Shaker drawer - how much room for hardware?

strayerdarbOctober 16, 2013

On the drawer fronts that are on the top drawer, the cabinet make is going to make the rails skinnier so that the flat part in the middle is bigger so there is room for the hardware and grabbing the hardware. Is there a rule of thumb on how tall the flat space should be? Is there a generally accepted standard?

The door style is shaker with a bead (or ogee) on the inside edge.

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I'm going to do slab fronts on the top drawers. I read that any drawer over 8" should be 5 piece (paneled) so logic tells me that anything under 8" would be slab, HOWEVER it is also a taste preference as some people choose 5 piece on all drawers. I do not know if people typically choose a smaller trim size. I am going to follow the convention of anything under 8" is slab (which is what my cabinet designer implemented without me even asking).

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My personal opinion is once the panel becomes equal to or smaller than the rails, it should go to a slab. This is based on both esthetics and function of grabbing a pull, (unless, of course the pull is mounted on the top rail)

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Thanks. I am going to do 5 piece on the top drawers. They will be under 8", but they are frameless full overlay so I think that the actual height of the front piece will be about 6 1/2 inches. If the rails plus bead are 2 1/4" that leaves 2" flat part. Maybe I need to go to a cabinet store and just look at them and measure that part.

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I don't know if there's a standard, but here's what mine look like.

In the 3 drawer stacks (picture above), the top drawer is 6 1/2" high and has narrower rails (1 7/16") than the bottom two drawers (rails 2 3/16"). The sides on all are 2 1/4". (I have a couple of 4 drawer stacks where all the drawers have the narrower width rails). If you click on the picture you can zoom in to see the measurements better.

I found that the hardware matters. A few of my potential pull choices didn't allow as much room for your hand to reach in, which I found didn't work that well on the top drawers.

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Thanks bethinnc!! That is exactly what I was thinking as the right dimensions. Looks awesome!

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Glad it helped. It can be so hard to imagine how everything is going to look!

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