Finished Kitchen - 20 pounds of sand in a 10 pound bucket

mamadadapaigeOctober 29, 2012


Not sure if you remember last spring when I was working on the layout of my kitchen... super long list of stuff I had to get in there and a very challenging floorplan with a chimney and two staircases to work around.

You were all so helpful during that time and more recently too with lighting decisions.

My number one priority was seating for four and also being able to have the kids work with me - the peninsula allows both of those and it is working out SO well. I also love having so much more natural light coming in with two new windows (although the windows mean less wall cabinet space but I love having the light so I would still opt for this).

Here are some before pictures:

And After Pictures

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Your kitchen is fantastic. The finishes are wonderful. The space is so workable. I love the painting and the way you picked up the color. I have never been brave enough to chose wall paper and you have chosen so well.

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It really came out so incredibly lovely. I can't believe it is even the same space. I love the touch of the green stools. I think the island light ended up being perfect- and how different from your original choice. I love the backsplash treatment, is it wide boards or a board like tile?, and the elegant simplicity of the hood.
You have mastered editing to perfection. The kitchen shines.

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Aaaaaaamazing! I'm still taking it in, but I look forward to hearing more details!

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What a transformation. I'll bet you have a huge smile on your face every morning when you walk into that beautiful room. The painting is perfect - I love how the stools play off the color of her blouse.

What did you install on the non-papered walls?

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Here is a view of the wall cabinets - clean up sink and the new 8' tall door.

and here is a view of the remote control TV lift I hid behind one of the wall cabinets - as a consequence this cabinet is deep enough for glasses mugs small plates, but not bigger plates.

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Stunning. Wow. I'm speechless. So artfully designed, I love all the colors, textures, wallpaper, light.... in addition to the kitchen things.

The doors -- I love the barn door as well as (what appears to be) the pocket door. And all the white (especially those planked walls -- wow!) with that dark floor and green chairs. It's just a stunningly beautiful result. Nice, nice job. Congratulations and enjoy.

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mamadapaige, what a spectacular transformation! Can I hire you to design my kitchen, please? I love everything you did. Can you tell me the name/brand of the cleanup kitchen faucet? I have been searching everywhere for one like that!! Do you like it?

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thanks so much everyone!

the wall boards are 1/4" plywood that the guys ripped down from a large sheet. They used a spacer like you would with tile when they put it up.

soibean, the faucet is by Rubinet. I am very happy with it. My tastes run to modern but my house is older (built in 1859) so I put a few modern things in here and there but didn't feel I could go too far with it. My plumber liked the faucet too - said it was easy to install, etc. Linking to the faucet below. Mine is the Matthew Quinn

Here is a link that might be useful: Rubinet

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This is an amazing difference! It's difficult to even imagine the layout of your "before" kitchen when I see your new kitchen.

Could you please give us some of the details? You did a fabulous job!! Congratulations!

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Thanks, mamadapaige. A couple more questions - is the water flow aerated? Does it splash? I have read complaints about these types of modern faucets, but I am in love with the look. I worry that I'm putting form before function.

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Oh many beautiful features and the function is just perfectly simple yet fits your home so wonderfully. I love the wall paper and the hallway/butler's pantry is the best ! I could look and look and will :) c

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Wow, looks great! Very functional, but nice fun touches too. That wallpaper looks pretty bold, but blends in beautifully.

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Very distinct kitchen and Miele washer dryer - good choice!

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Sherrie Moore

Love it! Great design details!!

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Stunning! Bravo!

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It's just I can't find any other words. Every inch is so well thought out and gorgeous. I love the look.

Well done! Wishing you many happy times cooking in that beauty of a kitchen!


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What a beautiful kitchen,love the layout, counter tops, art, plank walls, wallpaper, stools, etc etc. Can you see I love everything.
About the plank wall after the spacing did you just paint or caulk.
What are the countertops?
Do you still have the laundry room?

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soibean - you can hire her, she is a kitchen designer :)

mamadadapaige - Hard to reconcile the before pictures, it looks so fantastic now. Actually, having had the pleasure of seeing this on the recent kitchen tour, I have to add that the pictures don't do it justice... fabulous, clean, crisp, so light and airy. Also - I'd make the trip again just to spend more time looking at your pantry.

Good luck with the hurricane! Give us a weather report / post pictures if you make your way down to the water.

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Gorgeous!!!! I wasn't able to do the kitchen tour because of a birthday party but I need to get over there and see this in person!

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WOW. Really incredible kitchen. I love the calmness of the space. Great job!!

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Add it to my list of favorite kitchens. sigh.

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Wow! This needs to be on Houzz, if it's not already. I love everything about it!!

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One of those masterpiece kitchens that creates a whole look in which every piece and finish contribute. I am not usually a wallpaper fan, but the pantry choice is just perfect, and I love that animal print one in the kitchen, mostly because I think my girls would enjoy it so much. Also, because I like what it does for your room. I would've never guessed that was plywood on the walls! Cool. It looks GREAT.

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What a gorgeous and inviting space! You did an amazing job of balancing the old and the modern. Nothing jars or seems out of place, but there's plenty of modern and sleek. I really love the legs on the island, the hardware and faucets, the subtle splash of the unexpected wallpapers. So much to look at! Will you be posting details, pant pant?

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oh wow, and you had so many challenges-love the feel ,besides dealing with the issues of the space. Your patience gave back to you handsomely.

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It's wonderful. It looks like it was 100 years in the making and will be working for 100 more. Very nice balance of old and new.

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This is so beautiful and striking. I really love it. I followed your layout posts closely even though my kitchen and budget are much smaller, it's really amazing to see how someone manages a complicated space - with such a fantastic result. I have a small, problematic space with an adjacent laundry area, and would love to see how you managed to incorporate this so discretely. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful room!

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I am so in love with this kitchen. The befores and after leave me speechless. As others have mentioned, it is such a great blend of traditional and modern. Those walls are TDF and so are the floors, counters, cabinets, tall/skinny fridge, etc, etc, etc.

Are you going to post a material/shopping list? Please?

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I am so in love with this kitchen. The befores and after leave me speechless. As others have mentioned, it is such a great blend of traditional and modern. Those walls are TDF and so are the floors, counters, cabinets, tall/skinny fridge, etc, etc, etc.

Are you going to post a material/shopping list? Please?

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Wow! Your kitchen is beautiful, but that Butler's Pantry - perfection, just stunning. Congratulations.

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Thank you so much everyone -- your comments are so nice to hear! the project went along pretty smoothly so no real horror stories to share but it did drag on and I am so glad to be able to cook again in a real kitchen. My temporary kitchen worked well but it does get old.

oldbat2be: have been losing power on and off already. had planned to catch up on laundry and do a bunch of cooking today so I might have to come up with plan b. it was really nice to meet you and dh at the tour!

smaloney: my washer and dryer that I already own can't be stacked so I put it in the basement. Behind that animal wallpapered wall is a chimney and behind that is an alcove plumbed for a stackable washer and dryer. This little room is only about 4' wide (not including the depth of the w/d) by 8' long and has pocket doors. When the w/d goes that I already have I will get the stackable and put it in there but I didn't want to go to that expense right now and I don't really mind going down to the basement.

lyban, the plank walls were glued on then brad nailed on. The painter had said next time it would have saved a lot of effort to prime the edges of the boards first because they were soaking up a lot of paint. He filled in all the nail holes - he did a wonderful job ... if anyone local wants his contact info, I'd be happy to share. he was also reasonably priced.

chris, come by anytime!

steph2000: I'd be happy to share. here goes:

appliances: 30" subzero built-in -- butler's pantry has subzero drawers - combo fridge/freezer. They are on the right side below the frosted glass doors. The left side are false panels hiding the headspace in the stairwell. here's a pic that shows it a little better:

cooking: wolf 48" dual fuel range, wolf convection steam oven and wolf microwave drawer.

dishwasher: Asko - i haven't got used to the racks in this yet. i prefer the racks in my Miele but otherwise the asko is doing a great job of getting the dishes clean and it is very quiet

faucets: Matthew Quinn collection for Rubinet

sinks: clean up / Dawn -- prep / Ticor

hardware: butler's pantry: restoration hardware / kitchen: DuVerre

cabinets and walnut countertops in butler's pantry: Pennville custom cabinetry

countertops: from Cumar in Everett... just an ordinary white marble with no fancy pedigree but reasonably priced and on the "quiet" side which is what I wanted. Cost=$73 sq. ft. installed all in.

island legs: Enkeboll (got through cabinet company)

stools: crate and barrel

wallpaper in butler's pantry: Harlequin -Silhouette Boutique. Wallpaper in Kitchen: Thibaut - can't remember the name

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As I pull down cabinets to replace them with my reuse, better cabinets during Sandy.


Your pics give me encouragement for my dreaming.

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Love love love it!

Can you please post more about your barn door?
- do you have moldings around the door frame?
- what hinges/hardware on the bottom to prevent swinging/scraping of the door?
- how does it look from the other side?
- any tips with barn door hardware? Where did you get yours?

I'm at the barndoor phase. GC is asking all sorts of questions and I don't have the answers.

Appreciate any help,

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Great kitchen. I love that you used zebra print on the walls (I still fondly remember the animal print Design Around this--but I didn't expect to see something similar in real life). Love how the green chairs give vibrancy to the space. You did a great job of giving the space a modern feel while still being true to the house.

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I had to scroll back and forth several times just to see if it really was the same space. It's wonderful! Beyond wonderful, it's magnificent! I love the remote control tv and the way you reconfigured the laundry space and still managed to get in a good sized peninsula. Well done!

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mama, can you refresh my memory...where are you?


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What a beautiful spot. It looks so functional and then pretty as well. Just gorgeous.

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Loved your last kitchen but this one is even better! So much more individuality and personality! Congratulations! All of your hard work planning the layout has really paid off. It really confirms how important it is to plan carefully as you have done. The space seems perfect -- as though it was always meant to be exactly as it is now.

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I love it. My favorite thing by far is the wood slat wall. Wonderful space!

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Now that is one NICE kitchen! Well Done!!

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WOW! Just fabulous! I love everything you've done. I love how you put it all together! Modern, farmhouse, just love it! Enjoy!!

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thank you all again! sayde, i know you aren't on GW all the time so glad you saw this and like it! you were very helpful to me in many ways including moral support. thanks!

bee, I am north of Boston - there seem to be a few of us up here including chris11895, oldbat2be, boxerpups and more I'm sure. If you're ever in the area, please come by.

Amanda, Re: the barndoor. My contractors routed out a channel in the bottom of the door and then recessed and screwed a mounting plate with a bracket that keeps the door from rocking back and forth or scraping. I will post a picture - the picture shows the bracket with the door all the way open. They did trim out the opening - I had them make the top trim on the other doors and windows about 1/4" deeper to make it stand out but on this particular door that would have worked against us so the top piece is only a smidge deeper. Even still with the way the hardware mounts to the door, there was a gap such that you could see into the basement stairwell. My carpenters added a piece of wood along the back of the door so that it makes the door thicker along the edge so there isn't a gap. I will show a picture of this as well... if you look closely you can see the line where the door ends and the applied bit of wood begins.

The hardware came from the barndoor hardware company. I have the standard flat track. it comes in 2' incremental lengths and your contractors cuts it down on site. I think I could a 6' track and they cut a bit off. The door glides like silk. I am very happy with the functionality of it and most especially since it allowed seating at the peninsula without a door opening and closing behind you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barn Door

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and the picture of the top of the barn door

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Ooooh, mamadadapaige, I am west of Boston. Maybe I can hire you after all! I know I'm going to need help with paint colors, floors, and backsplash and I just love everything you did. Can I ask if you got your faucet locally?


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You have created something very special, it is stunning. Congrats on a breathtaking kitchen. Gorgeous.

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Oh me oh my...I think I just died! On the words.

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Ok..I'm back. This kitchen is so impeccable and As soon as I saw it I melted. It is soooo my style. This is a dream kitchen. I am building and will be done by January. I hope mine turns out this well.

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wow, so beautiful! your wallpaper and lighting really take your space to the next level! love it!

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Wow, wow, wow! I really liked the eccentricities of the space you had to work with and knew I'd like a kitchen there, but I had no idea this is what you'd do. I love your layout, and I love your style. Marvelous. Happy living. :)

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Oh wow, you must be so thrilled. It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and so functional too. Love that island, the countertops, the ingeniousness of your tv lift, the lovely butler pantry cabs, and so much more. Just beautiful. Congratulations!!

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Phenomenal transformation - stunning, marvelous. A great example of how working within constraints can produce more amazing results than designing a space from scratch!

I'm not a wallpaper fan, but the two you picked are wonderful in personalizing the space.

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Not one single thing in this kitchen is "my style", but seeing it all together, I love it!

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Beautiful and every other comment made by prior posters. I have to know about the artwork! It is breathtaking. Please tell me about the pieces.

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It is almost impossible to look at your before pictures and your after pictures and figure out how the before became the after! I love how unique and full of character your rooms are, even down to the artwork. Does the artwork have a story? Everything looks so comfortable and perfect. I hope you make many happy memories in your new spaces!

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Oh, it just turned out so beautifully! I feel like it is just so right, just the way it is, and thinking back to your layout questions and the back and forth on to best use the space, I am thrilled with your results. Can only imagine that you are even more thrilled :)
I hope to begin my own project soon here, so please feel free to tune in as I go through the same process.
Your choices are really lovely, and so functional too! Just the right combination of classic, with those modern twists to remind us that this is a 2012 kitchen. I just love it!!!

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Wow, it is beautiful! I love the pops of color and the unexpected painting. Love the barn door, wish I had a spot for that in my house. It really is a neat space, modern with a traditional twists. Enjoy your new space!!

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WOW what a cool, Cool, COOL funky functional kitchen! I love it all. Can't believe it's the same space as those before shots!
I didn't discover this kitchen until the lighting discussion and your over peninsula fixture is perfect. So glad you decided to let that one fixture take center stage without pendants above the windows.
The zebra paper and lime chairs add so much to the space. I love the color raspberry and want it somewhere in my kitchen and I'm feeling very inspired by those chairs!
Thanks for sharing.
Oh yeah, can you please tell me about your beautiful floors, what type of wood and what color stain? Also how high are your ceilings? Thanks.

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I'm glad you're happy with it. It's a universe away from that starting point.

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okay- are you a designer?? you must be! this is the best kitchen i have ever seen!! It makes me want to be in that room and touch everything. The green chairs at the island are perfection with the painting. The touch of iron or whatever is on the cabinet with the shelves-awesome- breaks it up perfectly. the wallpaper-amazing.I would LOVE to see pics of your house, the dining room looks equally stunning.This may be a stupid question, but are you the same mamadadda that had a beautful kitchen in California?? Also, who did your cabinets?? Enjoy it all- it's PERFECT!

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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Mama - you did an unbelievable job!! I remember the layout posts and remember thinking that there was a lot to squeeze in to a less than ideal space, but you did it and you did it fantastically!!! I love how bright your space is and all of your accent details are perfection. I have to say - my favorite part is your butler's pantry. The red cabinets with black hardware and the wallpaper just are so unexpected but perfect. Congrats!!

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hi Everyone, thanks again! such nice comments. the zebra wallpaper in the kitchen turned out to be less subtle than I thought and I was concerned about it. If I had to do it over I would eliminate above and below the window and on the beam above the window. I think just on the brick wall and up the back staircase is enough. I was at work while that was going on ... if I had been home I would have been able to finetune it a little more. Oh well... so glad everyone likes it.

RE: the artwork --- I hadn't originally intended to put it there. I only did so to cover up some of that wallpaper but I think it really works to tie together the various elements and it brings in a traditional element. I had the painting hanging in my dining room and it occurred to me to be the right mix. My contractors had to drill through the bricks and put in an anchor for me.

The painting is by a deceased artist named Leon Kroll. My mother in law is an art dealer and had worked with his estate - she gave the painting to my husband a long time ago -- the woman is apparently the governess for Leon Kroll's children. My husband's brother has a similar portrait of the Kroll's maid. They apparently lived in New York City but he then moved to Gloucester, MA (close by to where I live). He lived in a house in Lanesville (part of Gloucester) and then another artist moved in, Zygmund Jankowski. Zyg was a close family friend and passed away a few years ago. When I had been at his house, he had rooms upon rooms of paintings and some of Leon Kroll's work there too. I had done some graphic design work for Zyg and in return he let me pick out whatever painting I wanted. I chose a brightly colored bouquet of flowers done in an abstract way and I have it hanging in the living room over the couch. Makes me happy everytime I see it. Anyway, sorry to digress.

island, the floors are brazilian cherry with a jacobean stain. if anyone local needs a hardwood floor company I can highly recommend who I used, just let me know. I wanted the brazilian cherry because we have two dogs and also a busy house with kids coming and going and I wanted some hard as nails for the durability. Had thought long and hard about tile, marmoleum, and all sorts of other things but opted for the warmth of the wood and I love it.

the ceilings are 9' tall.

michelle, i am a designer! thanks so much for your kind words. I am not the same mama from california. I live north of boston. on GW I am here as a homeowner mostly but I also learn a lot about what can go wrong, what goes right, what people care about, perils and pitfalls, etc.

aokat, thanks so much. I think the b. pantry is my favorite too! tons of storage in there and I love the cozy warmth of it and that wallpaper is just my favorite thing ever.

thanks again everyone.

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One more question pretty please? One of your pics shows your range with the two smaller ovens in the background. Is the one on top your convect/steam oven? What is the one on bottom? Are they installed in a 24 inch cabinet column? And, how high from the floor is the bottom of the convect/steam oven? I guess that was several questions...

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You are good at what you do! Superb

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If I were in the planning stages, I'd clip your kitchen as an inspiration space. Such incredible style, I'd even say panache if I used that word, without hitting you in the face. Sorry that doesn't sound right; I guess words just fail me. So here's just one: gorgeous!

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This is so gorgeous. I'm completely in also trying to squeeze a lot into a small, quirky space, and I'm very encouraged to see how you have done so.
Is the pantry behind the barn door? Any chance we could get a peek? And the rough measurements of the pantry? I thinking that may be just the solution I need.

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HOLY COW!!! THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE KITCHEN SO FAR THAT I HAVE SEEN HERE ON GW!!! What I love most about it is the original, refreshing and unique elements that you used! Didn't read all the other posts here, but did you use a KD? The barn door is absolutely my favorite thing. No the wallpaper is my favorite thing. No, the wood horizontal paneling backsplash is my favorite thing. No, the windows are my favorite. No, the pendant! Okay, EVERY SINGLE THING IS MY FAVORITE!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! May you enjoy this kitchen to your hearts desire for many many years to come! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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Absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you added the wallpaper. Please provide details about the lighting fixture above the island. I saw something similar at Restoration Hardware but like yours much better.

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It's wonderful! Congratulations!

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It turned out just the way you showed it, in your plan! What a wonderful kitchen...and so many lovely details :)

Can you show us a picture of the laundry area, too? And...I think the extra light was well worth losing a bit of storage.

So many things I like in your kitchen...the windows, the diamond glass above the prep sink, those appliances, the peninsula and the wallpapers...but what really stands out is your beautiful painting and chandelier. It all makes the space feel so welcoming. Congrats on your new kitchen!

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hi ott2,
because i have inset cabinets with 1-1/2" stiles, the cabinet is 27" wide. I don't know if you noticed, but there is a change in depth along that run of cabinetry. The cabinets to the right of the range are 24" deep, then there is an angled cabinet with rollouts that is 20" deep, then a 3 drawer base cabinet that is 20" deep. This was to make the aisle there between these cabinets and the chimney not too narrow. The oven cabinet had to be 24" deep but it is flush with the 20" deep cabinet to its left because we recessed the oven cabinet into the wall (thank goodness... the whole thing hinged on being able to do this). I am inserting the cad drawing from the cabinet company because it has all the dimensions you asked about and is more precise than i would probably be able to answer (while at work!).

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your kitchen is just so refreshing!! love the windows! who made the windows??...and did you paint the trim black?

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segbrown, ginny and 4amblues - thanks so much!

drybean: that barndoor is to the cellar - to its right is cabinetry recessed into the wall, that is the pantry - i can take a picture of it on the inside when i get home. it has 3 shallow sections and one deep section - the one deep section projects into the upper cabinet in the butler's pantry.

annsch - you are so nice. i'm glad you like it. i am a KD so I did the design myself. it was the most difficult kitchen i have ever worked on. i was beyond frustrated last spring and posted quite often here about various options each with compromises involved. got so much help and encouragment from my GW friends... most especially:

Lavender Lass - your encouragement meant a lot to me. hope all is well.

decosmittee: I got the fixture at the Martin Group (suite 515) in the design center in Boston. I bought it off the floor - it was lit and wired and the super nice guy that works there took it down and brought it out to my car for me. It was pricey ($1200) but I was looking at $800 for the pair of west elm fixtures and think this is world's better for my space. I was really struggling with the lighting decision and posted on here and got great feedback which helped me decide on one statement piece versus the 4 pendants I had been considering (two over the windows and two over the peninsula).

    Bookmark   October 30, 2012 at 3:23PM
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Very well done! Usually I like the before pictures of old kitchens but you put that one out of its misery.

The wood battens are a breath of fresh air. Though I do wonder about the potential to collect gunk, I love them in your kitchen. I remember the plans you went through to fit laundry and desk within the footprint. Did the desk make it?

I'd love more information about your ucl's and your hood surround. Is it metal or wood? In a previous posting it looked as if the bottom section was wood.

    Bookmark   October 30, 2012 at 3:57PM
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You have done a truly amazing job and created a space unlike anyone else's - bravo! Count me as another one who loves your wallpaper choices.

We are also looking at Asko washers right now, but none of our local dealers have the higher end models in stock for us to look at or hear running. Would you mind telling me which model you have?

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laura mcleod

What a gorgeous space - I love how classic and lovely it is, then with the wonderfully stylish details - it really makes it your own. PS I covet your wallpaper!

    Bookmark   October 30, 2012 at 4:14PM
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I'm loving this. All of it!

    Bookmark   October 30, 2012 at 6:14PM
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I love seeing all your designs come to life! It looks even better than I ever imagined from all those drawings and versions you did. Any pics of the baking area opposite the ovens? And don't you have a laundry room in there somewhere too?

    Bookmark   October 31, 2012 at 12:00AM
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Holy BLEEEEEEP! That is an awesome transformation! Beautiful stone, fantastic hood, COOL WALLPAPER (Never in my life did I think I would have the occasion to say such a thing!), great green chairs. Then there's the bulter's pantry and the barn door ... What's not to love in this kitchen!

Well done, enjoy your space!

    Bookmark   October 31, 2012 at 3:44AM
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Thank you again everyone. I put my heart and soul into planning this kitchen so it is very nice to get all these accolades and it has been so nice to cook up a storm nearly everyday since the renovation was completed.

carp123: the windows are by Marvin. The plan was for the height of them to finish at the same height as the two existing windows and for the glass panes to be as close as possible to the width and height of the existing glass panes - also, I love having windows come right down to the countertops - I had this in my last house and loved it and wanted that again. Marvin lets you select a thinner mullion as well which matched into the very thin old existing window. I painted them the same dark gray paint that is on the trim in the butler's pantry. That color was meant to pick up on the gray in the butler's pantry wallpaper (the outlines of the leaves). I also painted that gray on the exterior of the new entry door.

akrogirl, My asko DW is model D5894XXLFI. It is nice and does a good job of cleaning the dishes but I do prefer the rack system in the Miele that I had in the last house. I just haven't got used to this yet and I am one to put everything in the dishwasher including pots and pans so I find the larger bulkier things don't fit in as well as they did in the Miele (maybe because of all the racks?). It is very quiet and I like that it has a light that shines down on the floor -red = still running , green = cycle is done, time to unload.

drybean: posting a pic of the inside of the pantry for you.

Lavender Lass, I will take a pic of the laundry area (and desk area) and post those up too. The laundry area is currently a coat room and dogs room. The dogs stay in there at night and I have their food bowls and bed and their basket of toys in there.

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Mamadadapaige- I just saw your other post about your Hafele ucl's. I'd still like to know about your hood. Is the top part MDF? I will need to make a hood surround and if my plan for zinc doesn't work out, plan B would be some fabrication like yours.

I think your kitchen is one of those game changers. Really brilliant. It's going to be hard to shake it off and get back to my, still imaginary, kitchen.

    Bookmark   October 31, 2012 at 11:30AM
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I know why I love his kitchen and come back to look at it daily. It is very reminiscent of Melanie Turner's kitchen..which is my all time favorite. I had been planning to do shiplap as a backsplash and I think this put the nail in the coffin.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh my, this kitchen is special beyond my wildest imagination! How you pulled such different elements together and still made them "belong", I will never know. Your kitchen says a lot about your personality -- logical, well organized, but FUN too! Enjoy!

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Speechless! I am finally on the computer and not my iPhone. The iPhone just did not do it justice, so had to see it on the big screen!
I love all of the little things you did to make it a perfect kitchen. The magic TV is great - I couldn't figure out how to put a TV in, so just left it out - but then we don't watch much anyway.
That faucet is really cute and adds to the kitchen.

At first I didn't see the details but then saw you added them - I was in suspense too long!


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That's the perfect amount of sand in a Hamby Dairy bucket.

    Bookmark   October 31, 2012 at 7:00PM
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This is beautiful!. And that tree wall paper in the pantry is perfectly perfect! What wonderful style.

I saw your drawer picture on another post. The one with the nice silver stashed underneath the top tray. Is that drawer box walnut? I was going to post on that thread to ask but it was off topic so I skipped it.

I liked the large space of your before pictures too and such a nice portrait on the wall. I like the new portrait too.

I have just added another favorite kitchen to my list :) There is just something full and wonderful about your new kitchen.

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Thank you so much gaonmymind, a2gemini, palmipsest and berardmr (what a nice compliment about personality!)... thank you all.

onedogedie, the hood was a long complicated story that i will try to make short. I had ordered a primed wood hood from the cabinet company... very simple / clean lines. my intention had been to have a local painter do a plastered type finish on it. as time went on i had second thoughts on that and wished i'd gotten a modernaire hood which I have always loved but the price was quadruple what I would be paying with the wood hood / paint treatment. plus, now I already own the BEST insert so I decided to find a local sheet metal company to create powder coated high gloss white panels to go over the sides and front and have the corners and a band across the bottom done in stainless.

I provided detailed cad drawings of what I was looking for and offered to come by anytime to go over design details... well, when i went to pick up the hood - my jaw dropped (in a BAD way) looked awful - they didn't follow my design and the welding at the corners was something you should never see. I told them it wasn't going to work. they promised to try to fix it but a few days later said it was over their head, there was nothing more they could do, they'd reimburse me what i had paid them. i said, what about the fact that i gave you a perfectly good wood hood that I could have worked with and now I have nothing? they reimbursed me for that as well. so i guess the silver lining is that they were good people just not up to the job. BUT, the problem is I had some deadlines to get this done (an NKBA contest I wanted to enter) and had to get something up on the wall in a hurry. I called around to local cabinet builders to see who could make me something in two days. not a lot of positive feedback on that front. I called my contractor to see if he could apply some pressure to a local cabinet maker. His response was that he would make it for me. He and his partner (both excellent finish carpenters and also excellent people) came the next day, built it for me in a morning ... the painter came the day after that, and voila it was done. and i was able to submit an entry to the contest which i was very happy about but such tight deadlines (and this while raising two kids, two dogs and working two jobs - holy crow!).

enduring - yes i sprung for walnut drawer boxes. they were a fairly new offering by the cabinet company and when I saw them I just loved them--it wasn't a huge upgrade in cost (sort of frivlous though but they are very nice).

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One of the best kitchens I've seen. Great job.

    Bookmark   November 1, 2012 at 3:34PM
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I can't blame you for getting that walnut upgrade! it is lovely to look at. Every time you open the drawers - a pleasure.

    Bookmark   November 1, 2012 at 3:58PM
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Congratulations on an amazing job! Everything is so beautiful. I keep scrolling back to see the pictures again. Love it all!! You must be so happy.

    Bookmark   November 1, 2012 at 5:43PM
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Thank you for including the picture of your oven column! Very, very helpful!

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Flat out stunning.

If I had any confidence my end result could be that fabulous - design, form, function, visuals,flow, whimsey, the works.....

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I love all of it. You have a wonderful eye for design and color. It's unique and so inviting. Congrats!

    Bookmark   November 2, 2012 at 10:48AM
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Mama, I also think this kitchen is a gamechanger on this board and the regular posters will be pulling this up many times over the years.

There are so many things I could say, and many people have said them better. But briefly, your sense of color is impeccable. You have some very "now" colors yet the bones are timeless. The stools, for example could be changed or painted if you tire of them someday. Your textures and wallpaper make this very much your own room. Just the right amount of glass doors in the room, for example.

On the functionality side, I especially love your barn door idea because of the functionality of a slider not stopping traffic flow and have studied those pictures a lot. Maybe I'm fascinated because I would love a slider to separate my living room from my dining room (in use as an office).

Just to confirm:

The barn door covers the entrance to the basement?

If so, how is it opening that from the stairway?

The contractor has placed a notch or track in the floor for that metal piece to slide along?

Where do you purchase a barn or other slider door?

Again, great job!

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Just when I thought your other kitchen could not be out did it!!! AMAZING. I love the mix of materials and finishes. I love the happy accident about the painting. It looks like the space was made for it. Everything is so scrumptious!!!!

    Bookmark   November 2, 2012 at 5:34PM
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This is so gorgeous and I am saving it to my beautiful white kitchen file. It has the perfect balance of modern and traditional. Congratulations.

    Bookmark   November 2, 2012 at 5:57PM
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I want to see this "Other Kitchen" that I see referenced here several times! Can someone supply me with a link. I think I tried the search last night but nothing came up.


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I've followed all of your posts for a long time, and am so glad to see your plans come to fruition. Your kitchen is striking. Wonderful job with all the details! (I also loved your last kitchen -- it is one of my all-time favorites.)

Congratulations! Hope you do well in the contest but, more importantly, enjoy spending time in your new space with your kiddos every day!

P.S. Gloucester and the surrounding areas where you live are beautiful! Did you ever go by Emile Gruppe's old home there to see his artwork? It's been a long time since I visited with his son Robert....

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For me the wallpaper makes your kitchen. Just wonderful.

    Bookmark   November 2, 2012 at 9:28PM
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very well done!

    Bookmark   November 2, 2012 at 9:41PM
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enduring: here's the "old one"

Here is a link that might be useful: mamadadapaige's other GORGEOUS kitchen

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This such an inspired kitchen! I have to say that the painting is what really make it! The wall treatment with the plywood boards and wall paper is just stunning.. I love that you used a deeper red color in the butler's pantry.. Let us know when it is in a magazine!

    Bookmark   November 3, 2012 at 12:00AM
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Clueless, Thanks for linking this for me. I really enjoyed looking at the "old Kitchen" :) It sure was a beauty!

    Bookmark   November 3, 2012 at 12:04AM
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i love your kitchen! i've been wanting to do the planking as a blacksplash but my husband was worried it would look to country...your kitchen changed his mind!!
question for you what hood/hood liner did you use that your contractor built around?
did the planking go on before your uppers were installed?

    Bookmark   November 7, 2012 at 10:15AM
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Wow! That is all I need to say. Wow! nicely done. Great use of color splashes


    Bookmark   November 8, 2012 at 12:13PM
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enduring, thank you so much for your kind words!
jmcgowan, my MIL is definitely up on the gruppe's and their work which I think she has some. She is now a docent at the Cape Ann museum which is a little sleepy but nonetheless a nice collection of local artists as well as the largest collection of fitz hugh lane's work.

ccdip - ideally you'd panel the walls before the cabinets go in... there had been a couple of things that happened during the course of construction at my house that led to my putting these in after the cabinets were in (thus the reason they are 1/4"... any more than that and it would have eaten up too much of the stile).

thanks again everyone for your comments - means so much to me and so nice to read all the accolades after the amount of energy and thought that went into this.

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I can't believe I didn't comment on here? Maybe it was your lighting thread but no matter: can't add any adjectives to the comments above and I agree with them all. You've raised the bar with this kitchen. 'Wow' wherever one looks and the little touches that add to the overall, like the diamond glass doors, for instance. Love that it feels old but hip, too.

A request: Can you share the paint color in the pantry?

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Dear Mamadadpaige,

Your former kitchen has just been displaced
by your new kitchen as my all-time Gardenweb favorite.

I can't add anything new to all the praise others have dished out
for your wonderful kitchen other than to say -- what a sense of style!
I hope someone taps you soon as "one of the top new talents in kitchen design".

Your kitchen manages to marry function
with a fresh and playful style that perfectly fits your older home.
Your kitchen will inspire others to take more risks and not play it so safe.

The little glimpse of your dining room, as seen from the pantry,
leave me hungry to see more of that room as well.
I love the rug and the fabric on your dining chairs.
Would yo be willing to show more pictures?

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Love it! The backsplash is wonderful. So different from the norm!

    Bookmark   November 9, 2012 at 9:18AM
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Mamadadapaige, your kitchen is absolutely lovely! So peaceful, yet functional and welcoming also.

I absolutely love your wall panel idea and would like to get a few more details. You said it was 1/4 plywood ripped down with spacers. Could you tell me the width of the boards and the size of the spacers? Did they just caulk any butt joints where they had to lay lengths end to end? And was this applied over standard 1/2" drywall?

I would love to try this on a ceiling and I'm wondering if you have any other feedback or "lessons learned" you could share regarding the wood wall. TIA!

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Wonderful - what else is there to say?

Can you add contact info to your trade list for those who need a consult? I'd be happy to hire you to give me layout ideas. None of the suggestions that I've gotten here have been helpful, and every KD I've hired (going on four now) gives me back my current layout, or the alternative I came up with, neither of which is that great. Thanks.

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truly beautiful. I knew there was a reason I popped back
into GW.


    Bookmark   November 15, 2012 at 5:49PM
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Hi Mamadadapaige,

A different look from your kitchen,
but a similar use of a halo fixture over an island for dramatic effect.
I thought you would enjoy.

The picture is from an add in the Dec/January 2013 House Beautiful.

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Hi Mamadadapaige,

A different look from your kitchen,
but a similar use of a halo fixture over an island for dramatic effect.
I thought you would enjoy.

The picture is from an add in the Dec/January 2013 House Beautiful.

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hi mamadadapaige.
i was hoping to send you and email but there wasn't one on your page.

can you tell me what the dimensions of your room are from the fireplace wall to the range? also what is the depth?

yours is one of the most beautiful designs, like all the other GW's posted. drool drool and drool again.


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This is a amazing kitchen. I am doing a new build right now and I may have to copy!! One question, though- how did the plywood backsplash pass code/get a permit? My husband seems to think the wood behind a pro range would not pass county inspection. Tips?

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Absolutely beautiful kitchen! One of my faves

    Bookmark   November 27, 2012 at 7:45AM
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I keep coming back to see your kitchen! DD2, in from Canada for Christmas, is also in love with it, so you're an international sensation! Speaking of international, how did you buy the Harlequin paper? I would love the Silhouette in truffle for an accent in my kitchen, but the UK company where I found it won't ship it to the US. Any tips would be terrific!

    Bookmark   December 29, 2012 at 11:09PM
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How did I miss this? It is so beautiful! Love all of your choices, beautiful.

    Bookmark   December 30, 2012 at 8:00AM
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I am a HUGE fan of all things farmhouse and yours fits the farmhouse modern style with an A+! Love the horizontal wood and the white. It's such a beautiful clean style. I am in awe of the TV lift--such a clever idea. Love love love it!! I remember when I adored your old kitchen. This one is totally different and it's amazing again!!

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Like everyone else, I love your kitchen. I wonder whether you would mind answering another question or two?

The round knobs on upper cabinets look very much like the aluminum knobs from Smedbo that I'm looking at. Can you tell us the make and model number of your knobs? Did you have any difficulty matching the finish to the pulls you've used in other areas?

Also, how has your marble countertop been functioning for you? I know there are a million threads about the pros and cons of marble in the kitchen, but would love to hear one more experience.

thanks very much.

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Wow this is amazing. I love everything you did. Style wise this is definitely the look I favor and love. You pulled it off and it is amazing. I loved peaking into the other rooms too as I recognize that type of house and floor plan. Definitely worth all the hard work. Looks gorgeous and probably functions even better.

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What did you pay as an upcharge for those walnut interiors for the drawers? Very handsome indeed!

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 7:42AM
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Those walnut drawer interiors are so beautiful.
How are you liking your bread drawer? So beautiful!

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Another swoon....

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Oh Thank you all so much (Francoise47 you have had so many kind words through the years! - thank you! )... to those that posted back in NOvember... sorry I didn't see those posts but would be happy to respond now - not sure if you are still around:

colorfast: re: the barn door hardware - yes the contractor put a metal stabilizer on the floor and routed out a channel on the bottom of the door so that the door doesn't move front to back when opening it. I bought hardware to be recessed into the back side of the door for opening from the stairwell side but I didn't have them install it because it is easier to open it by pushing on the shaker panel plus most times I am running down to the basement and running back up so I just leave it open during those times.

ccdip: I used a best by broan liner for the hood. it is 54" wide - i love the lights - it works well but is very loud on the loudest setting but I didn't have an option of trying to get the fan much further away than it is. The planking went in after the wall cabinets but really should have gone in before. My contractors were working 3 jobs at once and had other people helping them on my job and some things slipped through the cracks that caused me to make on the spot un-planned for additions / changes to my overall scheme. all's well that ends well though, right?

deedles: thanks! the colors in the pantry are as follows: the trim color was meant to match the outlines of the leaves on the wallpaper - it is C2 Coachmen's Cape. Here is the formula:
YO 23
VT 40
BK 23
WH 62
BL 6
On the ceiling is C2 Mortar with Modern Masters Opaque Champagne over it.
The red on the cabinets came from the cabinet company - it is called Revolutionary Red and has some light distressing to it.

equest - the boards are 5-3/4" high with a 1/4" space between them... lesson learned on this is that the edges should be primed/painted before going up. Because they weren't they were sucking up a ton of paint and it made the painting job much more difficult. It would have saved hours upon hours for the painters had they had access to the boards to put a quick coat on them. Also, re: your question of the joints - yes, they used a wood filler between them. The only wall with joints is the wall with the barn door - all the other walls had a natural place to break up the length.

gofigure- I will post a floorplan following this so that you can see the dimensions. thanks so much for your nice comments!

francoise47: I love that House Beautiful kitchen - gorgeous!

lindayeathatsit: My original plan had been to put up the Wolf STainless 20" riser with shelf. I have it in the basement but I just loved the spare clean look of that wall without being broken up by a stainless rectangle. So now my plan is this - to have a piece of tempered glass cut to size and installed behind the range. I still haven't done it. My contractor is on me big time so he can get this signed off on. Will post a pic when that is done. I have had a death in the family and many other things hitting me left, right and center and just haven't been able to focus on this one little thing.

fouramblues - thank you! glad DD likes it too. I got the paper from the Martin showroom in the design center in Boston. I set up a trade account with them (you need a resale certificate). Harlequin shipped directly to me from England. I could possibly order for you if you don't end up having another option.

fredanj: the knobs and pulls are from Duverre - Forged 3 by Heinz Pfleger. They have all different sized pulls as well as round and square knobs in two different sizes. The longest pulls I only had to use on the drawers in my peninsula (17") fortunately as they were quite pricey. The rest are all 9" and were more reasonable. I love the rippling on them.

re: the marble - it is fantastic. I had the Dupont stain sealer put on it and it really does work. DD left a pomegranite leaking juice out over night and it came right up. there have been plenty of wine spills and spaghetti sauce and everything else and it comes right up. because it is honed I am not seeing etching. it is not a fancy marble but I wanted something white and this was the least expensive I could find - it doesn't have the beautiful veining but I do love it and am completely satisfied most especially because I don't have to baby it. (it was $75 per square foot installed including all the sink cutouts, etc).

Lorenza - thank you . I love the walnut drawerboxes. I am dealer for the cabinets that I installed so I got a pretty good deal (20% less than typical cost). In that case each drawer and rollout was $32 (would have been $43). Because I have 20 drawers and rollouts between the kitchen and butler's pantry it was almost $700 for this... sort of frivolous but I do love them especially on the knife drawer, the bread box and the oil/spice rollout.

Francoise47: I LOVE the bread drawer - had one in my last kitchen and just had to have this again. I also keep snacks in there such as pretzels, chips, etc. Just a nice place to keep these types of things and this bit of coutnertop is where I tend to stand when getting the kids lunches in the morning so it is very convenient for me to have everything so close at hand. The knife drawer ... I did not need this but figured it is such a cool thing that the cabinet maker does I should show it. I am surprised that this is one of my favorite things. The knifes come with it and I love them so much more than my knives that I thought were so great (which I got as a present from parents many many years ago when I was in my 20's). My initial order with the cabinet company did not include the knife insert. I had a friend over who was helping me cook for our other friend's surprise party and she broke one of the wustof knives -- it just snapped right in half! never heard of such a thing but it seemed like an omen to add the knife insert to my order and I am so glad I did. I also have the Blum servo drive on my trash drawer and I just love this. Most of all I love the Wolf 48" range and the ability to work with people on the peninsula or by myself looking out the window to the left of the range or watching tv when by myself yet able to work. Thank you again my friend.

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posting dimensions for gofigure... I had to reduce the jpeg so much in order for it to load up so not sure it will be legible.

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I'm so sorry you're having to deal with the passing of a loved one, plus all the turmoil of the holidays! Thank you so much for taking the time to post all that helpful info in spite of it all. I really appreciate your willingness to order wallpaper for me, too! I finally found a place that will ship to the US, so a sample is on its way to me. I sure hope the colors work in my kitchen, since I'm enamoured of that paper!

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I have always wanted a Wolf range. Are you pleased with it??

    Bookmark   January 4, 2013 at 10:14PM
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twingle, SO pleased with the wolf range. I absolutely love it. Have not used the grill yet, but the griddle is great. I am very pleased with the simmer I can get which was a very important feature for me based on how I cook. My only tiny complaint is that if you put something (for instance cookies) on the bottom rack they will get too brown. You really need to use the middle rack ... the ball bearing rollout rack is the bottom one so I tend to use that one without thinking but I am learning that I have to be more discerning based on what I am cooking.

I have made a lot of homemade pizzas since we had the range installed and it comes out AWESOME.

I am very happy with it. Best range I have ever had (but that only includes the GE Monogram (last place)
and the Kitchenaid (2nd best after Wolf))

    Bookmark   January 5, 2013 at 1:43PM
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Thanks Mama. I don't have gas available where I live so I may have to do propane. I'm a little nervous about that.

    Bookmark   January 5, 2013 at 1:49PM
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I hardly ever post. my first reaction to your "after" pictures was "wow wow wow!" happy to see i'm not the only one with that reaction. Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen!

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Mama- Can you email me about ordering the Harlequin paper. The sites I found won't ship to the states. Absolutely amazing kitchen.

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Hi Mama- hope you are doing well and that your email is still linked to this page. What a stunning kitchen! It is so unique, and it ties together so well!
I am going to install a barn door instead of a pocket door across our mudroom to block out the kids' mess when company comes. I am wondering where you purchased your door? It looks like an interior door...doing research, is it by Reeb? Is it a wood door? I am trying to find a door that is not too heavy but not too light either. I see the link for the hardware and like how you had a channel placed on the bottom to keep the door from swinging against the wall. Now that it has been a few months since you had it installed, is it still functioning properly and would you change anything about it?
I would love to have you help me with our new home. I absolutely love your design aesthetic. I live near Newport, RI about 1 1/2 hrs from Boston. Would you consider coming down here or could you recommed someone to help me with some design decisions who lives closer? Thank you!

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thank you chessy and angc. Angc, i purchased the wallpaper at the Martin showroom in Boston. I have a trade account set up there and they did ship to me directly.

Laura, I responded to your other thread re: the door but I don' t think I included the brand. I got them at Moynihan Lumber in Beverly, MA (local to me). I think they are by Lemieux. very inexpensive. but not super heavy weight. BUT it is working well. and totally holding up to daily use of dogs / kids / laundry baskets in arms / backpacks / lots of coming and going.

my plan would not have worked with out the barn door.

the one disappointment with the barn door hardware is related to the bolts --- the black paint stripped off of them when my contractors installed them. i thought i'd touch up with a little bit of matte black paint but of course that hasn't happened.

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Hi mama - I have been a lurker here for quite some time and your kitchen is just beautiful. I live in a very small condo in Everett ( believe me - my whole kitchen could fit in your pantry area) I had new appliances delivered a couple of months ago and fridge water supply leaked do to delivery company's error and ruined my kitchen.
I am looking to speak to some contractors in and around the area along with Kitchen Designers and was wonder if you would be kind enough to tell me who you used or any other recommendations. Thanks so much

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sent you a private message with recommendations.

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Thank you so much mama - I haven't a clue yet on what I want for cabinets, counters and flooring etc. Still going through quite a bit with insurance and haven't given enough thought yet as to what I want. This whole thing is a bit overwhelming. I'll be keeping your pm, with your great info and post back when I actually know what direction I'll be going in.
Parking in Everett isn't a problem but Charlestown sure is! If it's not to much trouble - could also let me know who your friend used in Charlestown and designer in Melrose?
Thanks again - I really appreciate it

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Wow, that is just stunning! Was that vinyl sheet on the walls *and* the cabinets in the before epics? Your new kitchen is so elegant and open, definitely a room I would want to spend time in!

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Thanks mama for the information regarding the barn door. Glad it is working out. I like the idea of adding a strip to the end to make it look thicker. Now off to find a good-looking affordable door.
Happy to see all the newcomers posting about your gorgeous kitchen! You are almost at the 150 limit!

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I have looked at your kitchen so many times and just realized I never commented. I love your kitchen! The plank walls, the wallpaper, the painting, the chairs, the marble, all of it! Whatever work you had to go through to put your plan together was worth it. ♥♥♥

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mamadadapaige, I hope you are still around GW and receive my post! i am still admiring your kitchen and love the stunning chandelier light you chose above your island. one question for you, do you find that the chandelier provides sufficient brightness since it uses those edison bulbs? i really want to use edison bulb fixtures for my kitchen banquette but really need it to contribute brightness (really afraid of my kitchen being dark since I went with walnut). thank you for your feedback!!

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