Ratio of UCL to cabinet?

jalsy6October 6, 2012

Any thoughts about this? I've searched the threads but don't really find info about how wide the light bars should be in relationship to the cabinet width. My wall cabinets are 36" wide and I have an asymmetrical corner cabinet as well. So what size should I be looking at?

Thanks in advance!

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I tried to fit the whole width of the cabinets, with lights, for the most even lighting. I.E., determine length of cabinet run and then determine sizes of light bars to fit. We used the Philips eW Powercore Profile LED light strips. At times, we cut through the frames to extend more easily. With corner cabinets, we ran the lights along the sides vs. the front, so that there wasn't a shadow. Good luck!

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Thanks! That picture helps. Now do you know if you can get direct wire linkable lights?

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