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luckymomOctober 25, 2012

Don't know how many of you remember my post last month, but we had a leak- so this "remodel" wasn't planned and needed to be done ASAP. Didn't need a new layout, sort of just an update.

Nothing- and I do mean NOTHING has gone smoothly and now, 6 weeks into this mess, I want to give up and cry. Worst has been the granite. We searched and searched for a single slab to cover 133" with no seam that wasn't gold, brown, beige or black. Had to be reasonable price (up to level 3). Found ONE. Template done, went and did the layout just to be sure. Install was Monday. Fabricator cut a 6" radius instead of a 3. I now have a corner of the cabinet that holds the microwave drawer (and opens into the rest of the great room) exposed. Cabinet can't be cut. Granite can't be added on to. There's nothing anyone can come up with that will look right except find another piece. My fabrication company is wonderful- they're willing to do what's needed, but we still have to find another piece... Did I metion this now puts my flooring and backsplash on hold again? The best purchase I made was a clearance thick area rug to put in the kitchen during this whole mess.

Sink cabinet was ruined in the leak. Odd size, had to be custom made. The doors were moved 1/2" over to build up an edge for the new granite over the dishwasher. Wanted to move the trash can under the sink in a pull out door- Now the door won't clear the handle on the warming door of the stove and I tried for 3 hours yesterday to get the actual spec's for the handle before I let DH take it totally apart (Upper handle sticks out 2" lower is 3"- I was hoping we could swap them or replace the lower with a "new" upper handle). Nobody can find anything- GE, local parts dept, web. I'm ready to scream.

Ordered a Kobe range hood. We didn't remember what the opening was (got rid of the old one years ago and just had OTR Advantium). Ordered one that could go 4 different ways to cover all bases. One minor issue they didn't mention- you have to cut out nearly the ENTIRE bottom of the cabinet to fit all those sizes you don't need. Would have left a 3" wide base in the front to hold up the 40 lb hood. Needless to say we ended up putting 2 filler pieces on the sides and now need to put a filler in front to cover those fillers.

Foud out the Miele DW I got on clearance- "last years model" that I had to buy a front panel for (Saved $500 off original price, had to pay $300 for the front & kickplate)- was actually 4 years old AND originally had a front on it. That went back yesterday. The Diamond series with the fancy lights should be here next week. And they matched the price I would have paid thru AJMadison with no sales tax. At least that seems to be under control- we'll see.

And DH wonders why I'm ready to scream. At least I currently can cook again and have a sink. Gotta be happy for the minor victories at this point. I've gotten the carpet replaced (leak spread to the back bedroom) in 2 of 3 bedrooms - last b/r carpet will be done the 6th, hopefully. And I'm getting rid of tons of "stuff"- kids things left behind that they don't want (youngest is 30)- all that accumuation from living in the same place over 20 years.

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Oh gosh, lucky. What a roller coaster ride. I don't blame you for feeling like giving up. From an outsider's perspective though, you've been 100% successful on the trickiest parts of the process - making yourself heard, and picking good people to work with who will fix their mistakes and make things right. Still it's hard enough making a choice, let alone re-making that choice because things did not go well. Persevere. At some point things will be completed and beautiful, and everything will work. The road between where you are now, and that happy place seems long, but you've been down parts of it before.

I moved in to the house I grew up in about a month ago intending to spruce things up a bit and redo the kitchen. I am instead re-grading the foundation plantings, pulling out the basement paneling, and throwing out years of my family's accumulated possessions which is really, really hard, and buying a new dryer (who cares about dryers - I wanted to spend my money on a range). The kitchen, otherwise known as paint and stain central, looks like something exploded in it. I'm struggling to carve out one room in the house that is dust and debris free and freshly painted so I can unpack and find my shoes. And I miss my parents so much, I've already cried once today.

So you see, you're not alone. As the Greeks say, "each person with his own pain," meaning the details might be different, but we all go through it. It will pass. And on that note, check out the video at the link below that will surely make you smile and give you a little boost. Best of luck moving forward!

Here is a link that might be useful: This too shall pass

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I know just how you feel. Our project this time has been a nightmare and it's not over yet.

Having said that our kitchen is now up and working and despite a seemingly endless laundry list of things still to be done in the house, it mostly feels manageable at this point. At least I don't have that awful, overwhelmed feeling of being unable to handle it any more.

Things WILL get done and they WILL get better. Just have a good cry every now and then (LOL) and keep on going. You'll get there and look back on this one day and laugh. Just not quite yet. ; )

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Hang in there luckymom. At least your fabricator is willing to work with you. Their mistake, their problem to find a suitable piece, IMO.

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Luckymom, I know how you feel. I was there too. You will eventually get to the point where you don't expect too much to get done anytime soon and just rest in the knowledge that it will eventually be done.
My kitchen remodel started because of a leak in our kitchen. That was in January. It is now October and we have only had a functioning kitchen for about 1 month now. (Much of our delay was figuring out if we were just leaving the layout as is or changing it. We did a significant change.)
We also had to put new floors and ceilings in a bedroom, family room, dining room and living room. It was overwhelming and I was literally crying at times. Just know you will get through it and it will get done. There are things that didn't go the way I hoped but now that I'm living with them I don't even notice them. I found it helped to take several days or a week break from anything relating to remodeling just for the rest.

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I spoke with the fabricator again today- their whole "we'll fix it no matter what" has changed. The installor/template guy told owner we never said anything about the cabinet going in for the microwave. I asked her why I'd add an extra 1.5 inches to a 24" peninsula if I wasn't planning on a 24" cabinet. That's the whole reason for the extra on the edge! If he wants to play that game- how about the fact I told him I didn't want ANY rounded corner and HE insisted. On the template he showed me a tiny little edge coming off- more like bumping off the point. When we went in to do the layout we questioned the lady about the radius- she said it was like their edges. Almost squared, just the point off.

Needless to say I am pissed beyond belief. DH has to take tomorrow off to go the hour drive over there again and see what can be done. I've got a friend who's an engineer coming by to see what he thinks we can do. I'm ready to call Discover and put a stop on the payment. Should I?

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No better way to get their attention than to dispute the charge. I continue to be amazed at the ineptness and lack of pride in workmanship that we all experience in varying degrees. Good luck.

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And I'm getting rid of tons of "stuff"- kids things left behind that they don't want (youngest is 30)- all that accumuation from living in the same place over 20 years.

Made me laugh, luckymom! I finally started packaging up all the "left behinds" and sending them off to the kids: baseball cards, school play programs, old school work, you name it. That mostly worked out well except for when an old girlfriend's photo showed up when the new girlfriend was there. Oops. One way or another, it's not here anymore, which makes our house so much more liveable. I'm sorry you ended up de-cluttering under those circumstances, but still, it's a good thing.

And, yeah, I'd dispute the charge until you come to a resolution.

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They're sending a caninet maker to check it out, rebuild the microwave drawer cabinet & reinforce it. Promising a guarantee that it won't destroy the integrity of the cabinet. I don't know how they'll accomplish that (the cabinet was built to Sharp's spec for the MW drawer), but it's better than any other fix any of us come up with.

I think they'd replace the granite if they could find another piece, but the size is an issue and the color would be hard to match. Ours has a lot more grey than most of the paradisio, plus it seems that in FL everyone wants beige/brown/gold- we only saw about 3-4 slabs were were even interested in and I really don't want to go thru that again.

On the bright side, I think the carpet for our bedroom is in a week early....guess what I get to clean out this weekend? That 20 year old walk in closet is in for a BIG ole dumpster size cleanout (bye-bye high heels-so long boots- I live in FL, what was I thinking?)- not to mention DH will be clearing out all those clothes he hasn't worn in 10 years.

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I spent a lot of time looking online, I know has slab sizes listed as well as, both are places that could supply slabs to your fabricator. I haven't figured out the trick to search by size, it doesn't seem to work right.

I hope they fix things. Seems like an odd mistake. Do you have anything in writing about corners, cabinets, etc that may help?

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There wasn't anything on the paperwork about the corner radius- and when we asked the girl checked with the fabricator, it was listed on the template. Funny thing was what I was shown was a 3" radius vs what it is are totally different (sorry I hated geometry now!). I even had her show me in the office on their granite (she didn't know either)- found out Friday theirs is like a 1" or less. Sadly, what's done is done. I don't like the bigger radius, but I can live with it-if they can fix the cabinet.

Problem was caused by the templater not taking into account that the rear of the (new) cabinet would be flush with the other cabinets coming off the wall. It should have had a flush edge all the way along the back (which is why I wanted a barely bumped corner). He templated for just a plain bar, even though we told him we were adding a 24" cabinet at some point and wanted the granite built to accomidate it. Price of braces plus extra work/labor/time to hold up the extra 24+" of granite made it easier & cheaper to get the cabinet made and installed. I'm glad we did, I'd have really been upset if I'd done it a couple months down the line and the granite was wrong.

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gosh luckymom I'm sorry for all your troubles, but at least things are happening. Our water leak was 7 weeks ago and we haven't even started on remodel! grrrr

we are still looking at contractors and estimates and fighting with insurance. I think we are about to settle with a certain contractor soon tho. but they haven't even started demo yet because granite has to be removed first thing. There is a chance our granite will break on removal and if it does, new granite will be covered. Problem is, the granite installers (who are asking $2600 to remove/store/polish/reinstall) are saying that they won't be responsible if it doesn't fit the new cabinets the same. I don't want to have to look at a poor seam or a gap forever, so I tell the insurance that if I'm not happy wih reinstall job, that we should start over. The insurance is saying they are not responsible for the workmanship of my contractors. So...I could be left holding the bag on the granite. I guess when they come to remove it, I'll tell them to go outside and have a drink or something, while I take a sledge hammer to it.
AND the GC says it "should" fit ok on the new cabinets. Well my toilet "should" have never overflowed but it did!

we just have to keep telling ourselves that when its all over, it will be so nice to have all this new stuff. in the mean helps :)

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Mountaingirl- 7 weeks! I'd be going crazy. I was so mad at the idiot I had for an adjuster, the prices he came up with for stuff- let's just say if I could find things at HIS price, I'd scoop them up, resell them and make a small fortune!

I was even told they (insurance) wouldn't cover the price of the new dishwasher since it was the restoration company that broke it. WRONG. It should be covered under a continuation of damages clause- if the leak hadn't happened, the dishwasher wouldn't have gotten broken. I'm at the point I don't care who pays for what- I just want my house back. Plus the actual "claim" agent never answers his phone and it takes an act of God for him to call back. I really feel for those that are going to be dealing with insurance after this Hurricane Sandy mess.

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