Backsplash Shelf: Dimensions? Material? Omit?

oldbat2beOctober 25, 2012

Hi All,

We are definitely getting there! Here's a recent picture of how this wall looks.

I am still toying with the idea of a narrow shelf mounted about 6" up, around 48" wide, and 6" deep. Stainless steel is one idea, glass is another, tiled or even decouppaged?

The cooktop is pulled forward 6" and I do not use the space in the back. I like the idea of being able to display something back there, slightly higher. Perhaps twin canisters of utensils, flowers, pretty olive oil bottles.

Here's a mock-up from a while back. What do you think? What else could I use to display items at different heights in your kitchen? Or should I give up the shelf idea altogether?

I've also linked to another thread, with suggestions from GWers on different shelves which fit these dimensions.

As always, thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless steel shelf suggestions

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I like shelves. I have an open "pantry" and one open cupboard. It makes my life so easy to have everything I need within reach. I use the items so much it doesn't bother me to run a dust mitt over things every few days

Having said that I think you would be unable to clean any grease or spills under the shelf itself and the thin area of BS. Grease attracts dust also so I think that would make it difficult to clean.
The wall looks gorgeous as is. I vote leave it in it's simple, beautiful state. What is your BS ? Really nice. Marthavilla gave me great advice when I was considering shelves under my upper cabinets-less is more.

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It may interfere with a large pot you have on the back burner.

I love my shelf, it is 24" from the range. It's biggest use is to put plates of food on it with the heat lamps while cooking. They keep the food warm while I'm wrapping up last minute details.

Your tile is so gorgeous...are you sure you want anything there?

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I love your tile and wouldn't want to see anything block the view.

By the way, I am amazed at how much the real thing looks like your photocoped mockup. I'm sure I said it before, but that was a brillant idea.

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I could see adding a shallow shelf on the sides of your cabinets, but one that ends up in the middle of that beautiful tile will really change the look.

I showed DH the tile since that's a great pic of the area and he says he loves your tile and whole kitchen. Quit a statement from a guy who usually says nothing stronger than "it's ok". But he still wants dark stained cabinets o_O

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Oh wow, that's beautiful. I'm going to buck the trend here and say that a shallow (maybe 4-5") shelf made out of your countertop material and set relatively high (maybe at the second row of "dots" from the top) would be beautiful.

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Our rangetop is pulled forward and I've found it to be a blessing for our backsplash, as I see a majority of our spatters land there. Because of that, I think it's not a good location for a shelf. Plus, at that height, you couldn't see or access it with any pot(s) on the stove. Add to all of that, you'd have to construct something to support it and it just seems like too much trouble for no real benefit.

I could consider on at the same height as the bottom of the uppers... If you feel you need a shelf.

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Wow your backsplash is so pretty, so different, what is it? I haven't seen your kitchen before; can you link me to a thread that shows more pictures? Thanks.

That said, my choice would be to leave it as is so you can see your backsplash as it is. Anything more would just add visual clutter.

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My plan for this spot is to have out lots of cooking utensils, a real working kitchen.

So please picture on the right side of the upper cabinets, another copper bowl or SS utensils hanging on a bar. We are swapping out the outlets for brown ones. Electric can opener will probably stay. If I have to open 5 cans in a row... I like the help!

Eatrealfood -hadn't thought about cleaning the wall at this height, great point. BS is a K J Patterson tile.

Bee-hmm. That is probably higher than I want. No, I am not sure but feel that I should be decorating at this point. If not a shelf, then something up on the custom wood hood? 3 repeating somethings? A Hotel de Ville clock on the backsplash? Would like to hear your thoughts on this. I like the monochrome background and the idea of accessorizing with color.

Cawaps -thanks! Please consider this a bold kitchen in progress and do post suggestions of what to add/change/do. I so need help along the adjacent wall, but that's another thread. IRL, the tiles are more brown than the original 'tiled' version but when they went up, they felt very familiar.

Williamsem - thanks. Please tell DH thanks! I'm glad he likes the contrast in our kitchen, you all may be going for the same thing but in inverse colors :)

Thanks wi-sailor girl, I like your idea but figuring out how to make it happen with tile available options will be very tricky. (I keep hoping I can, and even presented this as an option, but realistically..).

Rhome410, always good to hear your input. So far, no splatters at all back there but I take your point. Yes, support will probably prove to be challenging but DH is terrific when given these challenges :). For some reason, I have not considered the higher shelf.

Hi island - Thanks, haven't done a formal reveal but have been flashing the GW sites for the past 2 years...

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