thanks for your comments, I'll keep you posted!

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How nice that your son came to the rescue! I hope everything works out for you.

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That sounds wonderful!

Can I have your son talk to my granite place? lol

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So glad they are going to make it for you. It drives you crazy, doesn't it!?

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