Height of pendants - are these ok?

phiwwyOctober 5, 2012

We have low ceilings (7.5') so I wrestled with finding lights that I could adjust. So we removed some links from above and below. Love this height now. Just asking for opinions - do the pendants look good like this? (apologies for the extra chain mucking up the view of the pendants - it's there while we play with the height)

And if you can believe it - the ceiling is not level so the pendants do not appear to hang level. Something my eye goes to, of course!

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I am really bad with height, but I love your lights. Can you provide details?
RE the height, can you imagine working at the island, add anouther 1.5" for counter height?

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I would go a little lower with the lights. Love your cabinets!

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I stress over this, too.
However, given the many different ceiling elements, I don't think they're noticeable as unlevel. I noticed the other ceiling changes before you mentioned it.

Those are lovely lights.
I was going to say 1 or 2 links lower, then I reread the 7'5". These must be hanging down to closer to 6'5" or something right? Depending upon how tall you guys are, I wouldn't change it. They're perfect.

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OK, I just measured. They are hanging about 21" down from the ceiling, or at about 5'8" from the floor.

Working at the island with this height will be perfect/just fine. No worries there. I'm considering looking at and talking to another person on the other side of the island.

We are not that tall - so when I stood across from someone 6' tall, we can still see eye to eye - it does not block (I hate that when lights block you from seeing the person you are talking to).

Electrician was able to level them by taking one of the round rings and using it as a spacer at the top.

Anyway, they are Hudson Valley "Winfield".

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A little bit lower, maybe make bottom of lampshade same as bottom of hood for visual balance?

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I would second to what annsch said.

Look forward to see your finished kitchen!

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My first post after fifteen months of dedicated visiting this site. I believe that once the crown is on the cabinets flanking the hood, they will be perfect. Also the height is balanced with the beautiful glass front cabinets.

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You're good being 5'8" from the floor. Pendants "should" hang anywhere from 30" to 36" from the counter. So if you wanted to lower them a bit you could. It might actually be a little more visually pleasing to bring them down another ring but it's hard to tell how the fit in the room as they are now.

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